Where to go with children in Kostroma

What to see in Kostroma in winter

Kostroma is included in the list of cities in the Golden Ring of Russia, so there is where to go and what to see. The city offers its residents and guests entertainment for all tastes and ages. The name Kostroma comes from a mythical character who became the prototype of the Snow Maiden - granddaughter of Santa Claus. There is her residence in Kostroma, which must be visited with children. There are many zoos and unique museums in the city, which will be interesting to visit for both children and adults.

Residence of the Russian Snow Maiden

A real fairy tale awaits children in Kostroma when they visit the Snegurochka residence, which opened in 2008. Granddaughter of Santa Claus lives in a beautiful tower and greets guests with her helpers - the cat Bayun and brownies.

Teremok, where the Snow Maiden lives, is part of a complex of thematic buildings. There is also a restaurant of traditional Russian cuisine, a playground, a souvenir shop, and a belfry. Parents are offered strong alcoholic drinks, children - cocktails.

Fascinating performances and excursions are held on the territory, which will allow you to plunge into the fairy world. The Snow Maiden also knows how to connect a teleconference with Santa Claus. Inspection of the tower ends with a room lined with Christmas trees made of various materials.

It is also suggested to visit the Ice Room - a hall decorated with chunks of lake ice. This room maintains a temperature of -14 ° C; before visiting it, visitors are given felt boots and warm clothes. The furniture and dishes in the Ice Room are made of ice, and guests are offered refreshments in ice glasses.

Berendeevka Park

The history of the park began in 1968, after the film "The Snow Maiden" was filmed here. The scenery, which was prepared for filming, is on the territory to this day. In the pine-birch park, you can walk and enjoy nature. There are three reservoirs here. One is for boating, the other is for fishing, and the third is for visitors to feed the ducks.

On weekends, there are attractions in the park: carousels, trampolines, electric cars, as well as horseback riding, ATVs and more. In winter, you can rent a children's snowmobile, go ice skating or skiing.

The park has become a place to wipe out the winter with traditional pancakes and scarecrow burning. On weekdays, there are few people here, and on weekends, locals go to spend time in the park en masse.

Forest Miracle Museum

An original and fascinating place for children is the "Forest Miracle Man", created in 2013. The exhibition presents works of decorative and applied art, products from birch bark, wood and other natural materials.

Where to go with children in Kostroma

The fabulous Kostroma with the Snegurochka's tower is one of the most interesting destinations for a winter trip. The ancient city, founded by Yuri Dolgoruky, looks especially charming in winter: snow-covered streets, fairs in squares, festively decorated houses. You can rent a dacha in Kostroma with winter accommodation for all New Year's holidays or stay in a cozy hotel stylized as old Russia for a couple of nights.

In winter, Kostroma plunges into the old Russian atmosphere. Riding a troika of horses, New Year's festivities, tea from a samovar and many other entertainments await you. What to see in Kostroma in winter and where to go in cold weather - detailed material below.

Sights of Kostroma in winter

In winter, Kostroma is usually visited as part of a trip to the "Golden Ring" or come on weekends to enjoy the New Year's atmosphere. It is quite possible to visit the sights of the city in a couple of days, the main thing is to highlight the most interesting places for yourself.

Susaninskaya Square

The architectural ensemble of Susaninskaya Square is the first attraction from which acquaintance with Kostroma begins. The central square of the city, located on the high bank of the Volga River, took shape by the end of the 18th century. Susaninskaya Square has the shape of a fan - 9 streets diverge from the square on three sides. The harmonious ensemble of the square is made up of buildings for a fire tower, a guardhouse, Borshchov's house in the style of Russian classicism and shopping malls. A monument to the most famous resident of Kostroma, Ivan Susanin, is erected on the square. The monument is facing the Volga - Ivan Susanin meets ships arriving in the city.

Terem of the Snow Maiden

The Snow Maiden is one of the symbols of Kostroma. The ancient Slavs had a spring rite dedicated to the awakening of nature. The central character of the ceremony was the young girl Kostroma. It was she, the symbol of youth and fertility, who became the prototype of the Snow Maiden from Russian folk tales. On the basis of these legends, Ostrovsky, another famous Kostroma, created the play The Snow Maiden. Also in Kostroma, a fairy tale film "The Snow Maiden" was filmed, although the original scenery has not survived to this day.

Granddaughter of Santa Claus, together with the cat Bayun and brownies, receive guests every day in a cozy wooden tower. Terem Snegurochka is an interactive center where guided tours, master classes and quests are held. A standard excursion includes a puppet show about the Snow Maiden and the Berendey legends, an acquaintance with the granddaughter of Santa Claus, and treats. For an additional fee, you can visit the ice room - a hall lined with ice. The room is kept at a constant subzero temperature, and all furniture and dishes are made of ice. Drinks are served to guests in ice glasses. Children are treated to fruit drink made from melt water, and adults are served homemade mead.

On the territory of the complex you can also visit a restaurant of Russian cuisine, buy souvenirs in an authentic shop with goods from Kostroma craftsmen, play on the playground. The territory can be bypassed free of charge, while a visit to the Snegurochka's tower is possible only with a guided tour.

Kostroma is included in the list of cities in the Golden Ring of Russia, so there is where to go and what to see. The city offers its residents and guests entertainment for all tastes and ages. The name Kostroma comes from a mythical character who became the prototype of the Snow Maiden - granddaughter of Santa Claus. There is her residence in Kostroma, which must be visited with children. The city has many zoos and unique museums, [...]

Ride a dog sled, weave a beetle from a willow twig, see the stars and plunge into the atmosphere of a fairy tale that has come to life: we tell you where to go and what to do in Kostroma with children in winter. Let's go!

Kostroma is called the birthplace of the Snow Maiden thanks to the playwright Alexander Ostrovsky. It was he who composed a play about the heroine of folklore melted from love, the prototype of which was the Slavic goddess Kostroma. This land is the land of Ostrovsky, and therefore it was decided to settle this snowy sorceress here.

Tip: for your trip, choose a quiet weekend in January or February, when the main flow of visitors subsides and the festive mood has not disappeared yet.

Visit the Snow Maiden

The Snegurochka Log Terem, where the New Year sorceress receives guests all year round, is located on the picturesque bank of the Volga. Inside - the atmosphere of a revived fairy tale. Terem is located on Lagernaya street, building 38, next to the bridge over the Volga. According to the plot, the Snow Maiden is stingy with affection, but here, in Terem, the kids will feel real warmth.

The game entertainment program includes round dances with brownies and a cat named Bayun - Snegurochka's neighbors, as well as contests, puppet shows and outdoor games. And here you can also order a letter from the winter sorceress, which will come to the specified address in a "fabulous" envelope.

Walking along the Terem Snegurochka is possible only as part of an excursion, there is no free visit. You can join the group, though, most likely, you will have to wait for some time. Therefore, it is worth planning your visit in advance, especially in January.

Be sure to check out the Ice Museum, where you can warm up with traditional Russian drinks. For adults, they are originally served in ice glasses. The museum is open all year round: you can look here even in summer. Don't worry about clothes: “for sugrevu” here they give out an embroidered sheepskin coat and felt boots.

The hotel of the same name is located in the same courtyard with Terem Snegurochka, in the restaurant of which New Year's shows are held every weekend in winter.

Go to the fairyland

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