11 best ski resorts in the Dolomites

Ski resorts in the Alps: how to choose and a list of complexes by country

Ski resorts in the Alps are popular among fans of active winter recreation. The slopes here are quite steep and high, therefore, first of all, they attract professional skiers, but there are also proposals for beginners. Sports activities are successfully complemented by a developed infrastructure and beautiful mountain landscapes.

Which alpine complex to choose?

The choice of a suitable ski resort in the Alps is influenced by a number of factors, such as elevation differences in the ski area. The likelihood of good snow cover will be higher if the lower skiing point is at an altitude of 1500 m.But it should be borne in mind that high altitude can be a difficult test for untrained people, since the temperature decreases with increasing altitude. Strong winds can also make skiing difficult.

For a beginner, sometimes 1 training slope is enough. Professionals and extreme sportsmen are much more interested in red runs and black slopes. But all categories of vacationers need to pay attention not to the number of ski routes, but to the connectivity of skiing regions, since a ski resort does not always occupy 1 mountain, along the slopes of which there are slopes. More often these are several nearby mountains and peaks, between which you have to move on ski bass.

It is advisable to choose a complex where you can move between ski areas without taking off your skis.

Ski Village

The use of the term "village" is not entirely correct, since ski resorts of this type are small towns located in the foothill valleys. Such a settlement is formed naturally, so most of the infrastructure is owned by local residents.

Therefore, a tourist can count on a homely atmosphere: small chalets are open for living, and local products are sold in the markets.

But for extreme lovers alpine villages are of no interest. Since they evolved naturally, their infrastructure does not provide for variety in the choice of routes. The areas open for skiing are relatively small. You also don't have to rely on luxurious apartments and modern hotels, from which you can get straight to the slope in full uniform.

Ski station

Unlike villages, the stations are specially equipped ski complexes on mountain plateaus. All buildings and communications of the station are focused on sports events: lifts function, you can stay in modern hotels such as ski-in/ski-out, ski areas differ in length and different levels of difficulty, ski rental offices work. There are restaurants and cafeterias for which products are purchased from the inhabitants of the valleys.

Ski resorts in the Alps: how to choose and a list of complexes by country

In the Alps, you can find something for every taste, from climbing Mont Blanc to rafting on rivers. There are so many interesting and unusual things for children in the mountains! Do not miss the opportunity to tell and show your children what mountains are, how to protect and appreciate nature. Most importantly, do it with interest. The child remembers on emotions, and not boring lectures about the world around him.


Introduce your child to rock climbing. It makes the body more agile and flexible. Stretching and flexibility are trained because they often need to be applied on the rock. Climbing trains willpower, the ability to concentrate and overcome fear. You can climb with the whole family along specially laid marked trails.

Rope Park

The Rope Park is an ideal place for a family vacation. It is interesting not only for children, but also for their parents. You can go many routes with obstacle courses: bungees, air swings, bridges, rope ladders. No special physical training is required to pass the routes.

Via ferrata

Via ferrata is comparable to climbing a rope park. Only routes are equipped with ropes, chains, braces, ladders, wooden walkways and other belay devices. The Chamonix Valley has many routes of varying difficulty. Let's start with relatively simple ones, with a minimum drop of 300 - 400 m, which can be walked in 1.5-2.5 hours. For the first time, we recommend being accompanied by a guide who will give instructions and help to overcome the fear of heights, since the routes can pass at 1200 -1700 m.


You can go rafting on the Arv River. On an easy route, the current is slow and there are practically no rapids. The tour lasts an average of 20-30 minutes. Groups with children are held in a separate boat with an instructor.

First hike

On our first hike, we go to the Jolie Valley. We cross the Miage valley and stop for the night in a very beautiful place not far from the Miage shelter. We dismantle the camp, set up a tent, collect firewood for the future fire. Your child will feel like a real tourist and helper. And what delicious food at the stake! In case of bad weather, you can spend the night at the shelter.

Ski resorts in the Alps are popular among fans of active winter recreation. They do not only play sports, but also enjoy nature.

The Dolomites in Italy have long been called "the eighth wonder of the world." They form part of South Tyrol, formerly owned by Austria. These lands have passed from hand to hand more than once, and are now the property of the Italians. Today the Dolomites are known as a ski resort that unites a dozen regions. The most famous are: Val Gardena, Val di Fassa, Arabba. They are connected by ski trails and cable cars. This gives tourists the opportunity to visit all resorts in a short time. All in all, there are about four dozen towns and villages here - large and small. Among them there are large ones, where all kinds of amenities and a lot of entertainment await guests, and very small ones, without developed infrastructure. The main attractions of the latter are only stunning mountain landscapes. Most resorts are designed for guests of all ages; both beginners and families with children can come here. But there are also places that are mainly focused on professionals. They have a system of the most difficult routes requiring a high level of training. This region is also rich in sights that are worth exploring. Let's talk about the best ski resorts in the Dolomites.


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Val di Fassa

One of the famous ski centers in Europe is the picturesque Italian valley Val di Fassa. The resort region consists of several tourist towns. Majestic snow-capped mountain ranges and pristine forests are combined with modern infrastructure. Numerous guest houses, traditional wooden chalets and hotel complexes offer comfortable apartments at affordable prices.

Ice skating rinks, health clubs, swimming pools, bars, pizzerias and restaurants complement the variety of ski slopes. The most convenient way to get to the Val di Fassa is from Bolzano or Innsbruck airports. The recreational area has 200 kilometers of well-equipped slopes. For skiers of intermediate skill level, a real expanse of blue and red slopes awaits, located in the intermountain saddle. On both sides of the Belvedere summit (2,425 m), there are long winding snow-covered stretches and gentle wide uncomplicated routes.

Experienced athletes consider it an honor to conquer the downhill slope of Mount Chyampak. For fans of snowboarding and freestyle, there are specialized park areas. In the resort areas of the Val li Fassa valley, all kinds of entertainment programs are presented. Here tourists can enjoy dog ​​sledding or snowmobiling, paragliding, mountain climbing, relaxing in the spa or visiting the cinema. An evening walk through the narrow streets of one of the Alpine villages will leave pleasant impressions.

Val Gardena

One of the pearls of the Dolomites is popular among winter sports enthusiasts - the Val Gardena valley, which attracts with its delightful mountain landscapes. It consists of several high-mountainous villages located at heights of 1,236-1,536 meters. These are Ortisei, Santa Cristina and Selva Gardena. All three towns are connected by an extensive network of lifts. The nearest international airports are in Bolzano and Verona.

There are regular bus connections to Val Gardena. Cozy Alpine settlements offer their guests a developed resort infrastructure, a wide range of entertainment and a variety of tracks. The assortment of the hotel fund is represented by a wide range: from budget guesthouses to comfortable chalets with restaurants, spas and pools. The restaurants in the valley will delight visitors with traditional Tyrolean cuisine.

Winter holidays in the Alps are traditionally of interest among Russian tourists. Russians can be found in almost all ski resorts in Europe. The research department of Digital Guru analyzed the preferences of European and Russian tourists when choosing vacation spots, and also examined the dynamics of our tourists' trips to the Alps over the past two years.

In preparing the study, we analyzed over 800 thousand tourist reviews about 4587 hotels in 239 settlements (according to booking. om) located either nearby or directly in the ski resorts of Austria, Italy, France and Switzerland. About 15 thousand of these reviews were left by Russians.


We note an increase in the number of Russian tourists visiting European ski resorts. The 2016/17 season (December to February) recorded an increase of 28% compared to the 15/16 season.

Russians prefer to vacation in Austria (42%) and Italy (28.7%). French resorts are visited by only 20% of Russian tourists, Swiss ski resorts are visited by only 9% of our compatriots.

A similar distribution is observed among European tourists, with the exception of resorts in Switzerland - this country is visited by 19.5% of European tourists (the share of tourists from Russia vacationing in Switzerland is noticeably smaller - only 9%).

We are witnessing a steady growth in visits by Russian tourists to all the countries represented in this study. The best dynamics in the 16/17 season, compared to the 15/16 season, is shown by France (34% growth) and Italy (32% growth).


The map shows the twenty most popular ski resorts among Russians in 2015-2017. Apart from Innsbruck (strictly speaking, it is not a classic ski resort and is used by tourists as a hub from which you can quickly get to several popular resorts located nearby), then Mayrhofen is in the first place in popularity among Russians, followed by Madonna di -Campillo, Sölden, Zell am See, Bormio, Ischgl and others.

We provide data on the most popular ski resorts among Russians in Austria, Italy, France and Switzerland. Next to each resort is the number of reviews submitted during the winter (December-February in seasons 15/16 and 16/17). Innsbruck in Austria and Montreux in Switzerland are marked with asterisks, which cannot be counted among the "classic" ski resorts - tourists stay in hotels in these cities, but go on vacation to other resorts.

The map above shows the top resorts in terms of growth over two seasons. The leaders are Bad Hofgastein (up 122% y/y) in Austria and Grindelwald (up 120%) in Switzerland.

The “leaders” in terms of the decrease in the number of responses from the Russians are the Austrian St. Anton (a decrease in the number of responses by 26% per season) and the Italian Courmayeur (a decrease of 20%).


The track around Mont Blanc (4810m) is recognized as one of the most beautiful routes in the Alps and around the world. And for good reason! We will walk around the highest mountain in the Alps and see France, Italy and Switzerland. Seven steep passes, glaciers and mountain lakes, fabulous villages and, of course, mountains await us ... Delightful landscapes change like a kaleidoscope, and every day is different here. Join our exciting adventure. Everyone will love this hike in the Alps!

All hikes will take place 100% - groups are actively gathering.

What will we do on the tour

Chamonix - Les Uzh - lane. Bellevue (1801m) - lane. Col de Tricot (2120m) - Le Contamines-Montjois - lane. Bonhomme (2329 m) - about. Lac de Mya (2393 m) - Refuge Mottets - Col de la Seigne (2516 m) - Miage glacier - Val Veny camp - Courmayeur - Arnuva shelter - lane. Col de Grand Ferret (2537m) - La Fuli - Champex-Lac - lane. Fenetre d'Arpette (2665 m) - Glacier du Trient - lane. Col de Balme (2195 m) - Camp Le Tour - Chamonix - Geneva


Detailed program

Chamonix Day

The first step is to arrive in Geneva. From there, buses run directly from the airport to Chamonix, where the group will meet with the instructor. We will settle in one of the campsites located in the very center of the city. We settle down and go to get acquainted with the city. There are many shops in Chamonix with a good selection of gear, so if you don't have any of the trekking essentials you can get here. By the way, the prices here are absolutely normal, and the choice is more than decent. Those who do not want to waste time shopping can climb Le Brevent (2525m) on one of the ski lifts and enjoy a magnificent view of Mont Blanc.

Le Contamine-Montjoy Day

We are going by bus to the village of Les Uzhs, from where our trek around Mont Blanc will begin. We ascend by cable car to the Bellevue pass (1801 m). Here is one of the stations of the "tram du Mont Blanc", which rises to the famous observation platform Nid d'Aigle (2372 m), the so-called "eagle's nest". But we go further, to the Bionnassay glacier and climb the Col de Tricot pass (2120 m). Further - descent to the town of Les Contamines Montjoie and overnight in a camping outside the city.

We will cover about 14 km, total climb 500 m, descent 600 m.

Col ​​de la Croix Day

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