What to see in Murmansk in winter

What to see in Murmansk in winter

Murmansk in winter is an exotic and even extreme option for travel. An unusual place for tourism Murmansk makes its climate and location. Arctic air masses reign here, the city is located beyond the Arctic Circle. The temperature in Murmansk in winter rarely rises above -10 C. But severe frosts do not happen often - occasionally cold snaps up to -35 C. The fact is that the climate of the city and the Kola Bay is influenced by the warm North Atlantic Current. Murmansk practically does not differ during the day and at night in winter - the polar night lasts 40 days. The residents of Murmansk see off the last sunset in early December, and the sunrise is seen in mid-January.

Getting to Murmansk in winter by car from Moscow and other cities is the most popular way to travel on vacation. Also, trains and planes fly to Murmansk. Travel time by train from Moscow - 1 day 9-14 hours; from St. Petersburg - 24-27 hours. The plane from Moscow to Murmansk takes 2 hours and 20 minutes; from St. Petersburg - 1 hour 50 minutes.

Why choose a vacation in Murmansk in winter? From September to April, one of the most unique phenomena on our planet can be observed here - the northern lights. In the Khibiny of the Murmansk region you can ski and snowboard, in the city itself you can take part in unusual festivals and northern rituals. There is a lot of entertainment in Murmansk in winter, so it is worth making a plan before traveling.

Sights of Murmansk in winter

Tourists do not depend on daylight hours in Murmansk in winter - most of the cold season travelers see the city in night illumination. Usually, in winter, tourists use the city of Murmansk as a staging post before going to ski resorts in the Khibiny or to the suburbs to hunt for the northern lights. The main sights of Murmansk can be seen in 1 day - and then go on a trip around the region.

What to see in Murmansk in winter? Start your walk through the winter city from the Five Corners Square, the main square of the city. A New Year tree has been installed here since the beginning of December. In winter, the square looks charming: snow-covered trees, an abundance of illumination, New Year's decorations. In winter, the fountain in the Five Corners square turns into a light installation. The tallest building in the Arctic Circle is also located here - a hotel with a very winter name "Arctic".

Further, the route goes to the two main transport hubs of Murmansk - the seaport and the railway station. The railway station is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. It is an architectural monument of federal significance. The monumental building with columns, arches and a dome was erected in 1954. But a spire with a star crowned the station only 5 years later. Murmansk commercial port is one of the largest in Russia. It is worth coming here to see the non-freezing northern port and the world's first nuclear-powered icebreaker - "Lenin". Now there is a museum on board the icebreaker "Lenin" - tourists can climb aboard the legendary ship and inspect it from the inside.

Sights and interesting places of Murmansk in winter are located at a short distance from each other. The second part of the route passes in the northern part of the city, 2.5 km from the center - these are memorials dedicated to the military and sailors. This is a memorial complex to the Sailors Perished in Peacetime, which consists of a lighthouse, the cabin of the Kursk submarine, memorial plates and an anchor on the observation deck. Further along the route is the Church of the Savior on the Waters, built in the style of ancient Russian churches. From the memorial complex it is worth going to Lake Semyonovskoye - here in winter local "walruses" swim in ice holes. If you have time, you can go skiing or ice skating on the lake - in winter it freezes to a depth of 1 meter or more.

The route to the sights of Murmansk ends in winter at the memorial complex "Defenders of the Soviet Arctic during the Great Patriotic War." This is the second tallest monument in Russia after the Motherland Calls! The people call the monument in the form of a lonely soldier "Alyosha". The height of the monument together with the pedestal is 42.5 meters.


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