5 most inaccessible places of the Perm region

36 sights of the Perm region, which are worth seeing

Perm Territory is well-known not only among Russian, but also among foreign tourists, there is an extraordinary nature, ancient history and colorful cuisine. The tourist business of the region was told how to form, sell and promote commercially effective tours in an expert tour of the north of the Perm Region and within the framework of educational seminars held by the Association of Tour Operators (ATOR) in Perm.


The expert tour and the subsequent training program for the tourist business of the Perm Territory were organized by ATOR at the request of the State Autonomous Institution PC "Center for Tourism Development" (Perm) for the tourist business of the Perm Territory.

The tour along the new route in the Perm Territory, which was assessed by experts from federal tour operators together with the local tourist business, lasted 4 days/3 nights. During this time, experts, travel agents and tour operators with the ATOR Vestnik correspondent traveled 954 km and visited 10 excursion points of the Perm Territory, including Kamenny Gorod, where the shooting of a feature film based on the book by Alexei Ivanov “The Heart of Parma” has just taken place.

During the trip, the experts gave a new route and gave their recommendations to the receiving tour operator in the person of the director of the travel agency "Krasnov" (Perm) Mikhail Krasnov. The tourist business of Perm could look from the inside at the work of experts of federal tour operators on the route.

As the representative of the Center for Tourism Development of the Perm Territory Daria Ezova told the ATOR Vestnik correspondent, it is planned to make the Kaleidoscope Prikamye route branded.

An experienced tour guide Grigory Zakharenko led a group of experts on all the interesting sights of the route. There is something to see here: from the Ural Venice in Usolye, the temple complexes of Solikamsk, the Museum of the History of Salt, the Cherdyn Museum of Local Lore with an interactive classroom in the girls' gymnasium, the Museum of the History of Faith, where on the day of the terrorist attack with the twin towers in the USA a fresco depicting the Terrible court, the pit-chapel of Mikhail Romanov in Nyrob - the northernmost point of the Perm Territory - to the natural reserve Kamenny Gorod.

Experts and representatives of the Perm tourist business visited the ethnographic park in Chusovoy, the enamelware factory in Lysva, and the Perm Art Gallery, tried a dinner with ears and shanzhki, appreciated the comfort of hotels and the tourist infrastructure of the region.

“This tour is different in that it is a purposeful trip in which you can get acquainted with the northern part of our region,” explains Mikhail Krasnov, the organizer of the Kaleidoscope Prikamye tour. - There is no Kungur here, but the tour covers all the main points of the Perm Territory. I think that other interesting features can be added on the route - with snowmobiles, a motor boat ”.

“There are no comments on the tour, the guide's work is amazing, the timing is maintained. Wishes - according to the seasonality of the route. We were just fabulously lucky with the weather and the interior of the route, however, in my opinion, the best time for the tour is spring and early autumn. Again, the program should be viewed in the appendix to the logistics of Moscow. And I would add shopping, because the tourist goes not only to see, but also to spend, "- shared her impressions of the head of the domestic tourism department of the tour operator" VAND "(Moscow) Irina Astakhova.

Impressions over the edge

Who would have thought, but in fact, hard-to-reach places exist and they are located in the Perm Territory. In these places, a person very rarely appeared, tourists do not set up camp camps here, where you can just relax.

Even here no one makes fires. This is all awful and strange. Do you agree with this? But there are such places. On the one hand, they scare, but on the other, they fascinate so that you want to know more about them. If you love extreme and risk in life, then you can try to get there.

What are these places and how can you get there at all? Well, and not a little important question that worries tourists: "How much will it all cost?" You can read about these places in my article below. So let's get started.

Swamp high in the mountains

There is a change of belts in this area. This all happens thanks to the Chuval ridge. It is located in the so-called Vishersky Reserve.

The Chuval Ridge is located at an altitude of 912 meters. If you climb this ridge, you will be able to feel how the belts change.

At the very top, that is, at the top, you can see a high-mountain bog. Chuval is a rare attraction and it is protected by law on the territory of the Perm Territory.

If you want to visit this unusual place, you must first obtain permission and then issue a pass.

The navigable channel of the century before last

This 19th century landmark is quite abandoned. The former shipping canal was very important for the Perm Territory. It was he who was named in honor of Empress Catherine II. Located in the Cherdyn region.

This canal is 19 km long and has been built for over 30 years. In 1822 it would have been opened and many ships passed through it. Unfortunately, it was closed in 1838 for economic reasons.

Today the channel is in a broken state. This is a hard-to-reach place and hardly anyone wants to come here. You need to be some kind of extreme or a person obsessed with tourism to take the risk and come here.

Perm Volcano

First-hand news

About the Perm Territory

The Ural is a heavenly place for everyone who wants to relax in an active mode. Natural beauty and clean air simply do not allow you to sit in one place!

In the summer, you can try extreme rest here - rafting down the rivers and exploring ancient caves, closely touching the wild nature. Well, in the cold season you can go skiing and feel like a real athlete.

[attention type = green] The visiting card of the Perm Territory is the famous mineral waters, bromide brine of the Perm Sea and medicinal potassium salts of speleo-clinics of the northern regions. And, of course, affordable ski resorts.

Ski season

The skiing season at the ski resorts of Perm covers approximately half a year - from November to mid-April. The technical equipment of local ski resorts allows the season to be extended by several weeks, as well as skiing in rainy weather.

A nice feature of the Perm bases is the availability of tracks, both for professional skiing and for training beginners.

All the most visited bases are concentrated in the mountains, or foothill areas. On the western slopes of the Northern and Middle Urals - along the eastern borders of the Perm Territory.

The climate here is temperate, with hot summers and cold winters. In the cold season, anticyclones prevail. The coldest month is January. Its average temperature in the northeast of the region ranges from -14 to -18 ° C.

Permanent snow falls in the mountains approximately in the third decade of October and lasts one hundred seventy - one hundred ninety days a year. The most pleasant skiing in the period from February to March is sunny and a little frost.

And now, let's get acquainted with the best ski resorts in the Perm Territory.

Ski base "Ashatli"

In the summer, tourist life in the Perm Territory revives. Many natural objects become accessible, which only the most stubborn can reach in winter. Summer is also the time for festivals. What interesting things await a traveler in the Perm Territory?


Undoubtedly, in the summer you want to leave the stuffy walls of the metropolis and go to nature. The most popular type of recreation in the Perm Territory is rafting down the river. Spring and summer alloys have their own specifics. If in May such mountain rivers as Usva, Koiva, Vilva are popular, then in summer they become shallow, and tourists prefer more full-flowing rivers.

To enjoy the magnificent Perm nature, you should go to the Chusovaya River. There are many natural monuments here! The most attractive for tourists is the section of the river from the station Kourovka to the city of Chusovoy, because it is on this section that the famous rock-fighters are located, so named because many barges carrying metal were once smashed about them. Local residents came up with names for the stones: Samarinsky, Robber, Klikunchik, Duzhnoy, Rostun, Omutnaya and many others, you can't list them all! An interesting stone is Pisany, which is on the right bank of the river. On it you can find a cross and an inscription carved into the rock. The inscription informs about the birth of Nikita Akinfievich Demidov in 1724. Opposite the stone, on the left bank of the river, stands the Demidov Cross, duplicating the text from the rock. Many stones can be climbed and admired the views of the winding river.

The Sylva river is perfect for summer rafting. The water in it is clean and warm, along the banks there are many parking lots, and along the way you can buy food and delicious ice cream. Sylva is a expanse for fishermen. Pike, chub, pike perch, ide are well caught here. There are also grayling.

On the left bank of the river, between the villages of Molebka and Kamenka, there is an anomalous zone that attracts tourists. In addition to luminous bodies, which are periodically observed by local residents, sound mirages are noted in the zone, and objects can spontaneously rise into the air and then fall.

Also on Sylva there is a famous natural monument - the Ermak stone. In the summer, climbers regularly hone their skills on it. You can climb the stone along the trail and admire the panorama of the river.

Mountain travel enthusiasts will be attracted by the combined tours on the Vishera River. Tour operators offer a variety of route options. So, an eco-tour is offered with a visit to the four most beautiful ridges of the Vishersky Reserve: Chuvala, Kuryskar, Listvennichny and Tulym - the highest point of the Perm Territory. During the rafting, you can climb the Vetlan stone, and in addition to trekking to Tulym, visit the Lypyinsky caves and go fishing.

Vishera is definitely worth a visit, because nowhere else in the Perm Territory you will find such pure water and original nature.

River Cruises

The Perm Territory is a region with an interesting history and diverse nature, which has great tourism potential. Ancient cities and religious centers here side by side with mysterious caves and grottoes, picturesque mountains and forests. We have collected interesting sights of the Perm Territory, which can be included in the tourist route around the region.

Apartments for rent:

Stone Town

In the southern part of the Rudyansky Spoi ridge, on the territory of the Gremyachinsky region, there is a group of bizarre stones called the Stone City. Millions of years ago, a large river flowed here, which made its way through the rocks, made of sandstone. Later, the ancient channel rose, and under the influence of tectonic processes and weathering, it acquired a bizarre shape, reminiscent of the walls and streets of the city.

Why visit:

The "city" is cut by deep and wide "streets" along which tourists can stroll. The place is suitable for rock climbers, who can create many interesting routes here. From the height of the stone walls, you can see the surrounding forests and mountains, which are picturesque in any season. Due to good transport accessibility, Stone Town is often visited, and entertainment events are held here in the summer.

Address: Stone Town, Perm Territory, Russia.

Kungur Ice Cave

Near the city of Kungur, on the banks of the Sylva River, there is a large cave almost 6 kilometers long. Scientists believe that its age exceeds 10 thousand years, the first written records of this natural monument date back to the 18th century.

Why visit:

The first tourist routes along the Kungur Cave were laid at the beginning of the 20th century, in 1914. Today, there are still many tourists here, who are attracted by dozens of beautiful lakes with clear clear water and underground grottoes.

Only a part of the cave less than two kilometers long is open for free visits; organized excursions are conducted along it. Tourists can see the picturesque Diamond Grotto, covered with ice patterns that do not melt even in summer. In the grotto of the Ruins of Pompeii, there are several miraculous sculptures resembling animal figures, and in Dante's grotto there is an unusual ceiling made of even rectangular blocks.

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