What to see in Perm in 2 days

What to see in Perm in 2 days

Where to go with a child in Perm: top 10 most impressive places

The city on the Kama River is a suitable place for traveling with children. Many museums and parks have been built here. There are also cultural and entertainment establishments where you can go with your child in Perm in order to have an interesting, fun and useful rest. As a result, all family members will appreciate the time spent in this city.

Where to go with a child in Perm: parks and zoos

The city has excellent parks where you can both walk and ride the rides. The Perm Zoo is open on holidays and vacations. It will be interesting for children of any age to look at the animals that are kept there.

Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure

Perm Park is a green island in the heart of a bustling metropolis. Has the status of a protected natural site. Here children can visit the "Mirror Maze", ride the "Ferris Wheel" and "Roller Coaster". There is a children's railway on the territory. As a result, the child will be able to take a short trip on the Orient Express. There are also various master classes in the park, exhibitions of local artists and sculptors. On Saturday and Sunday at the Theater of the Grandmother of the Rotunda, young spectators can watch interesting performances.


The Perm Zoo is located near the Kama embankment. The territory on which it is built is small. Therefore, it will not work to get lost here. Every day it is visited by hundreds of townspeople and guests of the city, because here you can see both exotic birds and rare animals. A petting zoo for children is open in the summer. Here you can mingle with small rabbits, roosters and Cameroon goats.

Park of Culture and Leisure of the Kirovsky District

Park of Culture and Rest of the Kirovsky District

Vladivostok - the center of tourism in the Far East

Perm is worth visiting for 2 days to get to know the city from different angles. On the streets you will see classic mansions of the past centuries and modern art objects, while walking along the embankment along the river, you will enjoy the picturesque view of the forest. Get to know the local cuisine and taste the Ural pies "posikunchiki" with juicy meat filling.

The city appeared around a copper smelter and subsequently earned the status of an important industrial center. However, a lot of attention is paid to cultural life, so it is worth setting aside time to visit museums and one of the theaters. In 2008, the regional authorities even proclaimed a "cultural revolution" in Perm, thanks to which large-scale festivals, a museum of contemporary art, and numerous art objects appeared. The city is also famous for its KVN players and a recognized cultural heritage of the region, the comedy series "Real Boys" about the life of a simple Perm guy Kolyan.

First day

In two days you can walk around Perm and see the most famous places of the city. For the convenience of tourists, 2 routes have been developed: the "Green Line" through the most significant historical sites and architectural monuments, as well as the "Red Line" through the places associated with the love stories of prominent people who lived or were in Perm. External inspection of buildings along each route will take 2-2.5 hours. Since these lines intersect in some places and pass through the city center, we offer you more extended programs of walks around Perm.

City Esplanade

In the central part of Perm there is a city esplanade - a favorite place for the townspeople to rest and hold public events. It occupies a large area between the building of the Legislative Assembly of the region and the Theater-Theater. This is a space in which there are different recreation areas: a modern playground, two light and music fountains, an amphitheater, green areas, avenue of Valor and Glory with plates dedicated to significant events, organizations and individuals, an impressive monument to the Heroes of the Front and Home Front. In summer, a festival house is set up here, and in winter an ice town is created with the city's main Christmas tree, many slides, an ice rink and ice sculptures. If you wish, you can visit the red-brick bishop's courtyard of the Church of the Ascension of the Lord in the pseudo-Russian style, a 5-minute walk from the Theater Fountain.

Sculpture "The Legend of the Perm Bear"

Head towards the Central Department Store, and near the Ural Hotel you will see one of the symbols of the city - the sculpture "The Legend of the Perm Bear". This is the embodiment of the bear from the coat of arms of Perm. He seems to be walking, and it is believed that his raised paw should be rubbed for good luck. Children love to climb the bear on horseback. Unlike bears on the coats of arms of other cities, the Perm one looks very good-natured.

Perm Art Gallery

Then head towards the river, past the old brick buildings - the chapel of Stephen Velikopermsky and the former female teacher's gymnasium. Note the façade of the Central Exhibition Hall, with its bas-reliefs on the subject of fine art. Come out to Cathedral Square overlooking the Kama River and enter the Perm Art Gallery. It may not seem immediately clear that this is an exhibition space, since the gallery was housed in the building of the Transfiguration Cathedral during the Soviet era. Its bell tower is clearly visible from the Communal Bridge.

What to see in Perm in 2 days? The Perm Art Gallery is the hallmark of the city because of its unique collection of wooden Orthodox sculptures, nicknamed "Perm Gods". These are figures of saints, carved from wood by residents of different parts of the Kama region, most of them were found in the north of the region. They are made for Orthodox churches, but they resemble pagan idols. The gallery also exhibits Russian and foreign art. The exposition of Old Russian painting is located in the altar, near the original iconostasis of the Transfiguration Cathedral.

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