mountain tourism

Mountain tourism
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Sports tourism
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Active Tours
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Altai Republic
  • 24 minutes
For women
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Team nomad
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Mountain bike
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Videos & Hike
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Health tourism
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Health tourism
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Mountain tents
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  • 21 minutes
Mountain air
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Studying abroad

In the section "Study Abroad" students from our city tell about their studies in foreign universities. Olga Golub participates in the exchange program between BSU and Henan University. She is studying Chinese. Olga told how she got into the program and how Belarusian students differ from Chinese.

  • . 17 minutes
International tourism middle east

Today, the Islamic world is suffering from terrorist attacks that are destroying the multi-million dollar tourism industry. Will the Middle East rise from ruins and become an important tourist destination again?

  • . 16 minutes
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