Where to go with children: six Kharkiv cafes, which are interesting for both an adult and a child

Where to go with children: six Kharkiv cafes, which are interesting for both an adult and a child

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Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region

Winter has come at the wrong time: I still want to take a walk on the street, but I have to rush home to warm my limbs. And if adults can warm up with a couple of cocktails in their favorite bar, then families with children have to look for cafes where they themselves will have fun and the kids will not be bored. Dear mums and dads, if nothing comes to mind - do not rush to despair. There are such places in Kharkov, and there are many of them.

MyKharkov. nfo has prepared for you a small selection of establishments where you can safely go with your children for rest and good mood.

Railway Station Cafe

Where: Pryvokzalnaya Square, 2 Working hours: 8: 00-20: 00

Under the guise of a simple station cafe on the South Railway, there is a unique, the only institution in Kharkov where a steam locomotive brings food. They say that one of the YuZhD officials brought the idea from abroad, and by all means, decided to repeat the idea in Kharkov. The system works simply: you place an order at the bar, and then sit down at the table, as soon as the dishes are ready, a steam locomotive will deliver them to your table (with joy for your kids).

De Gusto

Where: st. Cosmic 16 Working hours: 10: 00-23: 00

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In case it is very far or very cold to go to the zoo, we have a secret place. You won't find bears with tigers here, but canaries sing all day long. In the trattoria De Gusto, the entire room is lined with cages with these birds. It is especially pleasant to be in their company in the morning, but at any other time it is also good: they are allowed to play with them and you can even feed the birds a little. Well, in case your child gets bored or wants to change the environment, there is a play area, within walking distance from the parents.

Sweet World Confectionery

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