What is a quota and how to get it

Quotas for foreigners: for work, temporary residence permit and other types - rules, receipt, documents

Among citizens from the CIS countries and neighboring countries, there are those who seek to move to Russia, as to a more stable and developing state. Foreigners have several ways to move to the Russian Federation: marriage, family reunification, employment, study, etc.

Each of these methods requires official documentation of legal presence in the country, which is not always so easy to get. Registration of a quota is one of the simplified ways of obtaining a temporary residence permit in the Russian Federation for foreigners, opening the way for labor migrants.

What is a quota

A quota is a state-determined number of foreign citizens who are issued a temporary residence permit. A temporary residence permit (RVP) is a stamp in an identity document confirming the legal right of its owner to be in Russia. A temporary residence permit allows not only to live in the country for a long time, but also to officially find a job: under an employment agreement or under a contract.

A migrant with a TRP has the following rights:

  • To live in the Russian Federation for three years without additional paperwork.
  • Freely enter Russia, leave its borders for a total period of no more than six months.
  • Have official employment without a patent/work permit in the subject of the federation where the permit was issued.
  • Register your own company or become an individual entrepreneur.
  • Receive free medical care under a voluntary insurance policy.
  • A citizen is not considered liable for military service.
  • Get an individual taxpayer number (IIN).

One of the ways to register a temporary residence permit is to use the quota allocated by the authorities. The number of quotas is determined annually by the Russian Government. It depends on the demographic situation in specific regions, as well as on the possibilities of providing foreign citizens with job vacancies. The government of the Russian Federation assigns a limited number of quotas to a certain subject of the federation.

Who has the right to issue a TRP without a quota:

  • Born in the Soviet Union or RF.
  • Having entered into a legal marriage with a resident of the Russian Federation.
  • Foreigner, pensioner/disabled person with minor children - residents of Russia.
  • An incompetent migrant, one of whose parents is a citizen of the Russian Federation.
  • A migrant with a parent of retirement age/disabled person - a citizen of the Russian Federation.
  • Participants of the state voluntary resettlement program.
  • A foreigner doing military service in the Russian troops.
  • A minor foreigner applying for a TRP with his parents for one of the above reasons.

What it looks like

What the quota looks like is shown in the photo below.

RVP contains the following information:

  • Full name ;
  • date of birth;
  • place of birth;
  • gender;
  • citizenship;
  • document number;
  • date of issue;
  • validity period;
  • name of the department that issued the permit.

What is a quota and how to get it

Types of quotas for foreigners

Many Russian employers prefer to employ foreign workers for various reasons. Someone thinks it is cheaper, others - more qualified or efficient. The very process of attracting foreigners to work cannot be called simple. On the foreign labor market, there is a strict migration quota, which applies to the hiring of foreign employees.

There are several types of quotas for foreigners in Russia:

  • Foreign workers quota. Received by employers who wish to see foreign specialists in their staff.
  • RVP quota. Holders of a temporary residence permit are becoming one step closer to obtaining Russian citizenship. Such foreigners have practically equal rights with Russians and can work in the Russian Federation without special permits.
  • Quota for issuing work permits. Visa foreigners can work in Russia only on the basis of a special permit. To protect the national labor market, special restrictions have been established on its issuance.
  • Quota for issuing invitations for foreigners. They are received by migrants whose plans include not just living in our country, but also employment within the framework of the right field. Such an invitation is required to obtain a work visa.

Quotas for foreign students can be allocated separately. Foreign applicants planning to receive a diploma from a Russian university, if a number of requirements are met, have the right to count on a budget place.

For each individual quota, the procedure and procedure for obtaining is established, the time frame and size of state fees are determined.

Quota for issuing invitations for foreigners.

Peculiarities of applying for a TRP

Only an adult can apply for a temporary residence permit. It is submitted to the regional office of the UVM. The TRP application form and sample can be downloaded here.

The package of documents together with the application is submitted to the UVM.

The process of recruiting foreigners with temporary residence permit: errors, violations, penalties

Read what is a quota in Russia and how to get it. What does the quota look like, who can apply for it and what documents are needed for this.

for high-tech medical care for treatment at the National Medical Research Center of Oncology

Option one

Pass all the necessary examinations at your place of residence (for example, at an oncological dispensary) and receive an opinion from an oncologist that surgical or radiation treatment is recommended for you (the so-called high-tech medical care).

With this conclusion, passport, policy, SNILS and medical documents, you must go to the Department of Health at your place of residence. This institution is usually located in the regional center.

In the Department of Health, present the conclusion and medical documents and say the following phrase: "Upload my documents to the CHI monitoring subsystem." If some documents are not enough, the Department of Health will tell you which ones.

You can ask to upload documents in order to receive HMP (high-tech types of medical care) specifically at the N.N. N. Petrov, if you do not ask, then you can be offered any of the Federal Oncological Centers of Russia (there are 4 of them).

After uploading documents to the monitoring subsystem, an answer will come within 5 days. The system is configured in such a way that there can be no delay.

3 possible answers may come:

Come for this consultation with a policy, SNILS, passport, all medical documents, histological slides and blocks, disks with CT/MRI/PET-CT, as well as with a referral in form 057-y for inpatient treatment.

Keep in mind that, with a high degree of probability, you will have to live in St. Petersburg for several days before the time becomes free at the department. Take care of housing for this time! On our website, in the section for patients from the regions, a list of hotels and rented apartments/rooms near the N.N. N. Petrov.

B) You are denied hospitalization, because our doctors, having studied your documents, believe that they are not able to help you. You can ask for a quota in other federal centers, perhaps someone owns the technologies that can help in your case.

C) You are denied hospitalization, but we recommend that you make certain revisions (histology or CT/MRI) or additional examination. And come with their results to the National Medical Research Center of Oncology for a consultation. Accordingly, these revisions and/or additional examinations must be done, as well as call us at the above numbers, make an appointment and come for a free initial consultation with an oncologist.

There are many ways to make your possibilities limitless!

Not all diseases are easy to treat. There are ailments on which you have to spend a lot of effort and money. Often, patients do not have this opportunity, and free medicine comes to their aid with quotas for special services. How to get such a quota - in this material from Invaworld.

What does a quota mean and who is it given?

So, some types of treatment are possible only with the use of special instruments and in the presence of highly professional narrow specialists. Such institutions can be counted on one hand, and they are developing largely thanks to government support. In exchange for this support, doctors perform free surgeries. But for obvious reasons, they cannot accept all patients, so the authorities have provided conditions under which patients can apply for such assistance and a certain priority in receiving it.

To put it simply, a quota is referral to special treatment through free health insurance.

Photo: pbs. wimg. om

What laws govern quotas

The main legislative act regulating the issue of granting quotas is Federal Law No. 323. Article 34 describes the entire quota procedure. From December 6, 2019, a new procedure for the provision of high-tech medical care, approved by order No. 824n of October 2, 2019, comes into force. If you want to check it out, here it is:

Not every disease is subject to specialized treatment. The Ministry of Health has prepared a list of almost one and a half hundred diseases that can fall under the quota treatment. Among them - transplants of internal organs, joint prosthetics, neurosurgical problems, IVF and severe hereditary diseases and much more, the list is very long.

How to get a quote for treatment

Getting a referral for specialty care is a difficult journey. You should start with your local doctor. You need to get a referral from him for additional examination. The doctor's conclusion will be considered by the quota commission at the local medical institution and within three days will make a decision on whether or not the patient is to be sent to the quota.

In the second stage, the application is considered in the health department of the region, republic or region. A package of documents will be considered here. Which includes documents. identification of the patient, his medical and pension policy, an extract from the medical history and the protocol of the first commission. A maximum of 10 days are allocated for this review.

To only worry about health

My niece has a weak heart, so from the age of three she has been monitored by a cardiologist. When she was eleven, the doctor said it was time to operate.

This is a normal practice: surgery is always a risk, so doctors try to do without it to the last. The niece was getting worse, and there was nothing more to wait. The cardiologist reassured us: the operation is planned and not very complicated. The problem is different: it is not covered by the compulsory medical insurance policy, and the cost is almost 300 thousand rubles.

We are lucky that there is a quota for such treatment. Now my niece rides a bike in the yard, and we didn't pay a dime for the operation.

What is the quota

A quota is money for an operation from the state. All citizens of the Russian Federation have the right to receive a quota.

Quotas are not given in money: instead, the Ministry of Health distributes them to clinics at the beginning of each year. Therefore, getting a quota means getting a referral for an operation to a clinic that will treat you at the expense of quota funds. There are 139 clinics in Russia that are entitled to treat under a quota.

You can only get a quota for high-tech medical care, HMP, which is not covered by the compulsory medical insurance policy. For example, there are no quotas for removing the appendix - this will be done free of charge under the compulsory medical insurance policy. And if we are talking about heart surgery, then first you have to get a quota.

The list of procedures and operations for which quotas are set is updated every year. In 2018 it looks like this:

Quotas are allocated for scheduled operations. It is not yet very clear how everything works, if a VMP is needed to save the patient's life, which is not included in the compulsory medical insurance. On the one hand, medical lawyers on the forums explain that the system is simple: no quota - no surgery. On the other hand, according to the law, clinics are obliged to provide emergency medical care free of charge.

The interviewed doctors were unable to comment on the situation. If you were rescued with the help of the VMP and you did not pay anything for it, tell us how you managed it without getting a quota.

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