20 interesting facts about Wikipedia

Elbrus mountain

1. The most edited Wikipedia page is dedicated to 43rd US President George W. Bush. It has been ruled 45,862 times. In second place in terms of the number of changes is the list of participants of the World Wrestling Federation (WWE). This page has been edited 42,836 times.

2. More than 27 million users are registered on Wikipedia, but the resource has only 1.3 thousand administrators. These superusers have the right to block other users and delete their changes. In general, it is better not to joke with admins once again.

3. Although Wikipedia has 27 million registered users, only 115,000 of them make regular edits to articles.

4. Although Wikipedia was founded by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger, Jimmy Wales admitted in 2005 that he edited his own biography in order to erase Sanger's name as one of the authors of the project.

5. Wikipedia was not Wales' first project. During the dot-com and Web 2 era, he created a company called Bomis, which created and maintained directories for popular search queries. The catalogs were organized into categories such as Girls, Entertainment, Sports, Porn, Miscellaneous, and Science Fiction. Although Bomis once played a huge role in supporting the Internet encyclopedia project, Jimmy Wales to this day denies having anything to do with porn.

6. In 2006, several members of the US Congress were caught editing articles about themselves to make the information look better. One of them is US Vice President Joe Biden. Because of this incident, the entire US Congress was blocked on Wikipedia for a week.

7. Popular resources based on Wikipedia technology like Wookieepedia (the Star Wars encyclopedia of the world) or Memory Alpha (everything about the Star Trek universe) use the commercial hosting platform Wikia, founded by Wales in 2004.

8. Every year, Wikipedia hosts the global Wikimania conference. Last year, 800 people attended the event in Mexico City. This year, Wikimania will take place in June in the small mountain village of Esino Lario in Italy.

9. In 2007, Ryan Jordan, one of the largest administrators of Wikipedia, was convicted of fraud. Jordan, who is hiding under the pseudonym Essjay, lied about having a Ph.D. in theology and teaching at a private university. But it turned out that he simply copied many of his notes in articles on Catholicism from the book Catholicism for Dummies.

10. In 2007, Larry Sanger left the project and launched his own online encyclopedia Citizendium, which differs from Wikipedia by increased requirements for the reliability of information. Real experts are involved in checking the articles. But as a result, Citizendium develops more slowly. At the moment, this encyclopedia has about 17 thousand articles in the English-language segment. This is approximately 0.0034% of the volume of Wikipedia.

11. Many complain about the inaccuracy of Wikipedia data, but research indicates that most of the information can be trusted. For example, in 2005, a comparative analysis of Wikipedia and the most authoritative Encyclopedia Britannica was carried out. The reliability of the information turned out to be approximately the same.

20 interesting facts about Wikipedia

Numerous photographs of Mount Elbrus can be found on most sites providing travel services related to the organization of mountaineering tours to the mountains and the conquest of new world-famous peaks. Elbrus is included in the list of 7 highest mountain peaks.

In terms of its geological structure, the mountain is a stratovolcano, so there is always a risk of magma eruption. The Elbrus glaciers are an irreplaceable source of fresh water for most of the rivers in the Caucasus and the South of the European part of Russia.

Coordinates and history of the famous mountain

Elbrus is a mountain with a rich history, the existence of which was known to many peoples of the world living far beyond the Caucasus region. Legends about this mountain peak can be found in Greek epics, as well as in the legends of ancient Rome.

It is not possible to establish the exact nature of the origin of the name of the mountain. There are only theoretical assumptions that are supported or refuted by researchers of the stratovolcano.

Most scholars adhere to the version that the name of the mountain came from the word of Persian origin - "Elburz".

Its literal translation sounds like "high mountain". The indigenous population of the Caucasian region calls the mountain peak Mingi-Tau, which in translation from the Karachai-Balkarian dialect means "eternal mountain". Among the peoples of the Turkic-speaking group, the mountain is called Jin-Padishah, which means "the lord of the spirits."

The mountain peak is located on the side of the Greater Caucasus Range. If we consider the system of mountains on the map, then we can see that the stratovolcano is located at a distance of 10 km from the central line of the Caucasus Range. Elbrus is a natural border separating such republics of the Russian Federation as Karachay-Cherkessia and Kabardino-Balkaria.

The mountain range itself is of volcanic nature. The diameter of the height of its base is 15 km.

The formation of Elbrus began in the Pliocene epoch. This is about 3 million years ago. From that moment on, the mountain peak continued to grow until the Holocene period. All this time, there was an increased volcanic activity with frequent magma eruptions and seismic activity.

Based on the calculations of researchers, Elbrus has been an active volcano for 250 thousand years.

The height of Mount Elbrus

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If you look at the statistics of the most popular tourist tours that are in demand both in the domestic and foreign markets of tourist services, then recently there has been a fairly steady trend in organizing recreation for fishing or hunting for various animals. And there are some pretty interesting facts about this.

Interesting facts or features of domestic fishermen

There is no doubt that a significant part of the male population of our country is clearly not indifferent to fishing. At the same time, this type of active recreation in this category prefers fishing not somewhere in the Canary Islands or the Seychelles, but in a more familiar environment, in the same Moscow region or in another suburb of a large city with freshwater reservoirs or other river resources. At the same time, despite the fact that the majority of our compatriots prefer to organize such a vacation privately, tourist centers of this direction are gaining more and more popularity. And some interesting facts speak in favor of this.

In particular, in these areas allocated for almost professional fishing, a fairly good infrastructure has been organized, providing everyone with not only lured fish places and special platforms, but also small "shelters" which can sit out well in bad weather.

However, this is not the only advantage of this type of recreation. In particular, at such tourist centers as "Priozernaya", which is located in the Moscow region, almost each of its visitors is guaranteed a decent catch of pretty decent fish, not only by its weight, but also by its type. After all, the owners of the same base "Priozernaya", having rather good relations with domestic fish factories, buys fry of the most elite breeds from them. So, the fish world adjacent to the base of the reservoir is guaranteed to have fish of the required breed and attractive weight, with a specimen of which it is not a shame to be photographed against the background of nature near Moscow and show your trophy to your friends and relatives.

Tourism or something else about the Priozernaya base

In this case, we are talking about the fact that the tourist base "Priozernaya" has the opportunity to organize a vacation not only for its guests who want to have a fun time with their favorite type of recreation. With an avid fisherman, his whole family can come along with their beloved children.

"Priozernaya" offers its guests not only active recreation for the younger generation, in the form of playgrounds and watching them "animators", but also the opportunity for spouses to simply spend the evening in a cozy restaurant, having tasted a dish prepared from fish trophies taken by a local chef. So, tourism in "Priozernoye" acquires its broader forms for active recreation in all its manifestations. Moreover, all those who come to this "paradise" corner of the Moscow region are pleasantly surprised by the prices for this earthly pleasure.

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