We develop children's tourism together

Children's Tourism Graduation Project Competition

At the beginning of October 2019 in St. Petersburg, at the Headquarters of the Russian Geographical Society in St. Petersburg, an Interregional conference “Popularization of school tourism in Russia. Experience of the Republic of Karelia ".

The conference was initiated by the activists of the regional branches of the Russian Geographical Society, representatives of the tour operator "ScanTour" and the Mountain Park "Ruskeala". Initially, the team of initiators was going to share the experience of cooperation in creating unique tourist programs for schoolchildren and students. This work was carried out by partners during the year under a special experimental agreement with the Directorate of the Russian Geographical Society. But in the process of preparing the conference, the organizers received such a response that in a short time it was possible to expand the problems of the meeting and the circle of its participants.

The conference was attended by 127 representatives of the education sector from 17 regions of Russia: Bryansk, Vladimir, Vologda, Voronezh, Kaliningrad, Rostov, Sverdlovsk, Tver, Pskov, Tula and Leningrad regions, Krasnodar Territory, Moscow, NAO, Republic Karelia, St. Petersburg and the Republic of Tatarstan.


The speakers and special guests included representatives of the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Karelia to the President of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, the Committee for External Relations and the Committee for Tourism Development of St. Petersburg, the Tourism Department of the Republic of Karelia and the International Academy of Children -youth tourism them. AND. . Ostapts-Sveshnikov.

At the grand opening, welcoming remarks were made by: Vice-President of the Russian Geographical Society - Vladimir Mikhailovich Razumovsky, Deputy Permanent Representative of the Republic of Karelia under the President of the Russian Federation - Natalya Aleksandrovna Belyaeva, representative of the Tourism Administration of the Republic of Karelia - Matvey Yuryevich Kulikov.

Within the framework of the conference, a presentation of the project "Development of Children's Tourism in Russia" took place. The speakers touched upon the current state of youth tourism in Russia, the integration of tourism into the educational process, the training of qualified personnel for youth tourism, as well as the prospects for the development of children's tourism in the Republic of Karelia.


The conference participants were worried about a variety of accumulated questions. For example, the possibility of interregional cooperation, in the format of exchange of school groups on various projects and programs, co-financing of tourism activities from the state, the search for new routes and programs.

Those interested could ask their burning questions about the safety of transportation of organized groups of children to the head of the technical supervision department of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, Dmitry Alexandrovich Gorbatyuk. President of MADYUT named after A. Ostaptsa-Sveshnikova Dmitry Vitalievich Smirnov, based on the analysis of statistical data, shared his concern about the state of youth tourism in Russia.

We develop children's tourism together

Competitive nominations: The best diploma project in pedagogy The best diploma project in the development of a children's tourist route The best diploma project in health tourism for children The best diploma project in summer children's recreation Show in full. The best diploma project in statistics of children's tourism The best diploma project in sports tourism for children The best diploma project in the creation of a children's tourist complex (display object)

Terms of the competition June 1 - September 20, 2015 - submission of applications and diploma projects for the competition September 20 - September 22, 2015 - evaluation of the competition materials by the jury and formation of the short list September 24 - 25, 2015 - grand ceremony results, awarding of laureates and public presentation of projects

In the Russian Federation, it is proposed to create a single "cloud" for storing theses. Do you agree that your diplomas should be available to everyone?

The Expert Council of the Internet Development Institute (IRI) proposes to create by March 2018 a single open cloud repository of students' certification and qualification papers for a diploma of education.

It is assumed that as a result, any citizen of the Russian Federation will be able to get access to read the full text of the certification work of any citizen of the Russian Federation, for which a state-recognized diploma of education was obtained. By March 2017, the Ministry of Education and Science, Rosobrnadzor and the Public Chamber are invited to develop uniform mandatory requirements for universities for the process of posting on the Internet full texts of students' works for a diploma of education.

Results of the competition of diploma projects in children's tourism "University for children". The results of the International Competition of Diploma Projects (Works) in Children's Tourism "University for Children" have been summed up. Let us remind you that this competition was organized by the International Academy of Children and Youth Tourism and Local Lore. AND. . Ostaptsa-Sveshnikova, -FGBOU VPO "Russian State University of Tourism and Service", Show in full. -Association of Universities of Tourism and Service, -Kazakh Academy of Sports and Tourism, -Republican Educational Center of DO of the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan, -Pedagogical Society of Russia.

The purpose of the competition was to promote the support of talented youth and to introduce innovations, modern approaches, and creative ideas into the theory and practice of children's tourism, aimed at improving the quality and availability of services in the field of children's tourism, and expanding the circle of its participants.

From June to September 2015, the authors sent their works to the competition, and in October the competent jury summed up the results. winners of the competition were:  In the nomination "The best diploma project (work) in pedagogy" 1. Voytkovskaya Ellina Mikhailovna (BSPU named after Akmulla)

2. Olga A. Busygina (Ugra State University)

3. Zharkova Nina Olegovna (Penza State University)

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