What awaits tourists in winter in Russia: a trip to the northern lights and cashback for New Year's holidays

Walking with children

the main trends of the season/

Charters to Baikal and the Arctic, a shortage of places in luxury hotels and overloaded ski resorts - these are the special signs of recreation in the country during a pandemic.

"KP" together with experts tried to find out what awaits tourists in winter in Russia. And we are not talking about the most popular routes, but about how we will choose places for vacation, what difficulties and advantages we will face.

You can save on vacation

And it's easy to do this now: the second stage of the tourist cashback program is in full swing. To receive from the state up to 25 thousand rubles of compensation for trips in Russia, you need to buy a tour or book a hotel stay until December 5. The travel dates are up to January 10th. That is, cashback applies to the New Year holidays. Important: January 10 is the deadline for the end of the trip, not the start. So grabbing another couple of days after the holidays will not work.

To count on cashback, you need to pay for your trip online with a Mir credit card. All offers of tour operators and hotels participating in the promotion are collected on the world travel website. f. The minimum duration of the voyage is 2 nights, there is no price limit.

- The total amount of bookings within the second stage of the tourist cashback has exceeded one billion rubles, - Zarina Doguzova, head of Rostourism, shared the first results of the program. - We see that the depth of bookings is very short and averages 10-12 days.

Overloaded ski resorts

Alpine slopes of France, Italy, Austria are not yet available for Russians. So let's go for a ride to our mountains. According to the forecasts of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia, not only Krasnaya Polyana, Elbrusye and Dombay will be in demand, but also less popular resorts: for example, Sheregesh, Bannoe, Abzakovo, Arkhyz.

Krasnaya Polyana has already reported: demand has now grown by 30% compared to last year. And in Sheregesh, two large tour operators are launching charters at once. Where is it, by the way? In Gornaya Shoria, Kemerovo Region, the nearest airport is Novokuznetsk.

The receiving party promises: rest in Russia in winter will be no worse than a foreign one.

Tour operator TUI will transport skiers by Ural Airlines from December 26th. Accommodation - from 4 * hotels to modest apartments. During the New Year holidays, prices for tours start from 70 thousand rubles for two (with flight, accommodation, transfer - and it takes 3-3.5 hours to go from the airport to the slopes), in the low season - from 43 thousand rubles.

What awaits tourists in winter in Russia: a trip to the northern lights and cashback for New Year's holidays

Read our self-tested tips and get inspired by hiking with kids 0+.

Decide on the format of the hike

Think about what kind of hike you would like to go with your children. The more precisely you formulate the travel format, the easier it will be to choose a place and a specific track. To make it easier to solve, answer your questions:

1) Do you want to follow the route and spend the night at different points? If not, settle in one place, for example, in an alpine camp, and arrange one-day walks in the vicinity;

2) Are you ready to carry your stuff? If not, look for a track where you can a) spend the night in guesthouses and eat in cafes, then a small backpack with clothes and children's things will be enough for you, or b) hire a car, porters or rent horses that will deliver the backpacks to the place of the next overnight stay;

3) What level of comfort do you need? If you do not want to sleep in a tent, look for routes where you can sleep in huts, tourist shelters, guesthouses or hotels.

Check the route according to your strength

Choose a family trekking route as if you had a triple in physical education.

If you have any outdoor experience, start by choosing a simple track that would seem boring without the kids. In the new line-up, a short and easy route, especially through familiar places, will be just right: you will not get too tired and save resources for communication and games with children.

If you haven't hiked before, choose your debut route according to the following criteria.

  • The route for the first hike with a child should be physically simple, without steep ascents and descents.
  • It's better if there are fresh reports about the track from other travelers so you will know exactly what awaits you.
  • The smaller the separation from civilization, the better the route is suitable for hiking with children. In this case, it will be possible to buy additional products along the way, and not drag them along the entire trip.
  • There should be regular sources of running water on the track: springs, wells, transparent rivers (water from the rivers will have to be boiled). An example of an unfortunate place is Karabi-Yayla in Crimea: there is no water on the plateau, you need to carry it with you.

What else to consider when choosing a hiking route with children

Overcrowded luxury hotels, excursions to deer farms and chums, travel compensation. We found out from the experts what awaits tourists in winter in Russia.

On the territory of Russia there are many wonderful corners (including scary ones) that tourists can visit for recreation. The choice of this or that place will depend not only on your own preferences, but also on the season. You can just relax on the beach in Russia in summer, but this option is not suitable for the winter period due to climatic features. However, at this time, other opportunities appear.

Krasnaya Polyana

It will be possible to get a pleasant feeling from a ski holiday in the small village of Krasnaya Polyana, which is subordinate to the Adler district of the city of Sochi. Tourists not only from different cities of Russia, but also from other countries are attracted by the developed infrastructure and beautiful mountain landscapes. The resort received international recognition in connection with the 2014 Olympic Games.

The ski season starts in December and ends in April. Most tourists gather during the New Year and Christmas holidays. In the evenings, vacationers mostly spend in bars.

Republic of Karelia

You can have a rest in winter in Karelia. A variety of entertainment options are available to tourists. Here you can go dog sledding, snowmobiling, fishing or hunting. Lovers of architectural monuments should definitely visit the island of Kizhi, which is a kind of open-air museum. In winter, hovercraft go here.

As for the weather conditions, they are quite severe. Snow begins to fall around mid-October and lasts until April. In January, the air temperature can drop to -35 degrees. However, dense Karelian forests are able to protect from the winds. Frost is not felt so much.

Veliky Ustyug

A trip to this place will delight the children the most. There are not many modern entertainment centers here, but there is Santa Claus. From here, people often send postcards with his signature and stamp to their friends. Terem of Father Frost is located 13 km from the city. It is in him that communication with a well-known fairy-tale character takes place.

There are a lot of exciting attractions for children and adults. Various game programs are held, interesting theatrical performances are shown.

October is already in the yard, autumn and then winter holidays are not far off. Already today, parents should think about where to spend the best vacation with their children in winter. Tour operators, in turn, do not sit idly by either.

They are working on new proposals, improving the already proven family vacation routes. Tempting offers come from health resorts, recreation centers, hotels and ski resorts in Russia, far and near abroad.

A wide range of entertainment and educational excursions is available both in warm exotic countries and in cold, but close to the climatic zone regions. And the IQReview team will help to conduct a tour of all this.


The majority of Russians living in the north-west of the country prefer to have a rest in winter with children not far from home and ... go to Finland. There is no beach holiday in this country at this time of the year, but children will not be bored if parents plan their winter trip in advance. In Finland, boys and girls can meet the famous Santa Claus at his cave residence in Rovaniemi. The Linnanmäki amusement park and the huge Sea Life aquarium will remind you of your summer sea adventures. The Moomins Valley will help make a childhood dream of a fairy tale come true, and the Legoland amusement park is located in the neighboring country of Denmark.

Where to relax in Europe?

Many wonderful ski slopes are offered for families with children not only by the European countries Austria, Czech Republic, Romania and Bulgaria, but also ... Turkey. Here, snow falls in the mountains in October, and by the middle of winter the snow cover sometimes reaches three meters. Therefore, you should not discount Turkey in winter, which is famous for its summer resorts.

All their glorious traditions of creating maximum comfort for tourists, including the famous "all inclusive", which is very convenient for parents with children, the Turks have moved to their new winter resorts. It is also important that they received advice on the equipment and equipping of ski slopes from the Austrians, well-known legislators in the development of winter resorts.

Castles and museums

Those parents who include visiting museums in their winter recreation program will be able to have a rest for the benefit of their children.

In every self-respecting European city, and especially in famous tourist centers, if you wish, you can find museums that will be of interest to children. For example, Frankfurt am Main in Germany. This German city is famous for its museum for children, where a variety of entertaining and educational activities are prepared for them, and a special playroom is equipped for kids.

In the Museum of Natural History, children can get acquainted with the collection of skeletons of prehistoric animals, in the Museum of Dolls, find out what toys the kids were happy with centuries ago. It is advised to go to the Experimentanium museum with children of preschool and primary school age, and to the cinema museum - with high school students. The greenhouses of the Palm Garden Botanical Garden are filled with flowering plants from all over the world and curious tourists of all ages all year round.

Kreuzenstein Castle

Winter hiking has some features and tricks that we'll share so you can make the most of your time outdoors during the colder months.

We've put together a list of 27 great tips, including gear tips, to help you get ready for the hike and most importantly to have a good time outdoors.

Be a bow

You want layering like an onion. The use of layering in clothing makes it easy to regulate body temperature during a hike, especially if it's an all-day hike.

The difference in temperature during the day can be significant, especially if you start your hike early in the day and follow down the valley and then reach a mountain range or mountain top in the middle of the day. So be an onion and just add or remove layers as needed.

Take your friends

Hiking is always more fun in a group. It's also a safety issue, especially in winter when things can go wrong. Weather can play a significant role in how quickly rescuers reach you and when you receive timely assistance.

The most experienced hikers have already received basic first aid training, so they can help you if you get stuck. We are not saying that winter hikes are more dangerous, they just have their own unique set of features, and it is always advisable to travel in a group, no matter what time of year.

Keep track of the weather

Keep an eye on the weather in the area along which your route is going for several days before setting off. If a blizzard is coming, it won't catch you off guard. The idea of ​​the weather at a particular time in a particular place can save you and your companions' lives.

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