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Children's tourism Kiev

The fact that the world is endless is an unproven prejudice

The wide network of Young Tourist Stations (or DETS - Children's excursion and tourist stations) in many tourist centers of modern Russia and Ukraine, formed in the USSR by the 1980s, thanks to remarkable educational traditions, popularity and authoritative personnel among the population , has retained its own meaning.

Active and extreme tourism in the post-Soviet states begins soon and rather safely thanks to the mass tourist training of teenagers in schools, primarily in the aggregate of "star trips" to places of partisan glory on the May holidays. In these conditions, schools have largely withdrawn from tourist work, but tourist families will be able to fully rely on the surviving children's tourist out-of-school institutions.

In such cities as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kharkov, Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, stations for young tourists are the most significant methodological centers for preparing schoolchildren for admission to specialized institutes and experimental work in tourism. Military training of children and patriotic traditions for work in law enforcement agencies are no less serious in the work of young tourists' stations.

At the stations of young tourists, a fairly wide network of children's tourist centers has been preserved. At an inexpensive price and fully ergonomic suburban or suburban accommodation, children's camp sites and home, youth and adult groups are accepted. It is very convenient for tourists who travel on foot, on bicycles, are engaged in speleology, rock climbing, water tourism, other types and light aviation of active tourism, where accommodation bases require premises and spacious recreation for equipment.

In the appendix to this review, we will post a list of children's tourist stations, tourist centers and children's and youth and domestic Russian and tourist clubs in Ukraine. In addition, we invite you to post in the comments data on children's camp sites in different countries of the world.

In addition, in a place where children's clubs do not have their own premises, their bosses have developed extensive informational connections on routes and inexpensive reliable accommodation bases.

In itself, the sharp decline in the number of children puts children's tourism organizations in front of the need to work with home and youth groups.

History of children's tourism in the USSR

According to V. Krivosheev (VNILTE) and others

In the Russian Federation, the first large tourist organization was founded in 1885 in St. Petersburg - Lipson's "Enterprise for public travel to all the countries of the world". The Alpine Club was created in Tbilisi (1877), the Crimean Mountain Club in Odessa (1890) with branches in Yalta and Sevastopol (later the Crimean-Caucasian Mountain Club), the Russian Touring Club (society of tourist cyclists) in St. Petersburg (1895) with branches in Moscow, Kiev, Riga, etc., transformed in 1901 into the Russian Society of Tourists (ROT).

Description of Azau - a ski resort in the Elbrus region

When there is a free minute in the tight schedule of modern parents, undoubtedly, you want to spend it with your child, and even to make it fun and interesting. An excellent option for spending your free time is a trip to the entertainment complex, where many attractions await you. In order not to get lost in a large number of different gaming centers, we recommend you 10 of the most famous children's entertainment complexes in Kiev.

Shopping and entertainment center "DreamTown"

The DreamTown shopping and entertainment center can be confidently called the leader in the field of recreation. Here you can find a huge amount of entertainment for children and adults. The Ice Dream ice skating rink is especially famous. Also, there is minigolf, curling, shooting range, various carousels and attractions. Each part of the mall is made in the spirit of individual countries, where you can make an interesting round-the-world cruise in a day.

Additional information: Address: Kiev, Obolonsky ave., 1 b Phone: +38 0 (44) 428 36 14 Website: www. reamtown. iev. aWorking hours: Monday - Sunday: 10 am to 10 pm Friday - 10 am to 11 pm

Game Center "Uragan"

The Hurricane Play Center is a place where they know perfectly well what to do with children and their parents. The widest list of attractions, gaming machines, labyrinths, simulators for children and adults will give you a lot of positive emotions! Of particular note is the virtual reality capsule, which creates a 100% immersive effect. The grandiose screen combined with large 4D effects and powerful sound system will give you and your child an unforgettable experience.

Additional information: Address: Kiev, Dniprovskyi district, Perova V. Blvd, 36 Phone: (044) 585-04-40; 585-04-41 Website: www. lub300. om. a/uraganE-mail: irina @ club300. om. aSchedule: daily from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

Chudomir Family Leisure Complex

If you want to recharge with positive emotions - then go to the family leisure complex "Chudomir", as there are more than a hundred game attractions! The abundance of fun amazes not only children, but also adults. There are many prize-winning attractions, as well as the famous laser fights "Laser Blast", where your child can become an accomplice in laser combat. And it should also be noted here the longest maze in Ukraine, more than 150 meters long.

Additional information: Address: Kiev, Obolonsky district, Marshal Malinovsky street, 24/10 Phone: (044) 426-79-22; 38 (044) 502-0088 Website: www. yvosvit. aWorking hours: working days - from 12:00 to 22:00, weekends and holidays - from 10:00 to 22:00

Educational and entertainment center "Oceanarium Sea Fairy Tale"

Ski resort Azau in Elbrus region: description of slopes, roads, how to get there. Weather conditions, independent travel, cafes, restaurants, ski rental.

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The Paton Bridge across the Dnieper offers the best views of the Ukrainian capital and its Orthodox shrines. Bulgakov called Kiev the best city in the world. Indeed, there is little that can be more beautiful than the Dnieper steep and tastier than the Kiev cake in a small cafe on Andreevsky Spusk. Yes, unless just a cake - and dumplings with cherries, and Ukrainian borscht with donuts and garlic - Kiev temptations are innumerable.

After lunch, you can take a chaise and take a ride along Khreshchatyk as an important master - on weekends it is at the complete disposal of pedestrians and recreational carriages. And after driving a little more than a kilometer along the widest avenue in Europe, you should think about where to go next - to the Lavra, to the ancient St. Sophia Cathedral, built by Yaroslav the Wise, or to the new, by Kiev standards, Vladimir Cathedral, painted by Nesterov and Vasnetsov.

How to get to Kiev

Who does not know the famous saying “the language will bring to Kiev”! They say that it arose at a time when maps did not yet exist, which means that travelers had to slowly, asking everyone they met, to get to the city. Today, getting to Kiev is never a problem, even if there are some nuances in logistics. There are direct trains and buses between the capitals. When traveling by air, you cannot avoid transfers, but connections in Minsk are very short and do not greatly complicate the journey.

Read more about how to get to Kiev in this article.


Kiev metro is a fairly convenient and fast mode of transport. Three branches with a total length of 65 km with 52 stations and three interchange hubs allow you to get to the most remote areas of the city. Trains run from 5:30 to 0:00, the fare is 8 UAH. Payment is made by tokens (purchased at machines or cash desks at stations) or a rechargeable transport card (collateral value 12 UAH).

Arsenalnaya station - the deepest in the world (105 m) - is listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

Ground public transport - buses, trolleybuses, trams and a funicular are run by the Kievpasstrans company (office site in Ukrainian). Its network of routes covers the city and the nearest suburbs. Tickets cost 8 UAH, they can be purchased at the kiosk at the bus stop, from the conductor or from the driver. The fine for travel without a ticket is 60-80 UAH. From 5:50 am to 9:40 pm, a city electric train runs along a 50 km ring route. It passes through residential areas on both banks of the Dnieper, the interval of movement is 10-30 minutes, the ticket is 8 UAH.

Public transport is competing with yellow-colored private route taxis operating in more than 200 destinations. The fare is 5-7 UAH depending on the distance, payment to the driver.

A taxi ride within the center will cost 250 UAH.

Children's entertainment centers, exciting attractions, water parks and excursions to fascinating museums - every child dreams of touching this magical world! In this area, something new is constantly appearing. For example, not so long ago the little girl discovered the cities of professions or wind tunnels where you can just soar! Of course, most of the interesting things were concentrated in the capital. So, where can you find entertainment for children in Kiev?

Lichtarius Stories Come to Life

“Lichtarius. Stories come to life ”- an original musical performance for the whole family, which for several months in a row immerses viewers of all ages in a fairy tale.

The show will make adults return to childhood, and give children the opportunity to feel in the center of attention and understand that the Star lives in each of us!

Where is located: Simon Petliura street, 4.

Ticket prices: from 250 UAH. The show starts every Sunday at 12:00. For children under 3 years old, admission (without providing a separate seat) is free.

Children's entertainment centers


Every child dreams that the time will come when he will not need to do his homework and he will be able to decide for himself when to go for a walk. You can try on adult life in the cities of children's professions. These are whole entertainment centers for children! Kidlandia is one of these magical places. This is a whole country with its own currency, which is called "lanes". Each child receives a passport, opens their own bank account and learns to make money. For example, by working as a hairdresser or police officer. And you can spend them on entertainment: karaoke, face painting, souvenirs.

Where is located: Moskovsky prospect, 34B ("Blockbuster", 2nd floor).

Entrance: from 85 UAH. Opening hours: on weekdays - from 12:00 to 21:00, and on Friday - until 22:00. On weekends, the doors are open from 11:00 to 22:00.

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