10 most beautiful states in America for your trip

What nature reigns in the USA

North America

Rich history, serious approach to landscaping and organization of trails and huge walking trails, all this characterizes the many routes in North America, of course, it mainly concerns the USA and Canada. There are a lot of routes here, but three of the most significant can be easily identified, which together are called the Triple Crown of Hiking

Continental Frontier Trail

The trail begins just behind the continental fault of the Rocky Mountains and covers an area from Mexico to Canada. The hike takes up to 6 months on average. Every year about 20 people dare to complete this difficult route completely. However, the path, as is often the case, can be divided into destinies and traversed for many years. The infrastructure of the trail is good, but there are some rather difficult sections. In general, there is a strict set of rules on trails in the USA that must be adhered to in order to pass the route in relative safety. And of the dangers that await desperate tourists on this trail, one can note severe weather conditions, hypothermia, meeting with bears and even cougars. This is the longest route of the Triple Crown

Pacific Ridge Route

The Pacific Ridge Trail, or PCT, is a hiking and equestrian hiking trail that traverses the mountain range along the Pacific coast of the United States from the Mexican border to the Canadian border. The route of the trail passes away from large settlements through picturesque corners of wild untouched nature. It is the westernmost and second longest route from the Triple Crown.

Every year, at the end of April, on a 20 mile trail from the border with Mexico near Lake Moreno, a Kick-off day is held - a meeting for tourists who set out on the route for the first time. Along the entire route, there are so-called "Trail Angels" - volunteers to maintain the trail and halts, helping tourists, for example, by organizing caches of drinking water in arid areas.

Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail is a hiking trail in the North American Appalachian Mountains, from Mount Catadin, Maine in the north, to Mount Springer, Georgia, in the south. It is almost impossible to determine the exact length, since there are several alternative paths. The highest point on the way is Mount Klingmans Dom 2025 m. The most popular route is the Triple Crown.

Currently, tourism along this route is very popular. There are dozens of Appalachian Trail clubs in the United States. From spring to autumn, thousands of tourists pass along the route (or part of it). The youngest conqueror of the trail was 6 years old when he and his parents covered the route in 8.5 months.

The best trails in the world

Argentina High Andes and South Patagonia

The nature of Argentina is very diverse from the high Andes to the vast plains, from subtropical forests to glaciers. The variety that the nature of this state possesses is due to the large territory and varied relief. The local landscapes, flora and fauna attract tourists from all over the world. In the east, the country is washed by the Atlantic Ocean. In the south is the island of Tierra del Fuego. Argentina has such natural areas as savana, steppe, desert, subtropical forests. In the north is the natural shroud area called Gran Chaco, in the central part is the natural steppe area called Pampa, in the south is Patagonia, a vast land of steppe and desert lands. The most famous natural wonder of the state is the Iguazu Falls, which is located on the border with Brazil. In the west, along the border between Argentina and Chile, the Andes Mountains stretch. The Andes are the highest here. Argentina has the highest mountain not only in South America, but in the entire Western Hemisphere of the earth - Aconcagua.

Aconcagua is the highest peak in America and the Southern Hemisphere. According to modern data, its height is 6962 m. It is a huge massif, composed mainly of sedimentary rocks. Climbing Aconcagua is not technically difficult: along the classic route, the path to an altitude of almost 7 thousand meters goes almost along the path. In practice, they go to conquer the highest peak of South America after climbing Elbrus or Kilimanjaro. However, it should be noted that the difference between Aconcagua and these two peaks is quite serious. Aconcagua is almost a kilometer higher, the weather in its area is unstable and, in the event of a sharp change, creates a critical situation. The expedition to Aconcagua requires at least 2 weeks, while overnight stays are held mainly in tents, and the participants carry the load above the base camp on their own. Aconcagua places high demands on physical fitness and the ability to endure altitude.

South Patagonia is a rugged land in the very south of Argentina and Chile. This is the land of winds, rains, snow and breathtaking mountains. This is a journey through the most beautiful places on the continent. During the trip, you will see smooth southern whales in their habitat and spend several days among the green mountains and transparent lakes in Argentina's blooming lake region - Bariloche. You will have the opportunity to watch the fall of huge blocks of ice from the Perito Moreno glacier and admire one of the most beautiful mountains in the world - Fitzroy.

Venezuela The Lost World of Roraima

In a remote region of southeastern Venezuela, in the highlands of Guyana (or the Guiana Highlands), one of the five topographic regions of Venezuela, near the border with Brazil, is the highland region of La Gran Sabana. On the very border is Roraima (2810 m), one of the highest mountains in Venezuela, on the southern slopes of which the Caroni River originates, which later flows into the Orinoco. To the northwest lies Auyan Tepui, a conspicuous high plateau that, reaching about 2950 m, dominates the surrounding lush green jungle. Stunning endemic flora and fauna, ferns, orchids of different types: all this is the real "lost world" of Conan Doyle.

There is also Angel Falls, the world's highest waterfall, with a total height of 979 m and a continuous fall of 807 m. Named after the pilot James Angel, who flew over the falls to 1935 year. The waterfall is located in the tropical forests of Venezuela, in the Canaima National Park. Water is overthrown from the summit of Auyantepui, the largest of Venezuelan tepuis. Its name, translated into Russian, means "the mountain of the devil." The height of the fall is so great that, before reaching the ground, water is sprayed into tiny particles and turns into fog. Fog can be felt several kilometers away. You can get to the waterfall only by air or by river. A canoe ride under the falls will take a full day. In addition, you can buy a ticket for a sightseeing flight to the waterfall, but it may turn out that the waterfall itself will not be visible due to the clouds. During the dry season (December to March), there is relatively little water on the falls, however, it is less likely to get into the cloudy period. The whole trip takes about a day.

Peru The Lost City of the Incas and the most beautiful mountain in the world

Traveling to Peru will take you far away from realities and everyday problems, open up a completely different world for you! In the western part of South America, where the Amazon originates, there is the unearthly country of Peru, whose history is shrouded in secrets and mysteries of the ancient Incas. The country is full of attractions. One of the most famous natural attractions is Machu Picchu (Quechua: Machu Pikchu, translated as "old peak"). Machu Picchu is often called "the city in the sky" or "the city among the clouds", sometimes called the "lost city of the Incas". Some archaeologists believe that this city was created as a sacred mountain refuge by the great Inca ruler Pachacutec a century before the conquest of his empire, that is, around 1440, and functioned until 1532, when the Spanish invaded the territory of the Inca empire. In 1532, all of its inhabitants mysteriously disappeared. In 2007, the city was awarded the title of the New Wonder of the World.

Also one of the famous natural attractions of Peru is Lake Titicaca. It is located in Puno on the border with Bolivia. The lake water is salty, but drinkable. The coastline of the lake is meandering and forms numerous peninsulas and bays. There are 36 islands on the lake. There, you can see Indian settlements located on floating islands built from totora reeds. Mysterious drawings in the Nazca desert can only be observed from an airplane. Their age, meaning and mystery have not yet been solved by scientists. The Balest Islands are part of the Paracas National Park in Peru. A huge number of birds and sea animals live here. The cliffs along the coast are carved in the form of numerous arches and caves, hence the name Ballesta, which means "bow in shooting".

One of the most famous peaks in the Cordillera Blanca mountain range, which is located in the Peruvian Andes - Alpamayo (Nevado Alpamayo) (5947 m), the most beautiful mountain in the world! In 1966, UNESCO recognized the natural wonder as the most beautiful mountain in existence due to its regular shape. Her middle name is Shuyturau, which means "Pyramid of Snow". The slopes of Alpamayo are quite steep, so the mountain looks like a perfect ice pyramid. Despite the fact that the mountain is less in height than the neighboring peaks, it became famous for its unusual shape and amazing beauty.

Chile Country of three continents

Chile is a country on three continents. Its main part is located on the South American mainland, the other part belongs to Oceania - the Polynesian Easter Island, and another part belongs to Antarctica. Given the "crazy geography" of Chile, the country has almost all known climatic zones and a variety of natural zones, and is also quite isolated from the world. Along the entire eastern border stretches the impassable snow-covered wall of the Andes, in the west - the Pacific Ocean, in the north - the driest desert in the world of the Atacama and in the south - the beginning of the eternal ice of Antarctica. Ojos del Salado (6893 m) is the highest volcano on Earth and the second highest peak in South America after Aconcagua. The ascent-auto race to Ojos del Salado is an amazing journey in the Atacama desert, vivid impressions and a worthy ascent to an extinct volcano.

A rich history, a serious approach to landscaping and trail management, and huge walking trails, all of which characterize the many trails in North America

The United States of America is one of the largest and most economically developed countries on the planet. The republic occupies a leading position in all areas of tourism. US resorts attract foreign visitors with snow-capped rocky mountains, Hawaiian beaches, bustling Las Vegas and the tranquil Grand Canyon.

General understanding of the country and its resorts

Discovered at the end of the 15th century, America in the modern world is an amazing and immense country, which differs from other states by its policy inside and outside its borders. Despite the fact that the States were founded only in the 18th century, many events took place on the territory of the republic during this time. Now tourists annually come to the resorts of the United States to admire large cities, majestic mountains and picturesque lakes, relax in quality resorts and wander through national parks.

Due to its huge area, American weather is shaped by various climatic features. Most regions are in a temperate climate zone, the southern regions are subtropical and tropical, and Alaska is subarctic and polar. All states are characterized by sharp temperature changes and devastating tornadoes, it is advisable to check the weather forecast before traveling.

How to get to resorts from different CIS countries

Several times a week, there are direct flights from the capitals of the post-Soviet republics to New York, Los Angeles and Washington. The average flight time to the east coast is about 10 hours, while the journey to Los Angeles from the Russian capital will take almost 13 hours. Also from Moscow, Kiev and Minsk to Chicago, Boston, Miami and Dallas, there are both direct flights and flights with transfers in Istanbul, Warsaw, Zurich and Vienna, in a number of other cities.

USA Beach & Ski Resorts

California is ranked as one of only two beach resort destinations in the United States. The area is rich in nightclubs, discos and bars; American and foreign youth have a great time here every year. Los Angeles and the surrounding cities are famous for their gorgeous beaches, such as Malibu, Zuma and Sunset Beach, where the cleanest sand, clear waters and a huge selection of entertainment. San Diego is famous for the picturesque Coronado Beach.

Unlike California, Florida is popular with family lovers. The local Siesta beach is famous for its fine white sand, Bill Bugs - for the mangrove jungle, Jensen - for sea turtles. The center of Florida is Miami with South Beach. Away from the continent, you must visit the Hawaiian Archipelago. Papakolea Beach is considered to be the hallmark of Hawaii.

Americans love winter sports. Thanks to the local climate, well-developed infrastructure, variety of tracks and affordable prices, ski resorts in the United States are extremely popular. The Winter Olympics have been held four times. The center of extreme ski tourism is the state of Colorado, the hallmark of which is the Aspen resort. This amazing center has stunning landscapes, luxury hotels and villas of Hollywood celebrities.

The United States is a huge country, you can see it just by looking at the international map of the world. It occupies almost one half of the continent. In these vast territories, there are a large number of different natural zones: from mountains to arid deserts. The nature of this part of the world is capable of bewitching: huge deserts, magnificent mountains, beautiful forests simply cannot leave you indifferent.

US Natural Areas

A good half of these vast territories are mountainous. But there is a relief quite diverse: from high mountain ranges to plateaus and plateaus. For example, the large Coldier system, which stretches from Alaska to California itself.

It should be noted that the natural zones of the mountainous region are very different. From the east and north you can find dense forests, alpine meadows and heathlands, just below - grassy prairies. There is almost always snow on the tops of the mountains. Those mountain slopes that are closer to the south are dotted with rocky deserts. In the depressions, you can find dry terrain, like on the Mediterranean islands.

In total, this territory contains six zones. The taiga is the basis. It has the longest length from west to east. This climatic area represents a huge number of different representatives of flora and fauna, typical for these weather conditions.

US Terrain

It is in the mountains that a large number of rivers begin. Many mountainous regions serve as natural water divisions between the two great oceans.

The center of the country belongs to the plains. They occupied almost three million kilometers. In this climate, you can find the flat character of the terrain, which is disturbed by a number of plateaus regions. In fact, this part of the United States is quite diverse: flat terrain is diluted with high plateaus and valleys.

From the eastern part, the country is fenced off by the Appalachian system, which stretches for two and a half thousand kilometers. However, the system itself does not have a homogeneous structure: it consists of two plateaus.

The plains located in the central part of the country also have a very varied relief. There are hills and river valleys. It cannot boast of uniformity and uniformity.

On the southern edge of the territory, it is bordered by plains near the coast. They stretch in a wide strip along the shores of the ocean that belongs to America.

Alaska is located in the northern part. It came from the Cordillera. In addition, this part of the mainland is formed by plains of a different nature. In this part of America, a temperate climate reigns; of the vegetation, forest plains are found more. Closer to the north, it becomes colder, here is the tundra climatic zone.

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It is very difficult to single out and name the most beautiful states of the United States, since each of them has its own flavor, filled with natural beauty, amazing architectural structures, its own unique character and undeniable charm.

And yet I decided to compile the most subjective top list of the ten most amazing American states.


Florida, also known as Sunshine State, is an alluring combination of great beaches, pleasant weather and a sweet Latin American vibe. But this flat peninsula at the southernmost point of the continental United States is more than its hedonistic charm.

It is home to mysterious wetlands, impressive coral reefs and the largest subtropical wildlife in the country (the Everglades). It is a true paradise for adventure seekers and nature lovers. Add in the glitz and glamor of Miami, the magic of Walt Disney World in Orlando, and the Spanish colonial architecture of St. Augustine, and you have one of the most beautiful and diverse places in the United States of America.


From lush green forests to gorgeous rugged coastlines, you'll be amazed by Oregon's natural splendor. Set in an ancient volcanic crater and surrounded by rocky cliffs, the crystal clear, breathtaking blue Crater Lake is undoubtedly one of the state's most impressive landmarks. In addition, you will be amazed by the stunning rock formations of Smith Rock State Park, the fabulous Tokety Falls or the mighty Mount Hood with its year-round snow-capped peaks and glaciers, picturesque alpine lakes and stunning wildflower trails.

Geographically, Oregon is truly a land of striking contrasts and delightful landscapes. Take cool, creative Portland, where thoughtful boutiques and trendy eateries coexist with friendly craft breweries and serene gardens; or the quaint historic Jacksonville, with its well-preserved brick and wood buildings and charming old world ambiance.


Idyllic islands, charismatic townships and many outdoor adventures await visitors in Michigan, a stunning Midwestern state surrounded by the Great Lakes. Take a trip back in time to Victorian-flavored Mackinac Island, where car traffic is prohibited, but walks on colorful sandstone cliffs on the shores of Pictured Rocks National Lake are allowed; or head to Sleeping Bear Dune National Lake, where lush forests, pristine beaches, blue Caribbean waters and towering sandy cliffs await you.

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