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Month: March 2020

Preparation is in full swing

The fear of coronavirus is everywhere, but we believe that everything will be fine and everyone will be healthy, therefore we are making corrections of maps for the orienteering competition "Red Prism" of the Cup of Tourist Disciplines of the Vologda Oblast. Sheksna!

And, of course, we are waiting for you at our events.

Time does not stand still and now our organization has another tool for high-quality, dynamic and more interesting events

Thanks to the support of the Presidential Grants Fund, the SPORTident contact mark system has finally come to us, and we are incredibly happy about it. Many thanks to . u /.

We hope that all quarantines will end soon and we will boldly move to nature, to competitions and rallies.


We will start the project from the 60th parallel route. Once upon a time, Vologda tourists tried to pass the ski route through the region strictly along the 60th parallel. It turned out to be difficult - taiga, frost, great length. But this idea did not disappear into oblivion, but remained in the memory. the urist route "60th parallel" is 11 key points in the Vologda region (intersection of 35-46 meridians with the 60th parallel), where information signs will be installed, as well as planting of seedlings by the organizers and participants of the project together with ANO "RODNOY LES ".

We plan to attract tourists, schoolchildren, students and all concerned residents of the Vologda region to this project. we have the support of Vologda autotourists, the camp "School of travelers F. onyukhov ", the Vologda regional branch of the Russian Geographical Society, the Vologda Federation of Sports Tourism, the Regional Center for Continuing Education for Children, ANO" Rodnoy Les "

For the participants of the route, a participant certificate will be developed and made, which contains information about visiting key points of the route and planting seedlings, and also developed and made a souvenir license plate for the participant of the 60th parallel route - for those that visited all 11 points of the 60th parallel route. The process of disseminating information about the route and issuing certificates is planned to involve tourist clubs and organizations of the region, interested persons and organizations (tourism centers, recreation centers, museums, etc.). It is also planned to create a booklet about the route and an advertising video about its passage and the installation of information signs by the organizers of the project.

When passing the key points of the 60th parallel route, the participants will visit the districts of our region: Babaevsky, Kaduisky, Belozersky, Kirillovsky, Kharovsky, Syamzhensky, Totemsky, Babushkinsky, Nikolsky, Kichmengsko-Gorodetsky. At the same time, the participants of the route will have the opportunity to visit interesting cities and large settlements of the region: Babaevo, Borisovo-Sudskoe, Kadui, Cherepovets, Vologda, Belozersk, Lipin Bor, Kirillov, Ferapontovo, Volokoslavino, Kharovsk, Syamzha, Totma, Babushkino, Nikolsk, Kichmengsky Town. And also go through tourist routes along the rivers Suda, Andoga, Kuben, Syamzhena, Sukhona, Sharzhenga, South, see the North-Dvina water system and the Volga-Baltic waterway, Andozero, White and Kubenskoye lakes.

From Europe and Asia to receive medical treatment in Russia

In the old days, hikes were organized almost every weekend. And now reinsurers are afraid of everything. | Photo from the site sun3-2. serapi. om

Children's tourism in the Vologda region is not needed Vologda teachers who organize tourist trips are sure of this

Once in Vologda, there was a Center for Children and Youth Tourism and Excursions, which in 2008 was recognized as the best institution of additional education in the North-West and was awarded the National Prize "Heritage of Generations".

A few years ago, about 600 children were engaged in tourism there. Then it was closed, and the Regional Center for Continuing Education of Children (RCDOD) became involved in organizing trips.


The "Regional Center" itself practically does not organize hiking, but it controls those who go hiking, - explained Vladimir Slabodyanik, a methodologist at the Regional Center for Continuing Education for Children. “As a result, last year not 600, but 136 children were involved in tourism. And this year there are only 36 of them left ”.

“Our tourist club“ Robinsons ”has existed since 2003 and during this time made 110 trips,” says Vera Lushkova, teacher at the Vologda Center for Helping Children Left Without Parental Care, No. 2. - Until recently, orphans regularly went with us on hikes from Astrakhan to the White Sea, thereby successfully socializing. A colossal unique experience was accumulated, which other regions began to actively adopt ”.

Last year the club wanted to hold another tour along the Sukhona River. All the necessary documents, according to Vera Igorevna, were already in her hands, but the orphans were not allowed anywhere and everyone was returned back. “They said that from now on we must follow the new provisions and go on hikes only together with the Regional Center for Additional Education,” explains Vera Lushkova. - The guys were very upset, they couldn't find a place for themselves. Everyone asked: "Vera Igorevna, what have we done wrong, why have we been returned?"

“My children and I have been preparing for the hike for almost a month. Suddenly on the shore, where we arrived to start the rafting, a lot of inspectors from various authorities appeared, - says the mother of young tourists Olga Kazakova from Kich.-Gorodok. - They examined everything: equipment, food supply, complement of backpacks and watercraft. Four hours later, they gave the command to sail, but not all, but only Kich.-Gorodok and Kaduyu. We started our journey with songs and jokes. Half an hour later, we were caught up by a motor boat with unknown people who ordered us to turn around. No one named the reason. We stopped on the shore, a bus was sent for us. The children almost cried. Some were counting the losses, others were thinking what to say to their parents. "

Everything is OK

From Europe and Asia to receive medical treatment in Russia. The Ministry of Health told about the development of medical tourism Indian and Thai resorts, attractive to Russians, as it turned out, not to everyone's liking

On November 22-24, in the city of Sokol, the regional competitions among students in sports tourism at walking distances "Snowdrop-2019" will take place.

The organizer of the competition is the Department of Education of the Vologda Region. The competitions are held by AOU DO VO "Regional Center for Continuing Education" - the Regional Model Center and the Federation of Sports Tourism of the Vologda Region. render completely. Competitions have been held for over 20 years. These starts in the Vologda region are one of the most popular among those who are engaged in sports tourism. Their goal is to popularize sports tourism among students of educational institutions of the region.

Individual and tie competitions are held.

Teams of educational organizations of municipal districts, g. Vologda and Cherepovets, as well as teams of educational organizations, tourist and sports clubs.

Competitions are held in age groups: - boys/girls (2006-2009); - boys/girls (2004-2005); - boys/girls (2001-2003).

Participants and teams that have won prizes in certain types of competitions are awarded with certificates and prizes.

For the organization and holding of competitions, for participation in competitions, contact: Alexander Sergeevich Meshalkin - phone + 7-921-126-59-07; Nikolay Pavlovich Vatochkin - phone + 7-921-236-42-62.

Hunters, fishermen, people of the forest! The Motherland is calling you!

Since childhood, I love our northern nature, I love fishing. Although he has traveled many countries and tropical islands, his soul is still languishing and drawn to the places where he grew up. I am sure that there are many such people who care about northern nature, but I suspect that not all of them are still aware of the story with Shies. render completely.

I want to address the forest people: "Compatriots! If today we do not stand together to defend our homelands, then tomorrow it may well turn out that you will have nowhere to fish or hunt, or that you get out of this river, you are unlikely to want to eat. "

You, like no one else, NEED your land now and you must come to its aid! First, you feed from your native land. And we took many years, and now it's time to give. Give your time, energy, experience and capabilities. Secondly, the people of the forest are the most prepared to be in posts on Shies. They usually have appropriate clothing, tents and other equipment. So that nobody but us!

Make a REPOST, friends! Perhaps among your friends there are hunters and fishermen who are not yet aware of the catastrophe that the garbage mafia is trying to arrange for our land. Think, maybe you will remember among your friends the people of the forest who do not appear on the Internet, in this case, try to talk with them offline. In this way, you will be able to tangibly help the forces of resistance.

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