What to see in Tyumen in winter

What to see in Tyumen in winter

Winter Tyumen is, first of all, a vacation at hot springs. But, apart from swimming in thermal water, there is a lot of interesting things here. You can see the largest drama theater in Russia, the only embankment with 4 levels, many houses of the past centuries with wooden platbands. The city, founded as the first Siberian prison in 1586, has preserved historical monuments associated with members of the Romanov imperial family and wealthy merchants, as well as ancient monasteries and churches. Winter in Tyumen is usually snowy, which will especially appeal to residents of regions where there is little snow.

Tyumen hot springs in winter

Tourists go to Tyumen for a few days to relax in the thermal waters with a healing effect. Thermal springs in Tyumen in winter are the most popular leisure activity in the city. Recreation centers with springs are open all year round, but it is in winter that you can enjoy the spectacular view of the open-air pools surrounded by snow-covered areas. It will not be cold for swimming, as the water temperature is constantly kept at around + 40 ° C and above. It should be remembered that doctors recommend not to stay in water for more than 15 minutes.

Recreation centers in Tyumen in winter are places where you can stay for a few days or come only for a couple of hours. They differ in the number and size of pools, different levels of infrastructure and sets of additional services. Some of the bases offer skiing. There are also sanatoriums and thermal spas in the region. Choose a location based on your preference.

Recreation center "Verkhniy Bor"

The most famous source is the recreation center "Verkhniy Bor", which is surrounded by pine trees on the shore of the lake. On the territory there is a restaurant complex, baths and saunas, cottages and a hotel. The spa hotel has a pool of over 200 square meters. with a water temperature of about + 40 ° C and hydromassage installations. It has 3 bowls, one of which is for babies. The outdoor pool at the hotel complex has an area of ​​about 400 sq. and several zones: children's (depth - less), jacuzzi, for swimming.

Rest in Tyumen at hot springs in winter means not only swimming in the pools. In winter, among the entertainment at the recreation center - skiing, snow-scooters and ice skating, descents from ice slides. Inventory can be rented. If you don't want to spend time outside, you can play indoor billiards, table tennis, air hockey, etc.

Recreation center "Sosnovy Bor"

The Sosnovy Bor base is located near the Vinzili village. There are 2 outdoor hot spring pools. One of the pools is equipped with wind protection. On the territory you can stay overnight, dine in a cafe, go skiing in the winter forest, rent tubing or skates. The Tyumen Zoo is located nearby. It should be borne in mind that in winter its opening hours are reduced to 18:00.

Summer Summer Thermal Resort

Rest in Tyumen in winter can be spent at the thermal resort "LetoLeto". Here you can not only swim in the pool with water gushing from a hot spring, but also ride on the various slides of the water park. This is a year-round complex with a hotel and spa complex. The pool was created in the open air, equipped with geysers, waterfalls and air massage installations. The advantage of staying at the resort is its proximity to the city center.

Volna recreation center

It is difficult for a person who has never been to Tyumen to imagine that people come here to rest. In the minds of most Russians, it is associated with oil, oil rigs, a harsh climate and bears. Meanwhile, this is a beautiful well-maintained city with a rich history, many historical monuments and fashionable institutions and art objects organically inscribed between them, in real winter and an ultra-modern thermal resort. It is worth visiting at least once, especially in the midst of global restrictions. What you can do in three days in Tyumen - in the material of Izvestia.

Merchant Quarter

Republic Street is one of the oldest in Tyumen. It is the main artery of the city and one large open-air museum of wooden architecture. All the color of the local merchants once lived on it, many mansions have survived to this day. In 1837, Tsarevich Alexander Nikolaevich stayed at the estate of the merchant Ivan Vasilyevich Ikonnikov, with his mentor, the Russian poet Vasily Zhukovsky. Later the house passed into the possession of Stepan Ivanovich Kolokolnikov, who rebuilt and decorated it with intricate carvings. At the beginning of the 20th century, a luxurious two-story brick store was built on the site of a nearby one-story stone shop, where merchants traded in sugar, sweets, tea and other colonial goods. The estate currently houses the exposition "History of the 19th-20th centuries" house, which is dedicated to the past of its owners and the historical events they witnessed, and in the store building there is an exhibition, which contains exhibits from the Tyumen trade shops of the late 19th - early 20th centuries. XX century, including from the Altshuller watch store, Moiseyev's headwear store, Vorobeichikova's shoe store, Sheshukova's "Viennese chic".

In one of the halls of the Museum "Kolokolnikov Estate"

In order to get around all the expositions of the museum named after the scientist and local historian Ivan Yakovlevich Slovtsov, even one day is not enough. Under the roof of the new building, which had been under construction for two decades, the funds of the museum of local lore, one of the oldest in Siberia, and the museum of fine arts were united. It contains the originals of works by Savrasov, Repin, Shishkin, Aivazovsky, Kandinsky, samples of traditional crafts, a collection of icons, including images of local saints. And on the eve of the New Year, an exposition dedicated to the history of the Russian postcard was opened. It presents 2,500 genuine exhibits; the oldest was released in 1898.

Lovers' Bridge, City Duma and Alpine Village

Visitors to the Museum of Local Lore "City Duma"

“Tyumen is the capital of villages” - no one knows exactly where this proverb came from, they say that it was invented by Soviet publicists, for which the locals hold some grudge against them. However, city dwellers can get a fair amount of pleasure after visiting the local history museum "City Duma", housed in a historic building of the late 19th century, cross the Lovers' Bridge and take a walk through the area where wooden buildings from the beginning of the development of Siberia have been preserved. It should be noted that this is not an ethno-village artificially created for tourists, but a real residential area, where frosty air mixes with the aroma of burning firewood and at every step you can find wooden huts with carved shutters and cozy glowing windows, where you can see silhouettes of local people. Inexplicably, but for some reason brings back memories of snow-capped alpine mountain villages.

Summer all year round

The new thermal complex "LetoLeto" is the place for which it is worth going to Tyumen. It is no worse, and in some places even better than similar Swiss and Austrian health centers. Here you can lie lazily for hours in a warm aroma jacuzzi, contemplating the sun-drenched snowy plain through a giant glass wall, steam in a hammam, warm up in an olive sauna and dive into an ice plunge pool, sit at the bar on the water, sipping not only berry and fruit smoothies, but also any alcoholic beverages, to ride down the slides of the water park to the point of insanity, including the delight of free fall when the floor suddenly collapses under your feet. In between entertainment - have breakfast, lunch or dinner in one of the cafes, which offers food for every taste, from burgers, pizza and fries to hot dishes and sweets, and then take a nap in one of the many sun loungers.

Thermal complex "LetoLeto"

The central object of the resort is, of course, an open-air thermal spring with completely natural mineral water gushing from the bowels of the earth. Clubs of blown by the wind steam, hydromassage showers and baths, fresh frosty air and snowflakes swirling in the air - it seems that you can lie in such an entourage endlessly. Although it is recommended - no more than 15 minutes.

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Where to go in Tyumen The best places in Tyumen to go with a small child

1. ostrich farm. You can go on any day off! It will be interesting for both one-year-old children and schoolchildren! In any composition, at any time without prior request. The time spent on the farm is not limited. There is a free sightseeing tour of the farm for those who wish. Yumensky district, with. chikcha, st. Gagarin 28 (20th kilometer. Tarotobolsk tract in the direction of Antipino village. Opposite the building of the "Grass of Siberia". Street 89222674490.

3. sunny ranch, mini-zoo. A great place where you can take a small child in the cold season, when you are already tired of sitting at home. The zoo has chickens, geese, ducks, turkey, peacock, donkey, miniature pigs, rabbits, raccoons, chinchillas, guinea pigs, a hedgehog. The mini-zoo is clean and tidy, but there is nothing to do there for more than half an hour. yumen, st. republics, d. 200 a. ate. 7 (3452) 90-00-79; 7 (3452) 27-43-09.

4. Aqua gallery in Tyumen Exhibition of exotic fish, here you can see the inhabitants of fresh waters, marine tropical fish, sharks. The gallery occupies 2 floors, more than 40 aquariums, a waterfall, a pond with a viewing glass and an underwater tunnel. Every Tuesday and Friday at 6:30 pm you can see feeding of piranhas, rays, turtles, sharks and moray eels. yumen, st. Republic, d. 26. 7 (969) 809-88-88; 7 (3452) 71-20-01.

5. "Sea Aquarium" At the exhibition you can see: - Soft corals brought from Indonesia and the Caribbean islands, - sarcophytons, sinulyaria, gargonaria, - starfish, - shrimps - doctors, - poisonous fish - stone, - exotic algae, - thalassoma lunar, wrasse - snipe (fish - elephant), poisonous lionfish, fish - clowns. yumen, 11 km of Yalutorovsky tract, 19, building 1. Tel. 7 (905) 820-47-90.

6. "Sosnovy Bor", recreation center, zoo, mineral spring. Among the services: - Accommodation in cottages and a hotel. - Two pools with hot mineral water in the open air. - Finnish sauna, Japanese bath, Russian sauna on wood. - Cafe, hall for celebrations. - Covered gazebos with barbecue. - Attractions. - Equipped beach - Playground - Zoo (more than 40 species of animals and birds, opening hours: Monday - cleaning day, Tuesday - Sunday: from 11:00 to 17:00 Yumenskaya oblast, Tyumensky district, 27 km of the Yalutorovsky tract, page 1? Tel. 7 (3452) 55-55-95; 7 (3452) 69-69-67; 7 (3452) 60-27-77.

7. "Upper Bor", recreation center, hot springs, mini - zoo Services of the base: - Gazebos for picnics with barbecues. - Russian baths on the shore of the crooked lake. - Cafe "On the Beach", two banquet halls. - Spa - center. - Two thermal pool. - Sports complex. - Climbing wall. - Horseback riding. - ATVs. - Darts. - Billiards. - Crossbow and archery shooting range. - Rent of sports equipment. - Organization of children's tours with and without accommodation. - Conditions for holding a children's birthday and other holidays. - Mini - zoo. Yumenskaya oblast, 11 km of the Salair tract. (3452) 38-35-53; 7 (3452) 38-03-73 (fax).

9. Tyumen children's railway The Tyumen children's railway was created in 1969. Chebno - the production site is located on the shores of the picturesque Andreevskoe lake, 25 km from the city of Tyumen. The length of the path is about 3000 m. The road works from the beginning of June to the end of August. Yumenskaya oblast, Tyumenskiy district, Borovsky village. ate. 7 (3452) 52-36-19 (dispatcher).

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