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Children's tourism Togliatti

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This coming weekend, February 13 and 14, at the St. Anatoly Stepanov will host the final stages of the personal motorcycle ice racing championship in the 2021 season.

Free Walking Tours Togliatti

This year excursions will take place on February 21, 2021, starting at 11 o'clock.

Travel project "Let's go": history, new technologies, education and creativity of universities of the Samara region

The 7th press tour, organized by the Tourism Department of the Regional Ministry of Culture, presented to the public the uniqueness and achievements of universities in our region. As part of the "Let's go" tourist project, journalists and bloggers visited Samara and Togliatti higher educational institutions.

A set of measures to support SMEs and self-employed in tourism

As part of the implementation of the Action Plan (roadmap) for organizing interaction between the Federal Agency for Tourism and JSC "SME Corporation" in order to develop small and medium-sized businesses in the tourism sector, a set of measures has been developed to support SMEs and self-employed in the field tourism

Universities of Samara and Togliatti, - the seventh winter press-tour of the Let's Go! project

On January 27, 2021, the seventh press tour will take place within the framework of the tourism project for journalists and bloggers “Let's Go! Winter Holidays in the Samara Region ”, organized by the Tourism Department of the Ministry of Culture of the Samara Region.

Children's tourism Togliatti

The city of Togliatti (in the pre-AvtoVAZ era, Stavropol), located on the left bank of the Volga, opposite the Zhiguli Mountains, is known primarily as an auto city. The fate of this city and many of its attractions are inextricably linked with the Volga Automobile Plant. In modern Togliatti there are many very attractive places for families with children. And these are not only the playrooms of the shopping centers. <

Museums in Tolyatti, interesting children

Museum of Local Lore and Planetarium

Togliatti local history museum for the first time opened its doors for visitors to "to AvtoVazovskaya Epoch": in 1967. For several decades, he became not only the leading Museum of Tolyatti, but also one of the largest in the Samara region and in the entire Volga region. The museum collects, keeps, studies and popularizes museum objects and collections on history, nature and ecology, the problems of the city and the surrounding territory.

Thematic exhibitions cover all historical era: the history of the edge in antiquity; Bronze era dwelling; Murom town; The basis of Volzhsky Stavropol; Participation in the Peasant War under the leadership of Emelyan Pugachev; Patriotic War of 1812; Landlords of Orlov Davydovy; Stavropol and Stavropol County at the end of the XIX - early XX centuries; Peasant crafts; Culture. The medicine; Revolutionary movement in the edge of <

The pride of the museum - furniture of the XVIII-XIX centuries, a rich collection of Russian and foreign coins, old books, unique household items of the XVIII-XIX centuries: musical boxes, gramophones, fans, etc.

The history of the twentieth century is very unusual and interestingly filed - in the form of an interactive exposition "XX century: Stavropol-Tolyatti". The history of the city in the twentieth century the museum shows in the form of an original exposure in the form of a film transport with three cinema halls. "Petrel" - about the life of the city in 1917-1930; "Avangard" - the 30s of the 30s; "Lighthouse" - the 50s/60s of the twentieth century, the epochemical events, forever changed the fate of the provincial Stavropol: the construction of the hydropower station, the city transfer.

A special place in the exhibitions of the museum is occupied by exhibits on the history of the Volga Automobile Plan. Among them is the anniversary two million VAZ-2101 car, released in 1975, an experimental electric vehicle VAZ-2702.

A separate beautifully decorated room is dedicated to the Flora and the Fauna of the Volga region. Especially for children there is a large sandbox on the legs, in which you can "dig a dinosaur skeleton."

Also, the local history museum invites you to your digital planetarium. This is a huge woven tent, inside which, thanks to multimedia technologies, guests are under the dome of the starry sky, constantly changing and moving, feel an unusual light feeling of the guar.

Children's tourism Togliatti In case of incorrect display of information on the site, you must be guided by the following Rules. Togliatti in figures About the city Charter

If the information is incorrectly displayed on the site, you must be guided by the following rules.


in the upcoming weekend, February 13 and 14, on the STK them. Anatoly Stepanova will take place the final stages of the Personal World Motor Rack Championships in the season of 2021.

Competition “Top Cultural Travel Brands of Russia”

From November 4, 2020 to January 15, 2021 on the public interactive platform “Live Heritage. f "the competition" Top-1000 cultural tourism brands in Russia "is being held.

Zhigulevskaya Mosaic

The Zhigulevskaya Mosaic Museum and Exhibition Complex invites to its exhibitions

For the attention of the heads of travel companies

On the eve of the New Year holidays, the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations reminds of the need to register tourist groups

Recommendations for employers

Recommendations for introducing a set of measures to reduce the concentration of buyers during the pre-New Year increased demand


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