6 best ski resorts in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region

Weekend ski trips: St. Petersburg and its surroundings

Rest in Arkhyz for those who want to see the beauty of the Caucasus Mountains, living only in cozy rooms at a camp site in the mountains. Radial exits to waterfalls and peaks. All exits without backpacks! Rafting and horseback riding excursions! This trip to the Caucasus is unusually rich and spectacular.

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How to get there

You need to be in Nevinnomyssk (station Nevinnomysskaya) at the railway station on the first day of the hike no later than 7:00 am. Meeting the group at the railway station at 07:00.

from St. Petersburg train No. 049. from Moscow trains No. 049, 004.

You can fly by plane to Mineralnye Vody or Stavropol, then by bus or train to Nevinnomyssk (1.5 - 2.5 hours on the way). You need to arrive in the evening of the previous day and spend the night in Nevinnomyssk.

Any trains departing after 17:00 on the final day of the trip to St. Petersburg by train # 049. to Moscow by train # 049, 003, 033.

BY PLANE: Plan the return flight after 20:00 on the final day of the hike.

Before purchasing train/plane tickets, be sure to check the information with the coordinator!

Where to stay in Nevinnomyssk: Hotel "Grand Hotel" or in a hotel near the station.

Weekend hikes are short hiking or excursion routes for one, maximum two days. Experienced tourists call them walks or picnics. These simple excursions allow you to admire the beauty of the immediate surroundings, assess your readiness for physical activity and hikes of a higher category of difficulty, and prepare for serious and long routes.

Such a training is especially relevant if you are planning a multi-day ski expedition and your team includes not only experienced participants, but also neophytes who still do not feel quite confidently skiing with weighty backpacks over their shoulders.

Weekend ski trips are an opportunity to try out the equipment - "get used to" new trekking boots and hiking skis, as well as get to know your comrades better (if the team has not yet been "tested in battles" or new members have joined it ). And, of course, this entertainment can become an exciting and, let us note, a healthy, family pastime, which will be interesting for people of different ages - from preschoolers to pensioners. The main thing is to choose a route to your teeth, choose the right equipment and a cheerful company.

We bring to your attention winter weekend hikes in the St. Petersburg region, which involve a "ski run", require the most minimal budget and are designed for people of different skill levels.

Useful articles:

Ski Arrow Free weekend ski trips

This is a special free weekend train for those who love skiing. Ski Arrow is an old Leningrad tradition that originated in the 60s and was revived in 2008 (after a break of 17 years).

You can go on a weekend hike, the routes of which Finlyandsky railway station - Orekhovo, Moskovsky railway station - Shapki, is possible from January to March. The train leaves almost every Saturday and Sunday morning and arrives back at the station in the afternoon. In Orekhovo and Shapki, skiers have the opportunity to go along different tracks, from 5 to 15 km long, winding through forest, rugged terrain.

Free boarding passes for the electric train can be obtained from the regional departments of physical culture and sports of the Administrations. You can also find out the detailed schedule of the Ski Arrow there.

Weekend hikes - section of the St. Petersburg tourist club

The St. Petersburg Tourist Club is a living and healthy heir to the Leningrad Tourist Club, organized in 1957. Every month the club conducts about 30 weekend hikes, which can be joined by both club members and everyone who wishes, for a purely symbolic payment (goes to pay for the travel of the group leader).

The weekend trekking plan of the section, in the winter period, includes, among other things, several skiing ones. At a distance of 14 km and 22 km along the Karelian Isthmus and the Kurortny district of St. Petersburg. These are quite democratic walks that do not require prior booking or registration. The group leaders are waiting for the participants at the starting point of the route (at the suburban ticket offices of railway stations or railway platforms). In the description of the hike, the thread of the route, its length and pace of movement are indicated.

If you are a supporter of winter active sports, put the question - where in St. Petersburg you can go for a drive, lay a trail on skis, conquer the slopes on a snowboard, then you should read the next article. In this article, we will present you the TOP resorts and slopes, where, for how much time, both beginners and extreme sportsmen with considerable experience, prices for outdoor activities, local chips can spend their time actively.


This is a new, but the highest, comfortable among all the St. Petersburg resorts - it has the longest ski slope on the territory, with a length of 1,200 meters. It has a resort and 5 slopes, with differences in ski heights up to 110 meters, as well as well-maintained slopes and cafes, cozy restaurants and spa salons, and its own cinemas.

Compared to many ski resorts in St. Petersburg, Igora is not idle. There is a lake with a beach on the territory of the resort, which is heated (in case of a cold snap). Work schedule - until dark, late at night, even say to the last client. The complex has its own rental point for a variety of equipment for skiing, snowboarding. Even jackets and equipped sledges are rented.

The prices of the complex itself are quite democratic - so the rise of an adult on the slope costs about 100-150 rubles, although as an option it is possible to purchase a season ticket according to your own requests. Or rent and save money.

Speaking of how to get to the complex - up to 69 kilometers, and from there - walk for 10 minutes. Another option is by buses - to the complex there are numbers 897, 859 and they leave from the Devyatkino metro station. In terms of travel time - by train and bus, it takes about an hour.

Photo-gallery of the Igora ski resort:

Puhtolova Mountain

According to many reviews, this slope is optimal for beginners who develop balance and speed on the ski slopes. Small differences on the slopes of heights, short distances are perfect for a beginner. There is a skating rink on the territory, 2 slopes from which you can go down on inflatable cheesecakes, a running track in the complex. Additionally, cafeterias, a Russian bathhouse are open, rooms are rented in a cozy cottage. The main thing to remember is that Monday, like Tuesday, the complex is closed.

Prices are also democratic - on weekdays, weekends, the cost of lifting will be 60-80 rubles. for each adult, children - 10 rubles less. But in addition, you will have to buy a plastic card (ski pass) - this is an additional 100 rubles. Riding on cheesecakes will cost 50 rubles.

You can also rent the necessary equipment, we intend to relax for a few days - at your service are cozy home-style Finnish cottages. How to get there - by train, going from the Finlyandsky railway station in St. Petersburg, go to Zelenogorsk and from there directly by bus 321 to the village called Reshetnikov. Then they leave at the 2nd crossing and walk 500 meters forward. From the metro station Prospekt Prosvescheniya we get there by minibus 680, by bus or train, it will take 35-40 minutes.

Photo gallery of Mount Pukhtolova:

Okhta Park

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