10 best navigators for a car in 2021

Best gps apps for hiking and route recording

Modern mobile phones are versatile and multitasking - this is their huge advantage. For sports enthusiasts and, in particular, hiking (hiking and trekking), you can find many useful GPS applications. Today we will consider several such products that will definitely not be superfluous and will be a good help in hiking and trekking activities.

Gaia GPS - Tracking, Sports and Hunting Application

Gaia GPS is a mobile application that will be useful for hunters, sportsmen, hikers and active travel enthusiasts. Allows you to use detailed topographic maps, create routes, synchronize them between desktop and mobile devices. Maps are available for cities and neighborhoods, national parks, mountainous and rugged terrain.

Maps can be downloaded to the gadget for offline use, connected to the map database directly online, or printed. In addition to objects, reference data are displayed on Gaia GPS maps, such as: distance, altitude, altitude. It is possible to record the traversed route. Information about weather conditions will also be useful - you can make adjustments to the existing route, change plans.

Thanks to Gaia GPS, you can not only plan, but also save the track/route you have traveled with great detail, add notes and share with other users.

Most of the gps features of Gaia GPS are free. Premium users have access to maps from various sources (NatGeo Trails, Swiss Topo, France IGN, etc.). The subscription price is $ 39. 9.

Map My Hike GPS Hiking

Fitness application Map My Hike GPS Hiking keeps track of the calories burned during hiking (or other sports activities), records the route traveled on the map.

Map My Hike supports a large list of gadgets: Google Fit, Android Wear, Garmin, and more. You can sync the app with Android Wear devices and track your progress that way.

The free version of Map My Hike displays ads. The premium version gives you access to advanced statistics (for example, there is a heart rate analysis function). Also, the pro version allows you to draw up a personal plan: the application will adapt to the user's tasks, give advice. Also worth mentioning is Live Tracking - tracking gps coordinates on the map and recording the route traveled on the map.

The disadvantage of Map My Hike is the lack of detailed maps, which makes it difficult to use the application as a navigator. For the most part, the application will be useful for those who like to burn calories and are on a diet.

With a smartphone or tablet with GPS and GLONASS support, it would be strange not to use it for navigation. And for the device to learn how to lay routes for you, you just need to equip it with a navigator application with maps of the area. There are quite a few applications of this kind, but not all of them are equally useful. We hope this article will help you choose a navigator for Android that will satisfy your needs in the most worthy way. The rating is based on the opinions of experienced drivers and travelers.

The developer positions Waze as a navigator that helps the Russian driving community develop. And, I must say, this collective support is good for the application: many drivers are switching to Waze from other navigators that have been used for years before.

The program allows each participant in the movement to replenish it with information himself: to report accidents, traffic jams, road works, ambushes of traffic police, prices at gas stations and the rest, which may be useful to other users.

Waze Features and Capabilities

Every Waze user is assigned a rating. The more actively you participate in the life of the community, the faster it grows.

Drivers appreciate Waze for the relevance of information, concise interface, stability in work and, of course, free. A big plus is that the program does not lose routes when Internet access is lost and automatically stops accessing GPS if it is not used during stops. This will reduce the rate at which the battery is discharged.

To the shortcomings of Waze, some users attributed the lack of 3D mode and not always correctly working voice search.


Another free app that travelers ranked among the top navigators for mobile devices. Contains very detailed and detailed information, useful for both drivers and pedestrians who are in unfamiliar terrain on the territory of Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Moldova and even Turkey (for tourists).

YandexNavigator capabilities

The best that, according to users, is in Yandex. Avigator, this is the coverage of a large territory (especially convenient for those who travel a lot in Russia and neighboring countries) and the ability to control without hands. Disadvantages - maps are not always up-to-date, especially in regions and small settlements remote from the center. And also the fact that the program takes up too much space in the device's memory due to the inability to move cards to removable media.

Over the past decade, the car navigator has quietly and imperceptibly occupied the niche of essential electronics when buying a car. The automatic map, which indicates the direction and builds the route itself, turned out to be useful not only for truckers and taxi drivers, but also for ordinary drivers.

The number and range of models, from simple Chinese devices to a dual camera DVR, can create problems when choosing the best device. In this rating, we will single out 10 models that differ in price-quality ratio or their unique features.

Table: top car navigators

LEXAND SA HD + - the best gps-navigator according to reviews

The first navigator on the list is the people's choice from a Russian manufacturer of electronics and household appliances with almost thirty years of history. Lexand SA5 HD + boasts the following features:

  • SIRF Atlas V processor (500 MHz, GPU up to 720p, 64-channel GI3 + support);
  • 5-inch resistive touchscreen with resolution 800x480 pixels;
  • 128 MB RAM, built-in 4 GB, there is a MicroSD expansion slot;
  • 1100 mAh battery;
  • dimensions 135 * 85 * 10 mm, weight 170 g;
  • USB and Bluetooth connection, there is a 3G module;
  • licensed software from Navitel, operating system Windows CE.

In addition, the device is equipped with player functions, an FM receiver, Hands-Free mode and voice messages, as well as traffic jams in real time.

The navigator has 88% of positive reviews out of 77 found on the Internet, half of the buyers recommend the product for purchase. The price of the device is in the range of 3500-4500 rubles, depending on the store.

Artway NV- GPS - an inexpensive navigator for Russia

Artway NV-800 is located at the lowest price limit separating cheap navigators from electronic waste. The device does not fall below the average quality bar, providing the main features in full.

Gradually new and new technical devices are introduced into our life, we get used to them and do not understand how we could do without them before. GPS-navigators have made motorists free to some extent, because there is no need to fiddle with maps and solve questions about orientation in space. But electronics stores are teeming with an abundance of navigators - how not to get confused here?

Experts advise starting the selection not with the device, but with the navigation program - that is, with the "filling" under which the device will work. It can be compared to choosing an operating system for smartphones. Just like in smartphones, the difference in navigation programs is in the control of the system.

Find out about the best navigators of 2021 - reviews from motorists will help us make the right choice.

Prestigio Geovision Progorod

Price: 3 690 rub.

The 7-inch Prestigio Geovision 7060 Progorod navigator functions without interruption, and the battery capacity (1500 mAh) can always be charged from the car battery thanks to a special cable. High-quality assembly, bright picture and lack of brakes are the main advantages of the device.

The navigator has a convenient mount, but you have to get used to it. The device boots up quickly and finds satellites. All schemes at a glance. Information about cameras and turns, according to users, never let down. In order not to torment your smartphone with routes - take a closer look at this budget model.

This navigator is in the "tourist" section, it is mainly taken for hiking in the forest or hunting, but it has found recognition among motorists as well. This handsome guy has a lot of memory, finds gps satellites easily and GLONASS + includes raster maps.

The Garmin eTrex 20x is designed for boaters and hiking enthusiasts - it can be mounted on a car, ATV or bicycle using special mounts. This device does not lose signal from satellites, even if you get stuck in the middle of dense canopy. The navigator has a diagonal of 2.2 inches, which gives a clear picture even in bright sunlight.

Mio C

Price: RUB 4,700

On the Pro-Smartfon website you will find reviews and reviews of the top smartphones of 2017. All about the pros and cons of mobile phones. Fresh photos, prices and real customer reviews of the best smartphones

Tourist gps navigators review

Characteristics in the rating

1VBESTLIFE GPS Navigation The most versatile 2KAITI eTrex 10 The best for work in difficult conditions 3NORTH EDGE GUIDER Compact GPS tracker with advanced functionality 4GHYDO V-1000 Positioning accuracy and ease of use 1 Garmin Etrex 201x Small size and autonomy for NAVA, the best autonomy for the NAV 70 screen, rugged NAV better buoyancy3SJJW NAVA F60Highly sensitive receiver 1iGPSPORT IGS618Best positioning accuracy, smart backlighting2Bryton Rider 530Good screen readability, better water resistance3Garmin Edge 130Rugged and reliable computer with good navigation

The Chinese make pretty good travel navigators that will help you find your way in the most difficult situations. The models presented on Aliexpress usually use the GPS (Global Positioning System) navigation system, devices on Glonass are less common. Sometimes manufacturers additionally equip their devices with support for Chinese navigation "Beidou".

The principle of operation is the same for everyone. Using the positioning system, the device determines the coordinates through navigation satellites and calculates the current location. Then the device compares the received data with a map of the area. This is how the so-called self-sufficient tourist navigators work, which have access to cartography.

On the Aliexpress website there are also inexpensive GPS receivers that can only determine coordinates. They do not have large monitors, and maps cannot be loaded. But they are good helpers in the forest, hunting and fishing. In the ranking you will find navigation equipment of different classes. We hope you find our selection of the best navigators useful.

The best inexpensive travel navigators with Aliexpress

The section contains tourist navigators without support for custom maps. Users can upload their tracks, but they cannot install maps. For tourists who know how to use a regular map and compass, this option is also suitable. After all, these navigators have a significant plus - they do not need a powerful processor and a large screen. Consequently, the equipment keeps the battery charge for a long time.

In poor visibility conditions, the device will not let you go astray. This is a kind of safety net for experienced tourists. You can pre-load the route track and keep track of whether you have deviated from the chosen path during the hike. For navigation, the devices use GPS satellites, sometimes they are additionally equipped with support from the Chinese system "Beidou" and the Russian "Navitell".


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