Visited Murmansk

What to see in Murmansk in 1 day

I almost never traveled to Russian cities And I have already explained why. But in August, during a car trip to Norway, I spent two days in Murmansk. I'll tell you what surprised and amazed me

I must say right away that this is not my first acquaintance with Murmansk - for five years of my life (from 1989 to 1994) I lived with my parents in the Murmansk region - in the city of Severomorsk. And sometimes, we went to Murmansk. Naturally, I don't remember much from those times (I was 9-14 years old) in order to compare now.

But I remember exactly that there is a Volna department store in the center of Murmansk. It is located not far from the port and the railway station, and there was a large hotel next to Volna (it is still there - this is Azimut Hotel Murmansk). And I also remember that back then, in the early 90s, prostitutes and numerous money changers hung out at Volna.

And just imagine, after years - August of the year - I'm walking next to the Volna department store, a man comes up to me and asks: “Exchange currency? Phone buyback? Not interested? "

I have only one question - what year is it in Murmansk now? Is it real in the 21st century that someone else changes the currency in the gateway?

In general, you will be in Murmansk next to the Volna department store - do not be alarmed, there is still the beginning of the 90s. Apparently, the only difference is that McDonald's appeared in "Wave".

By the way, this is the northernmost McDonald's in the world. And Murmansk, by the way, is the largest city in the world beyond the Arctic Circle. So, if you have a point about visiting the "most-most" places - go to the "Volna".

Fuck you. There is no embankment in Murmansk. Most of the coastal strip in the city is occupied by the Murmansk commercial port. You will not get to the water.

And where it would be possible to approach the water - there is a huge car market, or something like that. The car market is represented by representatives of small business from the series "Auto parts from Ashot". Complete discord. And also ankle-deep mud. In general, I did not find a way out to the water.

Although no - there is one place where you can see the water: about meters of the embankment near the Marine Station

Here is one of the city's attractions - the icebreaker "Lenin" (the world's first surface ship with a nuclear power plant)

Visited Murmansk

The north enchants residents and visitors with its nature and hospitality But what else is the exclusivity of the Kola Peninsula?

The Murmansk region attracts tourists with a variety of tourist products. Here you will find something to do both for lovers of active and adventure recreation, and for those who prefer cultural, educational and ethnographic tourism. And you can learn more about the opportunities in the region at the Know Our 2020: Continuation webinars.

All news and novelties of the travel industry in Russia can be found at the online exhibition for professionals of the travel industry "Know Our 2020: Continuation". From May 18 to May 31, federal and regional tour operators, tourist centers, hotels, resorts will present an assortment of tourist products that will be in demand and ready for sale after the movement restrictions are lifted.

As part of the exhibition, experts from the Murmansk region tourism industry will hold webinars:

Topic: “We are studying the near end of the earth - the Kola Peninsula. What to see, what to do, where to relax? "

When: May 20, Wednesday, 14:00 (Moscow time).

Moderator: Yulia Zhukova, consultant of the Promotion and Marketing Department of the Murmansk Region Tourism Committee.

Topic: "The Murmansk region invites you to feel the charm of the North: try the Arctic cuisine, learn the secrets of Kola fishing and admire the local nature!"

When: May 21, Thursday, 13:00 (Moscow time).

Host: Svetlana Purlitsis, head of inbound tourism department, tour guide.

Visited Murmansk. The desire to travel in Russia was completely discouraged. I almost never traveled to Russian cities. And I have already explained why. But in August during a car

Murmansk is the Russian gateway to the Arctic. The seaport and hero city with a unique climate is only becoming a tourist center. Usually, tourists spend a little time in Murmansk - they come to the region to travel to natural attractions in the vicinity or go on Arctic cruises. Therefore, most city excursion programs are designed for short stays.

What to see in Murmansk in 1 day? You will see the northern hills, war memorials, great ships of the northern fleet. It is worthwhile to plan a route around Murmansk in advance - so you will not miss a single significant sight.

What to see in Murmansk in a day on your own

Murmansk, which was founded on the eve of the revolution (in 1916), is one of the largest cities in the Arctic Circle. Regardless of the time of the year, it is worth warming up to walk around Murmansk - even in the summer, cold sea winds blow here. There are several museums along the route - in order to get the most complete impression of Murmansk, it is worth visiting at least one of them.

Five Corners Square

Tourist walks around the city usually start from the central square. It can be seen even in the foreground of the city. Five Corners Square was renamed several times until the 90s of the last century. For 100 years it was called: "Proletarskaya Smychka Square", "Red Square", "Arctic Conquerors Square", "Soviet Constitution Square". But the people called it "Five Corners" - because of the 5 streets that converged at this point (at the moment there are only 4 streets left). On the main square of Murmansk, a popular meeting place for townspeople and tourists, there are: the building of the Duma of the Murmansk region, the main post office, 2 hotels - "Meridian" and "Arctic" (the tallest building in the Arctic Circle), DK im. Kirov.

There are also 2 large parks for walking here: Five Corners (between the House of Trade and the Palace of Culture) and on Leningradskaya Street (behind the Arktika hotel). Both squares are illuminated with lamps, decorated with fountains and sculptural compositions. In the square Five Corners you can take funny photos with the monument to the cod. Also in the park there is a clock that counted the time until the 100th anniversary of Murmansk. The first Murmansk monument to the victims of the Intervention was erected in the park on Leningradskaya Street. A concrete structure in the style of constructivism is made in the form of a tribune with a height of 2 tiers and surrounded by anchor chains. It is dedicated to the sailors and workers who died during the Civil War, who were captured by the interventionists from England, America and France.

District of the Murmansk Regional Scientific Library

The Murmansk Regional Scientific Library is located 5-7 minutes walk from the Five Corners Square. The building itself is quite typical for the urban Soviet architecture. But around there are several interesting art objects for tourist pictures. Among them: the Literary Alley, a two-meter book, the largest Foucault pendulum beyond the Arctic Circle.

Railway stations of Murmansk

After the library, return along Vorovskogo Street to Five Corners Square. From the square, move towards the railway station. In front of it there is a monument to the steam locomotive L-4386. The monument to the Soviet vehicle was erected for the 100th anniversary of the city, which at the beginning of the century was called Romanov-on-Murman. This is a real vehicle weighing 92 tons, which was built in 1951. The locomotive ran on the railway connecting Murmansk with St. Petersburg, most often - on the section between Kandalaksha and Petrozavodsk.

From the train station, head towards the seaport. The new building was recently completed in 2016. According to the majority of local residents, the facade has lost its solemnity and began to look too strict and modern. The “Gateway to the Arctic” is notable, first of all, for the nuclear icebreaker “Lenin” located in the passenger port. This is the world's first nuclear-powered icebreaker. Now, this is a museum - you can climb aboard the icebreaker and inspect it inside. On the other side of the station, closer to the port, there is the Murmansk Commercial Port Museum.

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