What to see in Tver? Top 7 Must-See Places

Where to go in Tver

Sights of Tver - what to see and where to go in the city and its surroundings. Description, photo, how to get there, addresses, gps coordinates, markers on the map.

Tver played a huge role in the unification of Russia after the Horde invasion - it was Prince Mikhail of Tverskoy who was the first to begin the struggle to unite the ruined and scattered lands into a single state (although later Tver ceded the role of the center to Moscow). But the process of revival itself began in Tver: it was here, after many years of ruin in 1290, that the first Orthodox church, the Transfiguration of the Savior, was raised, and here the tradition of chronicle writing was revived.

If we talk about more modern history, then here Tver also has something to offer its guests: for example, it is the second city in Russia after St. Petersburg, built according to a three-beam scheme (the same layout was used in Rome and Paris). And today, ancient Tver has a rather modern European look - not least because of the grandiose fire of 1763, which destroyed almost all the old buildings and made it possible to build a practically new city on the old site, a kind of "Petersburg on the Volga".


The numbers of points of interest in the text correspond to their numbers on the map at the end of the article.

Afanasy Nikitin Embankment

The embankment, which was called Zavolzhskaya before the revolution, and after 1923 - Pervomaiskaya, today bears the name of Afanasy Nikitin, a Tver merchant and one of the most famous Russian travelers, the first of our compatriots who reached India and described this experience in his travel notes "Walking the Three Seas" (thanks to which the author can be considered one of the first travel bloggers in history - along with Marco Polo and Ibn Sina).

Nikitin's voyage took place in the period 1468-1474, 30 years earlier than the famous voyage of the Portuguese Vasco da Gama, who opened the sea route to India. In addition to the monument to Nikitin, the embankment offers its guests several cozy restaurants, an amusement park and a beautiful view of the Volga - this is more than enough to become one of the most popular places in the city.

GPS coordinates: 56.6555, 35.0492.

Individual excursions in Tver from local residents

For curious and sociable travelers who want to fully experience the unique atmosphere of an old Russian city and see it from a new and often unexpected angle, I recommend ordering an author's tour of Tver from local residents. Tver people themselves will be your guides: artists, photographers, journalists - in love with their city and who know almost everything about it.

At the stage of booking, you need to pay online only 23% of the cost of the tour - the rest is given to the guide before it starts.

Monument to Afanasy Nikitin

TOP-30 attractions of Tver

Federation of Sports Tourism of the Tver Region

"Center for Active Tourism Azimut 69" Supported by the Presidential Grants Fund

- masterclasses in tourism for schools of the Tver region - competitions in sports tourism - preparation and training of judges in tourism - release of groups on routes through the ICC - acceptance of tests in the amount of the GTO standard for tourism and much more!

Hurray, we continue master classes!

Last Friday, master classes on sports tourism were held in Vyshny Volochok. This time we went to visit the sports school. There were about 40 participants in total. For young athletes, we held master classes on orienteering and knots, showed how to properly dress and block the system, and also organized a tourist cinema. render completely.

In Vyshny Volochek, tourism is developing relatively recently, but very actively. Therefore, I would like to separately thank the instructors who work with children, the lyceum that supports children's tourism. And of course, many thanks to our instructors who have been helping in conducting master classes for more than six months! You can watch our photo report and look for yourself in the photos here . om/album-10301446_279094684

The project is being implemented with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund!

# Let's go on the way. On the one hand, it is a very ruinous place, and on the other, little-known. If you knew about it, then write in the comments.

And so Tesla. In outskirts of Moscow. How and why? Great question, let's figure it out. render completely.

Test benches of the High-Voltage Research Center of the All-Russian Electrotechnical Institute (VNITs VEI). This open-air science museum is a universal complex for testing and researching objects of technology for resistance to pulsed electromagnetic fields of natural and artificial origin.

The test site was created in the 1970s to test the effects of super-powerful electromagnetic pulses - here, for example, they checked what would happen to an airplane if lightning hit it.

This is such a mess, but to arrange a small LDPE from Moscow to Istra (the city next to which the landfill is located) is interesting and quite feasible. Google!)

Sights of Tver - what to see and where to go in the city and its surroundings. Description, photo, how to get there, addresses, gps coordinates, markers on the map.

We have been to Tver many times - we came by car on our own for the weekend, and with excursion tours for one day. The other day we returned from our club trip to Tver. We went on the route "Tver - Wedge" for the February holidays. Two days out of three were devoted to Tver. According to the program, this was our best trip to Tver. Moreover, more than half of what we saw was completely new for us.

And now that we have mastered the city well, I would like to summarize the most interesting things that travelers and tourists can see in Tver, and highlight the top must-see places. This does not mean that there is nothing else in Tver. But the places and sights mentioned in the article, in my opinion, are key for an interesting program.

Top interesting places in Tver - must see!

Imperial Travel Palace

An architectural monument of the 18th century. It was opened 2.5 years ago after restoration. The art gallery is located in the palace. In addition to halls with paintings, there are halls with historical interiors, furniture, costumes and other antiques.

Getting to know the palace first is better with a guided tour. And then it is advisable to walk around the halls on your own without haste.

Please note that the Transfiguration Cathedral is being completed next to the palace. Previously, this place was occupied by an ancient temple, built at the end of the 17th century and destroyed in 1935. The new temple is being restored according to the old blueprints. The walls, roof, domes have already been erected, and most of the decoration remains.

Iskra Museum of the History of Photography

The best museum in Tver according to the Tripadvisor rating. And in general I can agree - an excellent museum. Unusual, creative, lively. The tour is conducted by the owner of the museum, Roman. The excursion is informative. 2.5 hours in one breath. In addition to the excursion listened to,

in the program we had printing photos in the old way

and a photo session in a professional studio.

We enjoyed practicing using professional light and stylish interior. I highly recommend this museum!

In the museum, you can order photography with an old accordion camera, which we did. Filmed as a team at the monument to Prince Mikhail Tverskoy. We chose the place ourselves. The same photographs were then printed in the museum themselves.

Ancient Tver is the lot of Prince Alexander Nevsky, a long-term rival of Moscow in the struggle for leadership among Russian cities, a transshipment base between the old and new capitals of the empire. Enterprising and fearless Tver merchants persistently mastered new trade routes, the name of Afanasy Nikitin is revered here on a par with the prince's. To this day, the atmosphere of the restless and solid life of the rich Russian province near both capitals has been preserved on these streets.

Where to go if for the first time in the city

To learn more about the history of Tver and the life of its inhabitants, the Museum of Tver Life in an old baroque merchant mansion will help. The rooms are furnished with original furniture from the beginning of the last century, sideboards contain china sets, and samovars on the tables. A separate hall is reserved for exhibits from the Belsk treasure - gold and silver dishes, frames of famous icons, decorated with precious stones.

Imperial Travel Palace

Where to go with your child

A safe option is to go to the Tverskoy Circus (office site), where the best Russian and foreign troupes perform. There is no full-fledged zoo in Tver, but the shopping center "Babylon" on Blvd. Tsanova operates a contact zoo with a children's center "Zhivaya Skazka". Young visitors interact with rabbits, kids, guinea pigs, jump on trampolines or wallow in the dry pool while their parents are busy shopping.

On the stage of the Tver Youth Theater (office site) there are children's fairy tales - "Beauty and the Beast", "The Riddle of the Ryaba Chicken", "Puss in Boots", "Chippolino". For schoolchildren - "Minor" and "Dead Souls". The theater has a children's studio. The Tver Puppet Theater (off. Ait) also pleases children with many performances on themes from Russian, foreign and literary tales. The foyer is decorated with a gallery of drawings made by the audience after the performances.

The Experimentorium Museum of Entertaining Sciences attracts young researchers by participating in chemical and physical experiments. They catch lightning with their hands, sit on nails, measure the strength of their own screams, paint with sand. The cafe treats with oxygen cocktails and nano-ice cream.

Where to go for free

In the Goat Museum, visitors are greeted with hundreds of images of the city's talisman in the most unexpected scenes, poses and variations. A cheerful goat face made of glass, metal, wood and plastic winks at visitors from every wall. There are songs about the beloved artiodactyl (and this is not only the well-known hit about the gray goat).

It is said that a long time ago a curious goat wandered into the belfry, got entangled in the ropes of the bells with its horns and sounded the alarm. The townspeople woke up - and in time, the adversaries were already climbing the walls. Since then, the goats have enjoyed authority and love in Tver.

The pedestrian street Trekhsvyatskaya - Tverskaya Arbat begins two steps from the museum. It is believed to be full of artists and souvenir merchants. The first floors of merchant mansions of the beginning of the last century are occupied by shops and cafes, and holiday fairs take place on Christmas and Maslenitsa. The embankment of Stepan Razin stretches along the Volga, on the opposite bank, from behind the River Station, the cross of the Assumption Cathedral, the last building of the Otroch-Assumption Monastery, looks out from behind, from where the monks Oslyabya and Peresvet went to Kulikovo Field.

Behind the Novovolzhsky bridge, the embankment leads to the Central City Park with shady alleys, monuments to Pushkin and Prince Mikhail Tverskoy, children's attractions and a Ferris wheel. In front of the Starovolzhsky Bridge, a masterpiece of engineering from the beginning of the last century, rises the majestic Imperial Traveling Palace, which today houses an art gallery. In the 12th century, the Tver Kremlin stood on this place, but not even the walls remained of it.

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