Australia is a large highly developed state in the Southern Hemisphere, occupying the territory of an entire continent. Australia's area 7,692,024 sq. kilometers, which is the sixth in the world. The country has a population of 25,301,400 and is largely concentrated along the eastern and southeastern coasts. The capital is Canberra.

In addition to the continent itself, Australia is part of the country is the island of Tasmania and a number of other islands. Australia is washed by the Indian Ocean from the northwest, west and southwest, and by the Pacific Ocean from the east. In the southeast of the mainland is the Tasman Sea, and in the northeastern part of it is the Great Barrier Reef.

Papua New Guinea, East Timor and Indonesia are Australia's northern neighbors, separated from it by the Arafura and Timor Seas. Australia is a semi-arid and in places arid continent. The southeast of the mainland has a temperate climate, and the north is tropical.

The name of the country comes from the Latin word "australis", which means "southern". The continent is known for its natural beauties: sandy beaches, deserts, "bush", which are bushy lands, and Outbacks - sparsely populated uninhabited spaces. At the same time, Australia is one of the most highly urbanized countries with such megacities as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

How to get there

Australia, located a few thousand kilometers from Russia in a completely different hemisphere, is one of the countries where it is not so easy for a Russian tourist to fly. This will require at least one transfer - most often in Dubai or Bangkok, where direct flights are often carried out from Russia (for example, Emirates fly from Moscow via Dubai to Australia, and Etihad Airways fly through Abu Dhabi). In principle, attention should be paid to Asian airlines: Korean Air (via Seoul), JAL (via Tokyo), Cathay Pacific (via Hong Kong), Singapore Airlines (via Singapore), Vietnam Airlines (via Hanoi), Air China (via Beijing ), China Southern (via Guangzhou).

Climate and weather in Australia

Due to the large size of the country, Australia has several climatic zones at once. The tropical north is hot enough, while Melbourne has a significantly cooler Mediterranean temperate climate. Western Tasmania has a climate similar to England, despite the fact that the capital of Tasmania, Hobart, is the second driest city in Australia. The temperature in some southern regions in winter can drop to minus values. Since Australia is located in the southern hemisphere, the seasons are reversed in relation to European and North American times. In other words, from June to September it is winter in Australia, while from December to March it is summer. So Christmas actually falls in the Australian summer and not in the winter as it does in North America and Europe.

Weather Australia

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Not only in Europe there are the Alps, almost every continent can boast of a similar name. But Australia has a special Alps. This is the highest mountain system of the continent, which is part of the Great Dividing Range. The length of the Australian Alps is more than 400 km, there are several reserves on their territory, and the longest river in Australia originates here.

Where are the Australian Alps

The mountain system is located in part of New South Wales. The Australian Alps became part of the Great Dividing Range.

Mountain system coordinates:

  • 37 ° 00 ′ S;
  • 148 ° 00 ′ East.

Highest peak in the Australian Alps

Mount Kostsyushko is the highest in the entire mountain system. It is located in the southeastern part of Australia. A park of the same name is organized on the mountain, covering vast territories.

Kostsyushko was discovered by the Polish researcher Pavel Strzelecki. This became a significant event for the entire geographical community, the traveler named the mountain in honor of his compatriot - Tadeusz Kosciuszko. Tadeusz is a recognized Polish national hero. Compared to many mountains in the world, Kosciuszko is a small peak, it reaches almost 2,230 meters. For Australians, this figure is considered very impressive. You can visit the mountain all year round, there are regular excursions to it, a cable car works. Although at night, attempts to conquer Kostsyushko are suppressed. The peak is not wild, it is specially designed for tourists, so climbing it at night is not allowed, which, however, causes a storm of indignation among many travelers, because it is at night from the mountain that you can look at the starry sky and fully appreciate the beauty The Great Dividing Range.

Snow often lies on the highest mountain of the massif in winter

At the same time, the mountain attracts with a good tourist infrastructure. There are many hotels, small guest houses where you can have a good rest. Tourists typically opt for inexpensive guesthouses starting at AU $ 20 per night to explore the local natural attractions. A visit to the mountain is available as part of excursion groups. Kostsyushko is perfect for skiing, has thermal springs with warm water. Now the Australian authorities are trying to restore the forests destroyed by fires, so the peak will only increase its tourism potential.

Climate of the Australian Alps

The Australian Alps are one of the few places on the continent where snow falls. It falls at heights of over 1,350 meters. Snowfalls are important to the Australian Alps as they accumulate water and then recharge local rivers. In addition, snowfalls contribute to the build-up of snow cover, which is necessary to attract tourists. In recent years, a sharp decrease in the number of snowfalls has been recorded, which is associated with global climate change. Frost is another feature of the Australian Alps, which can occur at any time of the year. In general, this area is characterized by a typical alpine climate. The air temperature is comfortable, and the thermometer rarely shows low marks (below 20 ° C). In the warmest month, usually no more than 10 ° C.

Australian Alps flora and altitudinal zonation

The desire of the inhabitants of the post-Soviet space to conquer Europe and America has always remained an incomprehensible phenomenon for me. For some reason, our compatriots completely forget about the existence of the Australian continent. And this is very, very vain. The country of kangaroos and koalas combines several climatic zones and is famous for its peculiar landscapes. Flora and fauna are unparalleled throughout the world. Only here you will see wombats, platypuses and Tasmanian devils.

Large cities will delight party-goers with an abundance of entertainment, the beaches will appeal to both thrill-seekers and connoisseurs of a relaxing holiday. Today I want to focus on the unique sights of Australia. I present to you a selection of 18 surreal places, as if descended from the pages of novels about distant unexplored planets.

Heart Shaped Reef, Queensland

The Heart Reef was discovered in 1975 by one of the Air Whitsunday pilots. Today it ranks among the most popular destinations in Australia. The attraction is especially held in high esteem by romantic natures. There is a belief that if you fly over the reef and kiss your loved one, then your feelings will survive any adversity. In fact, the island is an integral part of the Great Barrier Reef and is entirely formed from coral polyps. Its dimensions are about 17 meters in diameter. The peculiar shape can only be seen from above. The heart reef is guarded around the clock, landing on the island is strictly prohibited.

Mount Uluru, North Australia

Perhaps one of the most popular places on the continent is the Urulu-Kata Tjuta National Park. It is located in a desert area and extends a good 1,326 square kilometers. The world-wide popularity of the park is due to its specific landscape. The iconic rocks of Kata Tjuta, which is translated from the local dialect as "Many heads", attract thousands of tourists like a magnet.

Mount Olga proudly rises above 35 roughly identical boulders. It is named after the daughter of the Russian Emperor Nicholas I, who married King Charles I of Württemberg in 1846. The height of the mountain is 1066 meters above sea level. Due to the high content of iron oxide in the rocks of Kata Tjuta, the rocks have a characteristic red color. It seems that you are conquering the vast expanses of Mars.

Sculptures at Lake Ballard, Western Australia

An installation by internationally acclaimed artist Anthony Gormley has become a symbol of Western Australia. On the salty plain of Lake Ballard, 51 metal statues are installed, each of which is unique. The monuments depict the inhabitants of the town of Menzies, founded in 1895 and flourishing in the next decade of the gold rush. The composition was presented at the Perth International Arts Festival in 2003.

The area around Ballard Lake is very original. In the summer, the reservoir dries up almost completely. Salt mixes with clay soil, staining tens of kilometers in a brownish color with whitish veins. Sculptures of Gormley are placed in random order throughout the territory, it will take at least 3 hours to get around everything. The rusty figures stand out clearly against the blue sky and look somewhat intimidating. It seems as if the dead have risen from their graves. I would not like to be there at night.

Bay of Fires, Tasmania

Mysterious Australia attracts tourists from all over the world. The unique sights of the mainland state and the actively developing tourist infrastructure make it one of the most popular destinations in world tourism.

Australia Essentials

Australia is the only country in the world that occupies an entire continent. It also includes several nearby islands, the largest of which is Tasmania. Therefore, the official name of the state sounds like the Commonwealth of Australia or the Commonwealth of Australia. The total area of ​​the country is about 7.7 million km 2, where more than 24 million people live.

The indigenous population of the country is Australian aborigines. Today they make up 5% of the total Australian population. More than 90% of the population is Europeans, mainly from England and Ireland. The state language of the country is English, but the locals speak a special dialect.

The majority of the population is concentrated in coastal cities. The indigenous population prefers to live separately, away from large settlements. A huge part of the territory remains an untouched nature reserve with unique flora and fauna.

The country's coastal waters belong to three oceans - the South, Pacific and Indian. The main river of the continent, Murray, with a length of more than 2.5 thousand km, is located in the eastern part of the continent. More than half of the territory falls on deserts and semi-deserts, but tropical forests grow in the northwest. And in the Australian Alps there is snow all year round.

Australian Nature

A special place among the attractions of Australia is occupied by its unique nature.

There are many endemic species of animals and plants here. Tourists are interested and admired by:

  • kangaroo;
  • duck-bearer ;
  • koala ;
  • wombat;
  • echidna ;
  • Ostrich Emu.

Australia is one of the most remote countries in the world and, ironically, one of the most popular places to visit, especially for backpackers and budget travelers. Due to its distance from Russia, not many Russians tend to visit Australia. Flights are long and expensive, and when you only have a few weeks to travel, spending a few days flying probably doesn't make sense for many travelers. However, here are some reasons to save your vacation time and venture out on this long adventure across the ocean:

Great Barrier Reef

The Greatest Barrier Reef is one of the world's most famous reef systems, world renowned for its abundance of marine life and world-class diving opportunities. When I was there, I saw turtles, sharks, bright corals and beautiful fish. You can spend one day or several diving on this reef. While everyone leaves from Cairns, the exit from Port Douglas will take you to less crowded dive sites.


Famous for its famous opera house and harbor, Sydney also boasts an incredible bridge, gorgeous parks, delicious food, many free activities and amazing surfing. Whether you go to Manly Beach or hang out with everyone else in Bondi, Sydney is great for relaxing in the sun and enjoying the water. Darling Harbor has a variety of good restaurants and great places to entertain, and the Chinese Garden is quite relaxing. For a night out in a city of colorful locals, there is nothing better than King's Cross.


You would never think that a giant round stone covering eight kilometers of earth would be spectacular, but it is. Wind-shattered cuts all over the rock make it look like a wave of sand rising over the desert. The iron in the rock creates amazing shades of reds and oranges during sunrise and sunset. While you can climb Uluru, warn that this is a sacred area for the people of this area. Oddly enough, they allow visitors to take chunks of rock as a souvenir, even though they don't like it. You can take excursions here from nearby Alice Springs.


Australians do a lot of things well, and one of the best is barbecue. Ossie BBQ is a serious tradition and most parks and public spaces have at least three BBQ areas. In fact, I don't know what Australia would be without barbecue. There is nothing better than a nice warm night, some good beers and some roasted kangaroo to make you love this place.

Australia has excellent wine regions, including the Margaret River near Perth, Barossa Valley near Adelaide and Hunter Valley near Sydney. Australia has a lot of good wines, especially shiraz and pinot noir. You can take day trips to any of the wine areas from nearby major cities, or simply head to the liquor store and get drunk in the park. while there is a barbecue.

Western Australia

This is my favorite part of Australia. it is truly beautiful, with vast expanses of remote and white sandy beaches that stretch for miles without a living soul. I'm glad the crowds don't visit Western Australia; otherwise it could end up just like the East Coast - overcrowded and overhauled. Karijini National Park outperforms Kakadu and Litchfield Parks, and Coral Bay and Ningaloo Reef are even better than Cairns or the Great Barrier Reef. I like it here.

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