10 most interesting places in Australia

10 most interesting places in Australia

Australia is a unique and amazing continent that makes a lasting impression on almost all travelers.

Real wonders of nature, huge modern megacities, picturesque beaches, the steepest railway slopes, the real capital of UFOs - this and much more attracts tourists from all over the world to Australia.

TOP - most interesting places in Australia

All the interesting places in Australia, which are undoubtedly worth visiting for every Australian visitor, cannot be reduced to a ten-place rating. Therefore, below are just some of the attractions that most attract tourists.

The University of Melbourne is one of the oldest educational institutions in the country. Education in it is considered prestigious, and graduates are quickly employed in large companies. Read on how to enter a university.

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Great Barrier Reef

It is the most beautiful coral reef in the world.

The Barrier Reef is a true ecosystem with the richest fauna and flora, consisting of three thousand coral reefs and occupying more than 300 kilometers of area along the Australian coast of Queensland.

Cape Byron

The Cape is the easternmost point of the continent and is considered one of the most beautiful places in all of Australia.

The real visiting card of the cape is the snow-white lighthouse, built in 1901.

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Walking through Australia's vast desert is a ritual woven into the rich fabric of the country's past. Thousands of years ago, the first inhabitants of the country went on a “walk,” a spiritual journey on foot that traced the ancient footprints or “song lines” of their ancestors. Today you can follow in their footsteps. Australia's most popular treks range from independent half-day walks through bird-rich bushlands and along beaches covered in sapphire seas, to guided multi-day hikes through the country's red hot heart, where rugged gorges and reddish deserts challenge even the hard-core hiker. called “Great Walks of Australia” into smaller segments depending on your free time and fitness level. Many of Australia's best hikes are intertwined with World Heritage-listed desert areas, where you can see the country's extraordinary wildlife - from wallabies and wombats to dingos, kangaroos and echidnas. Nearby climbers can even reach the summit of Australia's highest peak in less than a day. Wherever your walk takes you into this wild and sun-drenched land, the awe-inspiring scenery will haunt your soul just as it did to the aborigines thousands of years ago.

Kings Canyon Rim Walk, Northern Territory

Kings Canyon Rim Walk, Northern Territory

One of the most famous day hikes in the country, the six-kilometer Kings Canyon Rim Walk, in Watarrka National Park, covers the lips of an impressive 150-meter long canyon at Australia's Red Center. Because of the scorching heat, it's best to start this three to four hour walk before dawn. The rising sun paints the landscape with rich hues of rose gold, and this is also the best time to see wildlife, including kangaroos, zebras and white wicker honey pots. The first part of the hike requires you to climb 500 steps to the edge of the canyon, but it's worth it for the spectacular views. Once at the top, follow the U-shaped trail around the sandy cliffs and turn below into a land of wonderful weathered, domed rock formations; ancient cicadas; and the Garden of Eden, an unlikely oasis of lush vegetation and perennial drainage. After the winter rains, cascades fall down the rocks. The Kings Canyon Rim Walk requires an average high level of fitness and is a one-way loop so you won't bump into tourists walking in the opposite direction. If possible, avoid hiking in extreme temperatures from September to May. Take plenty of water, sunscreen, and insect repellent. King's Canyon Resort is about seven kilometers from here, which houses rooms from campgrounds to plush rooms. Tourists looking for a softer canyon walk can try the easy 2.6-kilometer Kings Canyon Creek.

Mount Gower, Lord Howe Island, NSW

Mount Gower, Lord Howe Island, NSW

Climbing Mount Gower at an altitude of 875 meters on a Howe Island boat from the north coast of New South Wales is considered one of the best in the world. This 14 km round-the-world hike climbs into the misty forests at the top of the mountain. Along the way, you can explore the botanical and wildlife wonders of this unspoiled island, where visitor numbers are limited to protect the environment. As you climb this lush peak at the southern end of the island, fern-filled forests, rare orchids and moss-covered trees flood landscapes with a sense of history. On the way, you can look at the neighboring Mt. Lidgbird; The pyramid of balls, the world's largest offshore trunk at 565 meters; lagoon; and the northern settlement of the island. Reaching the summit on this moderate to challenging hike takes about five hours and the descent takes about four hours, with intersections and cable cars for talks along the way. From March to September, the surprisingly fearless provisioning petrel appears at the top of the summit for a close-up view. Guided tours are highly recommended and provide an insight into the island's unique ecology and natural history.

Official website: . ordhoweisland. nfo/things-to-do/walking/

Cape to Trek Point, Margaret River, Western Australia

In the southwest corner of Western Australia, 260 kilometers south of Perth, this rewarding multi-day hike meanders 135 kilometers along coastal cliffs, surf beaches and giant curry forests. Named for its route between the Cape Naturalist and Cape Leeuvin lighthouses, along the coast of the Margaret River, the entire walk is in a national park and takes five to seven days, but you can opt for the lighter sections for half-day or afternoon walks. Highlights include coastal rock formations such as the jagged Sugarloaf Rock jutting out from the sea, cool cascades, clean sun-drenched beaches, and sea cliffs overlooking the bustling surf. Watch for whales between June and December. One of the most scenic sections of the hike covers the cliff tops above Contos Beach where spring flowers bloom in the spring and kangaroos often take shelter under dark shrubbery. Another section crosses the mouth of the Margaret River as it flows to the sea. The campsites are located along the route, as well as a number of more comfortable rooms, making it a great choice for walkers who prefer not to be rude after a long day of walking. Tour companies also operate walks along this route.

Official website: . apetocapetrack. om. u/

Great Ocean Walk, Victoria

Great Ocean Walk, Victoria

How to open a tourism business. The idea of ​​a business in ecotourism Consider what is ecotourism (or, as it is also called ethno or rural tourism), how to start your own business in this

Australia occupies the whole mainland, washed by the waters of the Indian and Pacific Ocean. Differs in a variety of natural landscapes, luxurious vegetation and rich fauna. This highly developed country has a very humane immigration legislation and an excellent education system. Believe it or not, it is recognized in all countries of the world. Tuition fees at universities in the country are much cheaper than in America and Europe.

Holidays in Australia are magnificent, vibrant and eventful. There are always a lot of lovers of unforgettable impressions here. The country conquers with its unique flavor, wonderful resorts, and excellent service. For our tourist, we have selected the sights of Australia with photos, names, and descriptions. A list of interesting and beautiful places will help you create an itinerary for your own trip to your taste.

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Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is a visiting card of the city and the main attraction of Australia. It is a unique architectural structure, striking in its unusualness and imagination. The roof of the theater is made of millions of tiles and resembles shells or ship sails. The building houses over a thousand rooms, restaurants and souvenir shops.

The opera house was opened by Queen Elizabeth II of England in 1973, and was designed by the architect Jorna Utson. The building is rightfully included in the UNESCO list and belongs to the architectural masterpieces of the past century.

Of. website: . ydneyoperahouse. om/

Harbor Bridge

Built during the Great Depression, it is a steel structure that resembles a coat rack. It is the longest bridge in the world and one of Australia's most recognizable landmarks.

The structure is also called the Sydney Harbor Bridge. Its length is 1149 meters. The opening of the structure took place in March 1932.

Some more information:

The sights of the state of Australia are a synthesis of unique natural objects and modern architecture, which, not surprisingly, look very harmonious together.

There are almost no ancient architecture and historical monuments in general.

Besides, Australia is the only country that covers an entire continent.

Due to its remoteness, it has an interesting and varied flora and fauna, and many species of animals are found only here.

What Australia Is Known For

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Australia is the ocean coast, jumping kangaroos that can easily "beat" a person, crocodiles, endless spaces, heat and aborigines. The absence of ancient architecture is explained by the fact that until the 17th century this continent was not known to Europeans, and the population was made up of aborigines. In the 18th century, Britain established the first prison colony here.

During the spread of Europeans across the continent, the indigenous people had a hard time - they were struck and weakened by previously unknown diseases. Not without the massacres of the indigenous population, who resisted the conquests of the settlers. Surprisingly, until 1969, there was a policy of removing children from Australian Aboriginal families. It was only after 1992 that the rights of the local population to land were recognized.

But, perhaps, Australia is best known in the world for its interesting animals - kangaroos. It's hard to imagine, but the number of kangaroos on the continent is 2.5 times the number of people living. This largest marsupial animal on Earth can reach a speed of 60 km/h, and the weight of an adult reaches 90 kg.

Since 1980, kangaroo meat has been allowed in the country, which is even cheaper than beef. Despite rare occurrences, kangaroos are not considered dangerous to humans, but they can hit hard with their hind legs or scratch them. This animal, along with the emu, is depicted on the coat of arms of Australia, and there is the Kangaroo island nearby.

Interesting cities in Australia

Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra are among the most famous cities in this state.


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