10 ski resorts in Russia

10 ski resorts in Russia

Today, the tendency to travel to Russian cities is quite popular. Seeing various sights, feeling like a part of a new city is an incredible feeling. To travel, you don't need to be a millionaire or a man of rich parents, you just need to set a goal and follow it faithfully.


Kaliningrad is a unique city in Russia. Initially, Kaliningrad was a German city called Königsberg. Today Kaliningrad is unlike any other city in Russia, it is unique in its way. The city consists of two sides: one of them is European houses and quarters, the other side of the city is ordinary Soviet houses and apartments. Half a million tourists visit Kaliningrad annually.

What places can you see in Kaliningrad:

  • Curonian Spit.
  • Fishing village.
  • Cathedral of Christ the Savior.
  • Museum of the World Ocean.
  • Bunker Museum
  • Friedland Gate.
  • Botanical Garden
  • Park Yunost


Rostov is one of the oldest cities in Russia, while actively developing. The city has a favorable location. In addition to this good, Rostov can boast of modern museums, unusual architecture of houses and fountains. Rostov is annually visited by 800-900 thousand people.

What places can you see in Rostov:

  • Museum of Contemporary Fine Arts.
  • Maksimov's house.
  • The Bostrikins' apartment building.
  • A fountain in the theater square.
  • Monument Stele.
  • Wrangel's House.


Hero City Volgograd. Volgograd contains various architectural structures, monuments, historical museums, alleys, squares and, of course, beautiful fountains. About one million people visit Volgograd annually.

What places can you see in Volgograd:

  • Mamaev Kurgan.
  • Motherland.
  • Pavlov's house.
  • Monument to V. enin.
  • Central embankment.
  • Alley of Heroes.

The most tourist cities in Russia

Bird Park in the Moscow Region

You don't have to travel to a tropical country to see exotic birds. The Bird Park is located just 75 km from the Moscow Ring Road in the village of Vorobyi on the border of the Moscow Region. The unusual nursery is home to about 2 thousand different species: falcons, kites, exotic toucans, macaws, Chinese mandarin ducks, penguins and rare white peacocks.

The ticket price for adults is 300 rubles, for schoolchildren, students and pensioners - 50 rubles. Preschoolers are free with adults.

Vyborg Castle

Near St. Petersburg, on the border with Finland, there is the majestic Vyborg Castle, built at the end of the 13th century by the Swedes on a small island in the Gulf of Finland. Now there is a museum, periodically knightly tournaments and festivals are held in it.

Adult ticket to Vyborg Castle - 60 rubles.

Lake Ulzhai

At 160 km from Omsk there is a relict lake Ulzhai, famous for its healing mud. It is believed that this black oily substance surpasses the mud of the Sochi resorts in terms of its medicinal qualities.

"City of the Dead" in the Caucasus

The so-called "City of the Dead" in Dargavs is an ancient necropolis located on the slope of Mount Raminyrag. There are about 100 stone crypts where Ossetians buried the dead in the Middle Ages.

Getting to the unusual monument is difficult - the only road to the village leads through the Kurtat Gorge.

Divnogorye near Voronezh

The most touristy cities in Russia Today, the tendency to travel to cities in Russia is quite popular. See various sights, feel

Walking Tours

Usually, Internet portals, when compiling a rating of popular cities in Russia, are guided only by statistical data provided by local hotels and apartment booking services. However, not all tourists book hotels, and not every person booking a hotel is interested in the sights of these cities. That is why, in order to find out which cities were actually popular among Russians in 2019, we will turn to the Internet statistics of queries from the Yandex search engine.

Three years have passed since we ranked the Most Popular Cities in Russia (Top 50 in 2016), and the role of the Internet in the lives of our travelers has grown even more. The number of requests related to travel, tourism and cities in Russia has increased several times. The increase in the number of requests for sights in Russian cities is also due to the fact that people have begun to travel more, especially within our country. The number of bloggers both on YouTube and those who maintain text sites and magazines about their travels has increased. There are practically no unexplored cities in Russia left: reports, photos and videos about almost any city in Russia can be found on the Internet.

Yaroslavl is one of the leaders in our rating

The rating was based on the statistics of two search queries in Yandex for 2018 and 2019: "attractions ..." and "what to see in ...". Fifty cities-leaders were selected by us by the number of users who requested "attractions ..." in the search engine, after which the selected cities were sorted by the sum of the main query "attractions ..." and the secondary query "what to see in ...". Most of the requests "what to see in ..." are usually in megacities. As a rule, among the people who requested such information, there are many ordinary people or people planning a trip to the city for work, and not for tourism.

Moscow and St. Petersburg were excluded from the rating, as the undisputed leaders among Russian cities for tourism, and for the cities of the Crimean peninsula, we have compiled a separate popularity rating. The top also did not take into account requests for point tourism objects (Solovki, Valaam, Pechory, Seliger and others).

Compared to the 2016 ranking, only two positions in the top five cities have changed. Irkutsk and Togliatti left the list, they were replaced by Karelian Petrozavodsk and Moscow Region Zvenigorod. The changes in the top ten are also small: Tula and Krasnodar moved Suzdal and Gelendzhik beyond the top 10.

If you look at the regions, the most popular this time were Krasnodar Territory (5 cities), Yaroslavl Region (4 cities), Moscow and Vladimir regions (3 cities in the rating). The top 10 includes two out of eight Golden Ring cities, three millionaire cities and two resort cities.

Cheboksary is a city that closes the list of the most popular cities in Russia.

The numbers indicated in the description of each city are the sum of the number of requests for "attractions ..." and "what to see in ..." in the Yandex search engine for 2018-2019.


Do you like to ride, love to carry ski passes. Where are the prices, which ski resort in Russia to choose - we have collected all the answers in one article.


Krasnaya Polyana

Three resorts are conveniently located in Krasnaya Polyana: Rosa Khutor, Gazprom and Gorki Gorod. But the most shitty and most popular resort is Rosa Khutor.

The largest Russian ski resort of Olympic scale, three times winner of the World Ski Awards in the nomination "The Best Ski Complex in Russia", is located in the Adler district of Sochi (Krasnodar Territory), 50 km from the airport. On the vast territory of the Rosa Khutor resort you can find not only high-quality tracks, but also Extreme Park, ski schools, and a kids club. For those who are not ready to spend on the slope around the clock, there are cafes and restaurants, an indoor ice skating rink "Rosa Khutor", boutiques, beauty salons, bars and clubs.

Rosa Khutor is 77 kilometers of tracks, laid at an altitude of 575 to 2320 meters. The trails are divided into four categories, depending on the level of training of the vacationers. In addition, 13 kilometers of pistes are certified by the International Ski Federation (FIS) to host international competitions of the highest level.

In addition, here on one of the slopes in the forest is the famous snow park The Stash, which has several analogues around the world. Its peculiarity is the figures from ecological materials - mainly wood, so it is really difficult to find it in the forest, but it is on the map, and if you are interested in jibbing, it is worth it.

The cost of a ski pass during the New Year holidays (29.2-07.1):

  • Half day - 3100 ₽.
  • 1 day - 3 450 ₽.
  • 2 days - 6 200 ₽.
  • 3 days - 9,000 ₽, etc.

How to get from the airport:

As everyone knows very well, Russia is the largest state in the world. Just imagine, it stretches from west to east for almost 10,000 km, and from north to south for 4,000 km. Do you feel the scope? Our country borders on 19 countries (by the way, this is also the largest indicator in the world), including two partially recognized ones. In particular: by land we border on the Scandinavian beauties Norway and Finland, the Baltic countries - Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, Poland (only the Kaliningrad region), the closest neighbors, including in terms of mentality, are Belarus, Ukraine. In addition, the border of Russia runs with Abkhazia, Georgia, South Ossetia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, PRC, DPRK, Mongolia. By sea, we are adjacent to Turkey, Japan and even the United States, which is considered to be a country "overseas".

In order to finally be imbued with the scope of Russia, it is worth knowing that our country is washed by the waters of the Pacific and Arctic oceans, as well as the Black, Caspian, Baltic and Azov seas. Another fact from the list of "the most-most in the world" is the length of the coastline, which reaches, for a minute, 37,653 km. Finally, let us lift our heads up and understand that as many as eight five-thousanders are located on the territory of the Russian Federation. The list is crowned, of course, by Mount Elbrus.

Imagine the largest country in the world, inhabited by a rabid number of nationalities, nationalities and language groups. Think about the centuries-old history, which began with pagan tribes, grew into the great Kiev principality, adopted Christianity and through all the vicissitudes of the reign of Ivan the Terrible, through the storms and the incredible power of Peter, through the enlightenment of Catherine and the crazy times of the 20th century, has come down to us, preserving the memory about our great ancestors - St. Alexander Nevsky, Dmitry Donskoy, Sergius of Radonezh ...

Take a look at all these lands covered with snow, incinerated by the hot sun, stretching for many thousands of kilometers in the desert taiga or resting in the sky with the tops of the Urals, the Caucasus Mountains, Altai. And finally, just think about what kind of wealth lies before us - Russia.

A country of incredible natural beauty, amazingly rare sights, fantastic museum collections and, fortunately, with more and more developing infrastructure. Even 10 years ago, it was hard to imagine that comfortable hotels would open on the shores of Lake Baikal, in the wilderness of the Smolensk region it would be possible to stay on the territory of an old estate or go skiing in the mountains using an ultra-modern lift. Today it is an everyday reality, which will only be a pleasant addition to a journey through the largest, most beautiful and mysterious country in the world.

How to get there

Climate and weather in Russia

Being the largest country in the world, Russia simply cannot fail to amaze scientists with its climatic wealth. The arctic, subarctic, temperate and even subtropical climatic zones fit on the territory of our country. And almost everywhere there is a clear division of the year into cold and warm seasons. Most of Russia lies, of course, in the temperate zone, which, in turn, is divided into four subtypes: moderate continental (European territory), continental (Western Siberia), sharply continental (Eastern Siberia and the Far East) and monsoon (south east of the Far East).

The coldest corner of Russia is the north of the Far East, where the "pole of cold of the northern hemisphere" is located near the city of Oymyakon. Just think, the average temperature in January here drops below -46 degrees. But it is far from being so cool everywhere, remember the Krasnodar Territory or the Crimea, where if snow falls in winter, it quickly melts and remains only beautiful snow caps on the mountain tops. As a rule, the temperature there in winter is about +10 degrees.

Summer in the country is also very different: while it is getting hot in the south, in the north the snow is just melting and the frost is disappearing.

Weather in Russia

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