Where to walk with a child in Irkutsk

Where to walk with a child in Irkutsk

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Trip to the Barguzin Valley.

Nikolai Semenyuk drove 27 cities in Russia.

History and traditions of the people living in the Irkutsk region.

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In a pandemic, when the borders are closed, it's time to get closer to the picturesque places of our area, which can be reached in a matter of hours. So, we continue the heading "Weekend Route" and going to Vityaz. About how to walk or take a bike to the scalp and what to take with me hike, Albert Borovchenko told, who for 15 years he has been engaged in sports tourism.

Vityaz is the most popular near tourists with a thirty-meter heater near Irkutsk, which is part of the Olkhin plateau. On his top is beautiful, calm and no connection. But, most importantly, a person can get to it without any special training.

Initially, Vityaz was a favorite place of rocks, climbers and rescuers. They trained here and lazy in their pleasure. Competitions even pass on the header. There are a lot of routes, all of different complexity. There are children, for example, "staircase". All - both lovers, and athletes - when passing routes of any complexity, use insurance and hardware, according to safety technique.

Getting lost on the road to the knife richness hard, the main thing is not to turn off the trails in the forest <

Now you can come here not only to climb on the rocks, but also relax with your family, enjoy the wildlife, take a break from the city and connection. The route to Vityaz is completely caught by children. Olkhinskoe plateau is large, there is a large number of fruits - old woman, Cleopatra, Idol.

On the rock you can climb and without special equipment. View from the top opens chic. But you can not forget about safety measures. On the header there are several memorial plates that remind tourists that an accident may occur here. Do not climb to the top if you used alcohol. And when climbing, do not hurry - it is easy to stumble, then injuries cannot be avoided.

Weekend route: Go to Vityaz

On the eve of the summer, the parents of schoolchildren appear the question of how their child will hold holidays. It is known that the best rest is a change of activity, therefore we offer options for summer camps and sites that will give the child new knowledge that goes beyond the school curriculum.

Kids Club Music Stage * +

The Kids Club Child Development Center invites schoolchildren to a fun music venue. The teachers of the center have worked smartly to make the children in the summer club interesting, fun and comfortable. Vocal lessons, master classes on playing musical instruments, games, visits to museums, cinema, mini-trainings on the development of emotional intelligence are waiting for the children.

Children from 7 to 11 years old can visit the Kids Club. It is possible to visit the summer club every day from 9:00 to 14: 00-17: 00 or 2-3 times a week. Classes are held at Sovetskaya Street, 45/1. Details by phone 761-537, on the potential website. ro, VKontakte, Facebook, Instagram.

Photo courtesy of Kids Club

City Camp "MultiKlab" +

The MultiKlab children's animation studio believes that in the summer, children need to relax and be creative. For the vacation period, the studio launches a city day camp, where the children will experience emotional relief, new impressions and friends, create cartoons, videos and films, and meet interesting people. The child will have something to write in a school essay on the topic "How I spent the summer."

We have been working all summer! Two exciting new projects every week! The child takes with him everything he has created in a week, and we provide a photo report

The studios are located on Upper Embankment Street, 145/10; Baikalskaya, 267I, SC "Baikal-Arena". Details on the irk-multiclub website. u/kanikuli, on Instagram and by phone 8 (3952) 735-775.

Terrabit Robotics Camp +

The Terrabit School of Modern Technologies invites young engineers to spend the summer together. Children will learn the basics of aerodynamics, build simple models of airplanes and kites, learn how to assemble robots, learn a gearbox and multiplier, get acquainted with basic sensors and learn how to program a robot, and participate in miniFTC camp competitions. In addition, a trip to the camp will be an excellent opportunity to improve your spoken English through practice and games.

how to get there and what to take with you.

With the beginning of the summer season, amusement parks were opened in the city, trampolines were inflated and children ride electric cars. Remote areas of Irkutsk are no exception. A traveling zoo, electric cars and other entertainment can be found in different parts of the city.

Leninsky District

In the Novo-Lenino microdistrict, the amusement park is located near the Europark shopping center (Rosa Luxemburg str., 215v). In a small square, shaded by umbrellas, children can jump on trampolines, have fun on water attractions or ride a carousel. The park is open in sunny weather.

Children. Photo by Yana Ushakova

Races in the open-air karting club "Gregory Mall" (Bauman St., 233d) will be a pleasure for schoolchildren. You can go karting on weekdays from 11:00 to 21:00 and on weekends from 10:00 to 22:00. One ride (10 minutes) on a children's card will cost 300 rubles, in a single or double car - 400 rubles.

The Chipollino children's playground known to the Irkutsk people has moved to Irkutsk-2, to the Komsomolsky park (Aviastroiteley st., 47). Having united with the attractions "Treasure Island", the park became a gift to the residents of the Leninsky district. Not only children can have fun on bungee and carousels - there is a trampoline for adults (up to 80 kilograms) in the park. Treasure Island has 10 attractions, a three-story pirate game complex, science shows and paintball.

Sverdlovsk District

Children and their dads, while waiting for their mothers to go shopping, can have fun in the amusement park near the Silver Mall shopping and entertainment complex (3/5 Sergeeva St.) - ride the railroad or in the car on a rubber cushion, bungee jumping or trampoline. The street park is open from 10:00 to 21:00. The main thing is not to give all the money to mom, the cost of entertainment varies from 100 to 200 rubles for five minutes at the attraction.

Photo by Yana Ushakova

Many shopping and entertainment centers offer entertainment for children at their venues. Among them is the shopping center "Lermontov" (st. Lermontov 90/1). At the entrance from Griboyedov Street there are water attractions, trampolines and children's cars.

Winter is warm this year, so take the moment and spend time outdoors. We have prepared for you an overview of places for active and not very rest.

Down the hill on the ice

The ice town "Ice Age" (0+) invites you to have fun and actively spend your time. Adults and children here will have plenty of fun on slides and skates, and after that they can warm up in a warm yurt, have a cup of tea or coffee, as well as have a tasty snack. And in the evening in the ice town there is a fabulous atmosphere created by flickering lights, huge light figures and illuminated slides.

On the territory of the "Ice Age" you will find:

  • Three-slope high-speed slide with illumination 1;
  • Children's ice steep slope with a long descent and tubing carousel 1;
  • One and a half meter slide with built-in labyrinth for kids 1;
  • Ice trap bowl 4 meters in diameter with colorful balls 1;
  • Lighted ice rink with warm rental of children's and adult skates 1 ...

Ticket price - 250 rubles. Children up to 6 years old, inclusive, carry one adult with them free of charge, as an accompanying person, while a ticket for a child is purchased. Skate rental - 100 rubles per hour.

The Ice Age is located at the address: Novo-Lenino, Bauman Street 233e/1, near the Gregory mall 2. Opening hours: on weekdays from 11:00 to 21:00 on weekdays, on weekends from 11:00 to 22:00. Phone: 720-916. Website: www. single-period. mustache Social networks: VKontakte, Instagram, Odnoklassniki.

1. Riding only under adult supervision. 2. Gregory Mall.

Getting to know the animal world

Irkutsk Zoo invites you to visit. After getting acquainted with animals, and there are more than 80 species of them, guests can ride a slide, ride a swing and treat themselves to free hot tea. Every weekend the zoo organizes an entertainment program. The Irkutsk Zoo is located on the territory of the Botanical Garden of the Irkutsk State University: street, Koltsova, 93. It is open daily from 11:00 to 18:00.

Several thematic exhibitions have opened in Irkutsk. On the second floor of the ITC "New" you can visit the exhibition of rabbits "Ears-Fuzzies". The exposition presents more than 20 species of rabbits - an overwhelming dose of emotion.

On the third floor of the "Silver Mall" there is an exhibition of exotic animals "Zoomir". Visitors will see kinkajou, otters, raccoons, pythons, unusual turtles and many other animals. Exotic snakes can be viewed in the 130th block at the Exoterarrium exhibition. And in the shopping center "Festival" opened an exhibition of fish from all over the world "Water World". The exhibition features more than 70 species of fish, crocodile, shark, monitor lizard and many others.

Ticket prices from 200 rubles. Details can be found by phone: 8 914 917-37-33. Social networks: Instagram, VKontakte.

January 25, 2019, on Tatiana's day, free admission for all owners of this name and students! *

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