Walking in the woods with children

Walking in the woods with children: walking and watching nature

Summer camp "Dubravushka - Hero's Path": review of children's holiday

Choosing a summer camp for a child has always been difficult, and especially recently. Eyes run up from the offers of a variety of children's recreation. But to check whether the stay in the camp will be safe and comfortable, and the program is interesting, you can usually only "by typing" - by sending a child there: there are still very few reviews of children's camps. Let's fill in this gap a little with a story about children's holidays 2015.

- Mom, will there be a royal night there?

The 12-year-old son tortured me with this question every day on the eve of my departure to his new camp "Dubravushka - Hero's Path". It looks like the hooligan smearing of toothpaste was the brightest memory from last year's camp, to which the boy went with the orienteering section.

- I don't know. Nothing is written about the royal night on the camp website. You come to the place - ask the counselors.

When I met him 12 days later, not a word was said about the royal night. But my son immediately dragged me to get acquainted - but not with the guys, as I expected, but with the counselors. Meet - and say goodbye. It was evident that they were sad to part with one of their 15 wards.

On the way home, I found out that counselor Misha is studying to be a psychologist, and Dasha is already working as a teacher, that the English teacher Adam invites him to his homeland, and Kesha had the most interesting lessons - biology.

And I thought that my son's attraction to the people who surrounded him in the camp was natural. Children are children everywhere, but such living, accepting, interested adults in you are rarely met in ordinary children's life. Even with the best teachers and coaches there is a distance, and they are not always interested in your psychological comfort.

Here, in Dubravushka, this is the main thing. When the first camp "Dubravushka" was opened 10 years ago on the basis of a boarding school in Obninsk, the teachers of the school were the counselors in it. The camp grew, and counselors began to be recruited among students of Obninsk universities - but not on the eve of the summer season, but almost a year earlier, in September.

And now the selection of counselors for both camps "Dubravushka" and "Dubravushka - the Path of the Hero" takes place in the fall, and then once a month they meet at the classes of the "School of Counselors" - they learn to work with children of different ages, lose difficult situations: how to support a child who is bored of home, or how to deal with teenagers in love. Also, almost for a year, teachers are selected here, leading lessons and master classes.

Rest in Crimea: pleasure or forced measure - expert opinion

Walking in the forest with children is a real adventure in which they can get to know nature, enjoy the clean forest air and find many new activities using only natural forest materials. But many parents protect their kids from going to the forest, considering them too small for this event. But you can even go for mushrooms, berries or just for a small picnic with a newborn who is barely a couple of months old. The main thing is to take care of the comfort of the crumbs, and then you can easily combine a regular daily walk and a visit to the forest with the benefits for the growing body.

Most likely, the baby will sleep most of the time in nature. But in the intervals between sleep, the baby will closely monitor what his parents and other participants in the walk are doing. Therefore, try to explain to the child everything that is happening. Holding the little one in your arms, be sure to change with your dad so that you also have the opportunity to take a break from everyday life and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Of course, when planning a trip out of town, you should carefully consider the choice of the place of rest, the time of year and the temperature regime. Walking with your child is more comfortable in clear sunny weather, but not in the heat. A place to rest should be chosen in the shade, under the crowns of trees.

Rules for staying in the forest with a child

When going to the forest with a small child, be sure to study the rules of staying in this place. Then your vacation will bring you and your little one extremely positive emotions.

  • If you put your fidget on a blanket, do not forget to constantly look after him, as the baby can crawl out of the intended clearing and try poisonous mushrooms and berries on the tooth;
  • Have you decided to walk through the forest with your child? Do not go deep into the thicket, so as not to get lost and not to frighten the child;
  • Protect your baby from annoying and dangerous insects. If the baby spends more time in the stroller, then cover it with thin gauze or a special net. She will keep out mosquitoes and flies. Clothes with long legs and sleeves will help protect the little one from ticks;
  • Do not let your child touch unknown mushrooms, berries, plants, as they can be poisonous.

How to dress your child for a walk?

Dress your child for the weather to keep him warm and not sweating. It is important that your child's clothes are light and bright in color. Then you can easily find it among the abundant vegetation and identify the insects that have perched on the baby. You should not choose white clothes in winter, yellow and brown in autumn, green in summer and spring.

Closed but light clothing should be preferred during the hot season. She will save the little researcher not only from insect bites, but also from the consequences of meeting thorny bushes and nettles. As for shoes, it is better if they are durable waterproof boots or closed sandals. And don't forget the hat.

Warm jacket with long sleeves will come in handy in case of changeable weather. If you go with your child to the forest during the cold season, then it is recommended to put on a few delicate things, using the principle of "cabbage". This way you can remove excess clothes from your baby if necessary, based on the weather conditions.

When it comes to baby clothes, don't be zealous. Remember that a newborn has a completely different thermoregulation system. Therefore, an improperly selected outfit for a forest walk can provoke heatstroke in him.

What to take on a forest walk?

Prepare for a walk in the forest in advance if you want to take everything you need with you and not forget anything. We recommend that you put the following in your bag:

The level of tourist flow in Russia has reached last year's figures. The head of Rostourism Zarina Doguzova said that in a number of popular directions, in particular, ... RIA Novosti Crimea. 16.7.020


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Hiking in the woods with children: walking and watching nature

Soft grass underfoot, light rustle of leaves, aromas of herbs, buzzing of bees, bird voices ... What could be more beautiful than a walk in the forest? How about a walk in the woods with the kids? Most modern boys and girls, fortunately or unfortunately, are deprived of the delights of country life. Their idea of ​​nature is shaped by encyclopedias, BBC films and our childhood memories. But after all, in every city, in addition to amusement parks, there are arboretums, forest zones and recreation centers where you can go with your child to show him the wonders of a living forest!

"What's so interesting in the forest?" - you ask, if you have not been alone with nature since school holidays. "The forest is the whole world!" - my children would tell you. And now we will find out why. So, imagine that you are going with the children to the forest.

The first thing you usually pay attention to when entering the forest is the special air. It is slightly wetter and cooler than the city, and also much cleaner and filled with different flavors. It is worth standing up and feeling this change, and let the child also try to describe his impressions. This will teach him to feel better about himself and the surrounding space. The forest fills with many scents. Try to tell them apart! Of course, if you are "visiting nature" for the first time, it will be difficult. But, over time, children begin to give off the smell of the earth after the rain, the aromas of flowering trees, pine or poplar resin, some herbs and mushrooms. And these skills, believe me, delight them! So when exploring the forest with your kids, to keep your little ones interested, draw their attention to the forest scents.

What's interesting in the forest: harmony and magic of nature

After a little walk in the forest, children will understand how harmonious nature is. They learn that there are sun-loving plants, and those that grow only in the shade. And the animals in the forest will always find where to warm themselves and where to hide from the sun. Where there is a lot of light and warmth, there is a lot of grass. It protects the earth from drying out. The sun, on the one hand, dries, and, on the other, gives strength. A large and sweet forest strawberry will grow in a well-lit clearing. And everywhere you don't look, there is such harmony!

Exploring the forest with children: getting to know the anthill and its owners

One of the main forest “exhibits” is the anthill. It is not necessary to touch it - you can observe it from the side. Just prepare in advance the answers to the questions: “Why don't ants walk alone? Where did they get so much strength? Why would they have such a big house? Do they have a daily routine? Why doesn't almost anyone eat ants? " By the way, remember the chupa-chups of your childhood? Take a straw, put it in an anthill for a couple of minutes and let your child taste it. It will become sour as the ants produce their formic acid, which is found in many medicinal plants. But, if you are afraid that it will cause allergies in the child, then it is better, of course, not to risk it.

Amazing pollination process

Another magical process that is so interesting to watch is pollination. Choose a blooming meadow and sit in the grass for about fifteen minutes. You will be surprised how many insects are involved in pollination. You will see that they choose certain plants. Show how pollen is transferred from flower to flower, and it will become clear why the bumblebee is so furry. And do not be surprised if a child asks to this "laboratory" again and again.

Hello, dear readers of our site! Today's article will be not only interesting, but also very useful. By my own example, I will tell you how to survive in the forest. You will learn many practical tips: what to do in such an extreme situation, where to find food, how to make a fire, make a place to sleep and much more. This article is a guide to how to survive in the forest in case of unforeseen circumstances, so take it as seriously as possible.

It was a warm August season - a wonderful time to hike into the woods. Indeed, at this time he is so rich in his gifts - mushrooms and berries. I, like many people at this time not missing this opportunity, also wanted to head to the forest. I wanted to pick up mushrooms and berries, take a walk in the forest, take pictures of beautiful places, and just take a break from the bustle of the city.

Putting a penknife, a camera, a bottle of water, a chocolate bar and bags for mushrooms and berries in my backpack, I headed to the bus stop. I would have known that some of these items will soon save my life. After waiting for the bus that goes out of town, an hour later I found myself in a small village, the road from which led directly into the wilderness.

Having entered the forest, I immediately started looking for mushrooms and blueberries, but there were very few of them. Wanting to collect at least a little forest gifts, I moved further and further into the forest thicket. So carried away, I did not immediately realize that a lot of time had passed. I wanted to go in the opposite direction, walked for a long time and looked for familiar paths and places that I already came across on the way, but only climbed deeper into the thicket. And then I realized that I was lost.

I was in a panic. I started screaming, calling for help, but in response I only heard my own echo. I knew how to survive in the forest from my lessons at school, and even once we went on a camping trip. But, finding himself alone in such a situation, he was very confused.

First of all, I just had to collect my thoughts and calm down. I remembered the telephone. As luck would have it, there was no connection, and the clock showed fifteen minutes past four. It became clear that now I can only rely on myself.

Suddenly in the distance I heard something like thunder. We urgently need to find a place to hide from the rain. I was hungry, but that could wait. There were many dry branches and sticks in the forest, from which I made a hut. A large broken tree became the fulcrum. Having made the skeleton of the hut, I proceeded to its crate, covering the building with spruce branches on top. This is to prevent rain from entering the hut. I also made a bed inside from spruce branches, so that in case of an overnight stay, I would not sleep on damp ground.

Thunderclaps were heard more and more, and the treetops began to sway from the sudden onset of the wind - the first harbinger of rain. I began hastily to collect all the dry grass, branches and moss that were nearby, and bring them into the hut so that the rain would not wet them. Later it was necessary to somehow make a fire and take care of the preparation of food.

With little drinking water left, I decided to use the bags I took with me for picking berries to get water. I dug out small pits in the ground, I pulled over them, cut along the entire length of the packages in the form of a tarpaulin, fixing them with small pebbles. Rainwater was supposed to flow there.

It started raining. I sat in my hut and ate blueberries, but there were very few of them and only enough to dull the feeling of hunger a little. I thought about how to make a fire. Water slowly filled the hastily constructed reservoirs. Suddenly, a great idea came to my mind. Since I had no matches and everything around was damp, I decided to make fire using chocolate foil and camera batteries. Once I saw this method on TV in one show, and I remember it well.

The rain was ending and the storm clouds were gradually disappearing. The phone was completely discharged, but from the approaching twilight it was clear that the approach of night was not far off. I went out to see how much water had accumulated in the tarp. Great news - there was enough water to fill my small bottle to the brim.

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