10 great cycling routes

Mountain bike and tourism

Mountain bike - designed for outdoor activities and has recently gained great popularity. Unlike simple and road bikes, which have not changed much in recent years, mountain bikes are constantly changing and their design is being improved by manufacturers.

The main difference between a mountain bike and others is the wide wheels, 1.5 - 2 inches instead of the usual 20 - 40 mm (1 inch = 25.4 mm). The diameter of the wheels is also slightly reduced, in contrast to the road bike, 26 inches instead of 700 mm. The mountain bike frame has a special geometry, and the carriage is positioned so that it is convenient to ride over rough terrain. A large number of gears, from 21 to 27, with a fairly wide range of gear ratios, makes it possible to ride at any height difference. Mountain bikes can be used in any extreme conditions, but the requirements for comfort and control efficiency play a significant role, no less than the weight of the bike itself. That is why suspension forks, hydraulic brakes, and other new developments have appeared in the MTB class. There are two main types of mountain bikes - hardtails and full suspension.

Mountain Bike - Hardtail

This type includes bicycles that do not have a rear shock absorber. Translated from English, it sounds like a hard tail. Most often, such a bike is used for walking on rough terrain, as well as for participating in competitions in such types as bike cross, country cross, street, trial, slalom. By design, they can be rigid (rigid) - these are bicycles that do not have a front shock absorber or with a front suspension. To reduce the weight of the bike, as well as to improve its running characteristics, they are made mainly of aluminum alloys.

Mountain Bike - Full Suspension

Bicycles that have front and rear shock absorbers are best suited for riding on rough terrain, as the shock absorbers work to smooth out shock and thereby greatly improve bike handling and ride comfort.


This group is represented by bicycles with a wheel diameter of 26-28 inches, equipped with anti-lock brakes, as well as a shock absorbing seat post, which ultimately create conditions for a safe and comfortable ride. They are not suitable for driving in difficult conditions with maximum loads. Only the frame design unites them with the mountain bikes group.

Now let's talk about how to choose the right mountain bike for yourself and how much you are willing to pay for such a miracle of technology.

Group of bicycles starting at ye

Structurally, such bicycles consist of: a chromolybdenum frame, a single rim, a rigid fork, attachments such as Shimano C-101, Simano Sis, etc. The service life with active use is 1.5 - 2 years. But if you take good care of your bike, follow the operating rules, and timely maintain it, then your bike will serve you much more.

What to see in Vologda in 2 days

This article is a brief overview of the different styles of cycling that are feasible for the following groups of tourists: who needs a guide, who chooses their own path, and self-reliant cyclists.

One day tour

Generally, a one-day tour does not apply to cycling tourism, as the first is just a bike ride for one day. You can find two main subspecies of this tourism.

Day tourism includes simple biking and riding, and takes 24 hours or less. Also, there is a place to be a long bike ride near the house and a trip by car followed by cycling. Alternatively, renting a bike in another country or city to cycle around the area can be a day trip. Another type of one-day tourism that you can come across is an extended one - a bike excursion. It is carried out by an organization that brings cyclists together on the same territory, after which they ride together quite a long distance for one day. Typically, the distance ranges from 10 or less to 100 or more kilometers. In most cases, this is a paid event, and you pay to travel as part of a group.

One day tour has several variations: a tour with a pre-determined route for you, a tour with a self-guided route, and a tour in which you provide yourself with everything you need. Traditional cycling tourism usually involves a trip of several days with an overnight stay, but one-day cycling and organized cycling trips are most often referred to as cycling tours.

Overnight Tour

Overnight tour is a style of cycling tourism in which one day is spent on a trip to a nearby transfer point (your friend's house, tent camp, hotel, etc.), from where you move back to your home after a rest and an overnight stay or to the place where you started your trip.

This style is slightly different from the day style in that it includes a couple of days for a bike ride and one for an overnight stay. While the one-day style lasts one day without stopping for the night. Tour with an overnight stay in most cases takes place with the full self-sufficiency of the tourist.

Tour with credit card

This type of tourism is obtained when you travel by bike, and there is almost nothing from your luggage: just clothes and a credit card (or cash) for shopping on the way. Instead of lugging a tent and a sleeping bag with you, you sleep at the hotel every night, not free, of course. To avoid cooking yourself, you buy food along the way. Such types of tourism usually (but not always) last less than a week and are usually not organized by travel companies.

What to see in Vologda in 2 days: sights, museums. A route for independent walks in Vologda. Reviews of tourists with photos. Where to go for 2 days from Vologda.

Cycling only for an ignorant person seems to be an easy walk. Like, you pedal yourself, look around, study the area and enjoy life. In fact, any danger can arise on the path of a cyclist - a car, fallen trees, stones. Angry dogs, finally. Not to mention bad weather, when rain whips in your face or snow crawls behind your collar.

Why, in this case, every year more and more people choose this type of vacation? Probably because it gives a feeling of freedom - movement, communication. You take responsibility for your own destiny. Here you are the road, you and the bike. Go ahead, and no one knows what awaits around the corner.

Types of Cycling

Another important information for beginners: there are several types of cycling tourism. All of them are inherently similar - overcoming obstacles with the help of a bicycle. But there are significant differences.

For example, civilized cycling tourism is the usual walks in the area that is best suited for this type of transport. No adventure along the way. Only fresh air and beautiful landscapes. For beginners - that's it.

Sports cycling tourism, which, however, is declining, makes people set records. It is necessary to cover the required distance in a certain amount of time. For example, take a ride from Moscow to Vladivostok in 2 months.

Conquer the highest mountain in Africa for an unforgettable safari trip! Our office is located in Tanzania and works without intermediaries, all briefings are conducted in Russian, we have our own fleet of safari cars, as well as a warehouse of modern mountain equipment from brands such as RedFox, The North Face and Mountain Hardwear.

Winter: pristine nature, downhill skiing.

We are glad to see you! Training from trial dive to instructor level. Diving trips around the world: schedule of club trips, individual diving and educational tours. Exotic destinations: Antarctica, Greenland, North Pole, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Cocos Island, Galapagos, swimming with sharks, whales and dolphins. We are waiting for you!

Racing bike tourism is when travelers do not pay attention to the sights, but only ride, ride and ride. The main thing for them is to overcome the given distance. They "swallow" space, like a schoolboy rushing to class, chewing a cutlet on the go.

We offer 10 bike routes - from the easiest to the most advanced - and what to consider when planning a bike trip. Read on and get inspired!

Reconcile outdoor activities with the beach

Liguria, Italy

Season: March — June and September — October Difficulty: 1/5Official site of the Pista ciclabile della Riviera Ligure cycle path

The Italian Riviera beckons with the turquoise sea, graceful old towns and the air filled with the aroma of cypress trees. Here it is good to wander the winding streets, bask on the beach, and then dine on pasta with pesto genovese sauce. Not enough adventure? Then rent a bike and ride the local bike paths. You won't have to hit the records: the coast of the Ligurian Sea is full of routes that even children can cope with.

A good place to start is San Lorenzo al Mare, from which there is a bike path to Ospedaletti. If you meet tunnels, don't be surprised: there used to be a railway here, instead of which smooth asphalt was laid. You can cover all 24 km in one day, and if you get tired, stop in any town along the way. Just try not to miss San Remo. Find out where Alfred Nobel lived, where the Cathedral of Christ the Savior came from in Italy and in honor of which Empress the embankment is named. And if you arrive in March, you will get straight to the festival of colors - you can consider it a reward for a bicycle journey.

What bike is best suited for regular "pokatushek"

and before making a purchase, you need to understand where the world cycle industry is in general. We choose transport not for one season, right? You need to keep your nose in the wind.

"Is it just just buy a new bike? Two wheels, frame, transmission, brakes - the usual set, you can not bother. That's just in stores we are confused: a new model, modern technology, fresh generation of mounted equipment. Does it make sense to pay attention to this or should not complicate everything - is it just a bike? "

Trends and brands: Cycling New - How to figure it out?

If the request is formulated, you can move to the choice of a particular model.

buy a bike

The so-called mountain bike remains perhaps the most common option for most widths. And it does not matter at all, is there a nearby mountain. Even an inexpensive hill is a soft fork, a wide range of speeds, serious wheels that will easily pass not only on asphalt, but also in the forest trail.

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