Where to go in Russia: Kaliningrad region

Tours in Kaliningrad and the Kaliningrad region

Kaliningrad is one of the most beautiful cities in the western region of Russia. In 1255, the Teutonic Knights erected the Konigsberg fortress on a hill in the lowland of the Pregolya River, which eventually grew into a cultural and commercial center of the Baltic. During the Second World War, the city was badly damaged, so many tourist attractions were restored or re-created. But this does not stop tourists who dream of finding amber on the Baltic coast and looking into original museums.

Popular Places to Visit

A trip to Kaliningrad is an acquaintance with several cultures at once, therefore it guarantees an unforgettable experience of a new place, cuisine and traditions.

  • Sightseeing walk around the city. The excursion goes through the Yunost park to the embankment along the Upper Lake. Before visiting the area of ​​old German houses - a short stop at the Amber Museum.
  • Kant Island. Named after the famous philosopher, born in Prussia, but swore allegiance to the Russian crown. Here is the Cathedral, famous for organ concerts.
  • Curonian Spit. Natural Park, the largest sand mound in the world. The excursion includes a visit to an ornithological station, a grove of giant thujas, a "dancing forest" and the Museum of Russian Superstitions to make your active holiday in Kaliningrad as interesting as possible.
  • Baltic Spit. You can get to this mirror image of the Curonian Spit by ferry to take a walk in a quiet area and take pictures near the ruins of the castle.

For hiking in the Kaliningrad region, you need a passport if you are traveling by train or car. A transit visa is issued simultaneously with the ticket. If you arrive by plane, you do not need a passport.

Types of active tours to the Kaliningrad region

Adventure Club Multi-Day Trips are combined trips that combine walking and car travel between provinces and suburbs in a region. Routes of varying difficulty, some require a traveler's experience.

What's included in the price

Hiking in Kaliningrad is a great option for leisure and exciting vacation with family or friends.

Tours in Kaliningrad and the Kaliningrad region

In the new part of the guide to Russia - Kaliningrad region. The best routes, hotels, restaurants and excursions - first-hand. Save and plan your trip! Looking ahead, I will say that I am preparing several more issues dedicated to the westernmost part of Russia.

This is another issue of the Russia: Insider Tips project, which aims to give you ideas for traveling around your home country. In previous releases:

My readers tell about their native and beloved cities - with soul and with details that only local people know. If you have any questions, ask in the comments!

My name is Olga, I am engaged in business development in an IT company, and I am infinitely in love with the Kaliningrad region. I am happy to share my impressions of this incredible place of our beautiful Motherland. In Kaliningrad, for the first time, I found myself on a honeymoon trip. Our wedding was planned for 10.80, after which my spouse and I had to immediately fly off on a honeymoon trip to some beautiful European country. But, unfortunately, we did not have time to issue passports, so my friend advised us to pay attention to Kaliningrad. We studied the reviews on the Internet for a long time and skeptically, until we accidentally stumbled upon a photo of the Curonian Spit. And in the end, immediately after registration, a photo session and a limousine, they rushed from the abnormally hot Moscow, right in wedding dresses, to the westernmost point of Russia. It was on that day that a new page in the history of our family's travels was opened. A page of new impressions and trips across Russia. It turned out that in Russia you can relax and be incredibly happy! And after already five vacations spent in the Kaliningrad region, I can talk about it for hours. And I am always glad to come back here again, whether on vacation or on a weekend.

I sincerely hope that the pandemic has not affected the service and quality of the hotels, which I will warmly mention below. I will try to outline the brightest places and routes: Yantarny, Curonian Spit and Svetlogorsk. Kaliningrad itself is undoubtedly interesting, beautiful and beautiful, but if you want to take a break from the bustle of the metropolis and not be deprived of the benefits of civilization, then you are in the region!

Why go

If everything is important for your vacation at once: a new, unexplored place in Russia, a short flight, an optimal time zone that allows you not to fall out of the work process, fresh air and endless sea, singing white sand and picturesque forest, incredible sunsets, ecology, solitude and civilization, sights, good service, delicious food, friendly residents and the ability to choose a hotel for every budget, then this is the right place for you - in the Kaliningrad region.

When To Go

Without a doubt, the best time is summer, but especially in August, the Baltic Sea warms up quite well and beach lovers will find a soft Baltic tan, which lasts much longer than the southern one. Because of the fresh sea and vast greenery, even in a thirty-degree heat, you will feel very comfortable in the sun. I also want to say that it is beautiful here at the end of June, so I celebrated my birthday here twice. A particularly pleasant bonus is that the local time lags behind Moscow by only one hour. This is great for celebrating your birthday, when you are already 19 in Moscow, and the Kaliningrad region is still 18))) And, believe me, this hour becomes surprisingly pleasant, valuable and unforgettable!

How to get there

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