Where to relax with children in Crimea in 2021

Rest in Crimea with children 2020: where better to go

A gentle sea, warm sun and a magical atmosphere of friendship and fun - this is what the camps in Crimea are like. They are a great place to spend your holidays. If you dream that your child does not sit at the computer in a dusty and noisy city during his holidays, but enjoys live communication and an excellent, rich rest on the seashore, then children's camps in Crimea are a great opportunity to make these dreams come true. To help you choose the best and most suitable option, this small review has been written.


Children in "Mandarin" live in comfortable rooms with all amenities. Meals 5 times a day according to the "buffet" system. The camp has two swimming pools, sports grounds, playgrounds, a cafe, a dance floor and everything you need for a child's creative and active recreation.

This children's camp offers its young guests a bright and eventful holiday. Each shift here has its own program. During the Event Shift, children can feel like they are professional party organizers. In the "Game Shift" children will do their favorite pastime - play and take part in exciting quests.

In order to develop children's talents, the Mandarin camp in Crimea has developed a Vocal, Dance and Sports session. During their time, children can develop their skills in workshops and trainings, show their skills and take part in the competition between the camps.

  • Age limit: 7-16 years old.
  • Shift duration: 17 days
  • Approximate cost: from 50,000 to 60,000 rubles.
  • You can find out the current cost and book a place by clicking on the button below:

Address: Crimea, Bakhchisarai district, s. Sandy, st. Embankment, 1.

Official site of the Mandarin camp: . rimea. a


On the territory of "Artek" there are 10 camps in which children live in comfortable buildings, in rooms with all conveniences. Meals 5 times a day. The infrastructure of the camp includes sports grounds for various games, swimming pools and a cinema and concert hall.

This children's center, like many other children's camps in Crimea, has a different shift program. During the program "Happy Birthday, Artek", which takes place here in June, children get acquainted with the history of the camp and the Crimea itself. This journey through the Artek tradition is very interesting and informative. Each camp of the center will at this time become a historical bureau, which will conduct a scientific historical expedition.

Another interesting program of the Artek center, where Lazurny, Khrustalny and other camps are located in Crimea, is the Samantha Smile shift, created in memory of Samantha Smith. This American schoolgirl is a symbol of international children's diplomacy, so the whole shift is dedicated to mercy, harmony and kindness. Each camp for 21 days will turn into a peacekeeping complex, the participants of which will perform various tasks.

These are not all camp programs. Their full list and detailed description can be found on the official website of "Artek".

TOP-14 of the best children's camps in Crimea

Few know where to relax in Crimea with children, and where it is better to go with a family in order to spend an exciting and inexpensive vacation. The rating of the best places is compiled according to the responses of vacationers and the opinions of experts who have visited the Crimean peninsula and studied the infrastructure, climate, prices, attractions.

The best resorts for families with children in Crimea this year

When parents are wondering where to relax with a child in Crimea, experienced travelers recommend choosing one of the main resort destinations: Feodosia and Evpatoria. In addition, for a vacation with a child, places close to these resorts are suitable, for example, Shtormovoye and Zaozernoye. Here:

  • warm sea;
  • clean air;
  • relatively clean beach areas, sand;
  • easy to move from children 2-10 years old;
  • a lot of infrastructure for children.

There are also inexpensive family vacation resorts on the Crimean peninsula:

  • Olenevka ;
  • Beregovoe ;
  • Katsiveli.


You won't find many attractions here, but the prices are much lower than at the popular resort places of the Crimean peninsula.

In the south, families are also often vacationing. Traditionally, the child goes to:

  • Alushtu;
  • Partenit;
  • Miskhor.

Usually, parents with children or grandparents, vacationing with grandchildren, like the abundance of various entertainments. But the beaches here are with pebbles and it is not convenient to go into the sea everywhere. This problem is solved by special shoes, rubber slippers. They are sold in all markets. There is also a mountainous area. It will be uncomfortable to climb and descend with babies all the time.


In our review, we reviewed the best children's camps in Crimea that any child or teenager will like. Fascinating programs, excellent infrastructure of these children's camps in Crimea will make you come back there again and again.

Generous sun, wonderful clean air, soft, similar to the Mediterranean climate, exotic landscapes - nature itself intended this area for relaxation and recuperation. Sudak and the surrounding seaside villages are, first of all, a magnificent climatic resort. It is considered one of the most environmentally friendly in Crimea. The air here is dry, with low humidity.

Daily program


Today we check into our guest house, where we will spend a week. We throw our things and, having lunch, go to explore the Pike perch. Of course, the first thing we do is go to the sea and take a dip.

And in the evening we will get to know each other and play with a delicious dinner.


The Golitsyn Trail is a picturesque seaside path, partially carved into the rocks. It was laid on the slope of Mount Koba-Kaya in 1912 by hand for the arrival of Tsar Nicholas II. We will walk along it.

And in the afternoon we will arrange master classes on needlework. And in the evening we will go swimming again.


We will drive a few kilometers by transfer and go for a walk along wild paths. The landscapes here are amazing: low, but amazingly beautiful mountains, stone beaches, gentle sea, coastal landscapes. We will learn about the beliefs about these wonderful places.

In the afternoon we will arrange a quest.

Crimea is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations where you can go on vacation with children. In this article, we will tell you about vacation in Crimea with children in all details, consider the best beaches in Crimea for children's recreation, and also tell you which resorts are best suited for family vacations.

IMPORTANT! Going on vacation in Crimea with children, the first thing to do is to get travel medical insurance. Unlike the usual compulsory medical insurance policy, such insurance has a wider range of medical services, guarantees no queues, and fully covers the costs of medicines purchased with a doctor's prescription.

You can add the necessary insurance events yourself, including compensation for flight delays, etc. That is, it is not only medical insurance, but also protection against any troubles during the trip. You can compare and choose the most profitable insurance on the Cherehapa website. u.

Rest in Crimea

Crimea is located in the South of Russia and is washed by the Black and Azov Seas. The republic itself is divided into 14 districts and 16 cities, the largest of which are Simferopol, Sevastopol, Kerch, Yalta, Feodosia, Sudak, Evpatoria.

There are many historical, cultural and natural attractions on the territory of Crimea. These are numerous majestic mountains, recreational parks, lakes, steppes, and of course the warm sea. From the north, Crimea is washed by the Black Sea, and from the north-east by the Azov Sea.

The resort has a large number of clean and beautiful beaches, both pebble and sandy, water parks, natural parks, cultural and entertainment centers, so if you plan to relax in Crimea with your family, then you will definitely be what to do on the peninsula. Now tourism in the Republic of Crimea is developing especially actively and annually tens of thousands of tourists come to the resort not only from Russia, but also from their CIS countries and even Europe.

Flights to Crimea

Rest in Crimea with children: when should you go on vacation?

You can go to Crimea at any time of the year, even in winter or late autumn. Of course, swimming in the sea will not work, but you can take excursions and breathe the fresh sea air on the coast. Most of the rest houses, sanatoriums, water parks are open during the cold season. In winter, snow rarely falls in the region and sometimes the air temperature warms up to + 10-15 degrees Celsius. The sea is cold at this time and storms often occur.

You can go to Crimea in May, when the prices for vacations are still not so high, but the air temperature warms up to 25-30 degrees Celsius around the middle of the month. The sea becomes warm, there are practically no storms, although there may still be short-term heavy rains in May. The sea water temperature reaches 20-23 degrees Celsius.

The most optimal season for a vacation in Crimea with a child is from early June to mid-September. There is no scorching heat in June, the sea water warms up to 23-26 degrees Celsius. July and August are traditionally high holiday seasons. In some regions of Crimea, the temperature in the middle and late summer can reach 35-40 degrees Celsius. The sea is also getting warmer (25-28 degrees).

When planning a vacation in Crimea with the whole family, the question arises of choosing a place where you can easily organize leisure for a child, because not all excursions and attractions of the peninsula will be of interest to young tourists. If you are in search and do not know what entertainment there are in Crimea for children, then in this article you will find answers to all questions. Here are the cities with the most popular entertainment for children in Crimea, which will surely please not only young travelers, but also their parents.

Yalta is considered the resort center of the southern coast of Crimea with good infrastructure and entertainment for children of all ages. Nobody will be bored here if you come to Crimea with children on vacation. Another advantage of the resort is that most of the entertainment centers of Crimea and other attractions for children are located close to each other. We have compiled a route with obligatory places, where, first of all, it is worth going with children in the Crimea in the city of Yalta.

Fairy Tale Museum in the open air - "Glade of Fairy Tales"

An excellent entertainment option in Crimea for the whole family. Parents together with their children will plunge into the real world of fairy tales, where an adult will feel like a child, and children will see their favorite characters and will be able to take pictures with them as a souvenir. There are: tortoise Tortilla, Pinocchio, Baba Yaga, Mermaid, Leshy and many other domestic characters. The entire territory of the museum is divided into zones, each of which is dedicated to a specific author and his work. You can walk in the park on your own, or take a guided tour where you will be told the story of each sculpture, as well as a lot of interesting things about fairy tales.

Opening hours:

  • in summer: daily from 9: 00-19: 30
  • in winter: daily from 9: 00-18: 00

Ticket prices:

  • for adults - 350 rubles;
  • for children - 200 rubles, up to 6 years old - free.

  • Address: Crimea, Yalta, st. Kirov, 154.
  • Phones: +7 (3654) 39-53-03; cash desks +7 (3654) 32-64-02.

Fairy Tale Zoo

In the vicinity of fairytale heroes, it is worth visiting the Yalta zoo, which is considered one of the best in Russia. Here, in a huge open area, you will be greeted by more than 1,000 different animals and birds. There are also several cafes and lounges. Children can ride the rides, as well as pet and feed pigs, rabbits and other harmless creatures of the "Babushkin Dvorik" petting zoo. For children, this will become one of the favorite entertainment in Crimea. For an additional fee, on the territory of the zoo, you can go to the exotarium and look at the snakes, as well as to the marine aquarium, where exotic inhabitants of the sea are presented.

Opening hours:

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