Vacation at the sea in Bulgaria: which resort to choose for a family vacation

Children's tourism in bulgaria

Bulgaria is an amazingly multifaceted country: here you will find sunny beaches of sea resorts, snow-covered ski slopes, picturesque natural parks, ancient monuments, delicious cuisine and excellent opportunities for the health of adults and children. The locals are friendly and hospitable, and the prices, which is important, are quite affordable - not at all European.

The country is located in South-Eastern Europe on the Balkan Peninsula. From the east, it is washed by the Black Sea: the length of the sea coast here is 400 kilometers. Bulgaria's southern neighbors are Greece and Turkey, in the west the country borders on Serbia and North Macedonia, and in the north on Romania.

Bulgaria has always been a crossroads from Europe to the Middle East and Asia, and therefore in all historical periods it was of interest to neighboring peoples who left traces of their stay on the Bulgarian land. There are tombs of Thracian kings, theaters of ancient Greeks, ancient Roman stadiums, medieval castles of the kings of the First and Second Bulgarian Kingdoms, Ottoman mosques, etc. On the territory of present-day Bulgaria there are nine objects included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The natural landscape of Bulgaria is very diverse. So, the Balkan Mountains stretch across the entire territory of the country: from the most distant northwestern regions to the Black Sea coast. Mountains and river valleys occupy almost all western and southern regions of the country. The highest peak in Bulgaria and all of Eastern Europe is Mount Musala (2,925 meters above sea level), towering on the Rila ridge. In the south of the country there are lowlands and low mountains Strandzha and Sakar, in the north the territory is low-lying, and in the east there is the Black Sea coast.

From a tourist point of view, modern Bulgaria is a diverse country that will appeal to fans of several holiday destinations. In our travel guide to Bulgaria, we will tell you about the best beach and ski resorts, the main attractions, the most delicious local cuisine. The time spent in Bulgaria will surely be remembered by its guests, because, according to local residents, their country is paradise, an old Bulgarian legend tells about this: “When God gave the peoples of the world their land, he forgot about the Bulgarians. There is no free land left for them. And then he gave the Bulgarians a piece of paradise ”.

How to get there

You can get to Bulgaria by a variety of modes of transport - by air, by land and by water.


Plane is the most convenient way to get to Bulgaria. There are four airports in the country: in Sofia, Plovdiv, Burgas and Varna. Most of the regular flights are made to the Sofia air harbor, while charters fly to Varna and Burgas, located on the coast, in the summer.

Aeroflot and Bulgarian Air fly between Moscow and Sofia, and S7 Airlines to other airports. Rossiya Airlines seasonally flies from St. Petersburg to Burgas, and Ural Airlines flies from Moscow.

Many European carriers also operate flights to the capital of Bulgaria, such as Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, LOT, Turkish Airlines, Hungarian low-cost airline Wizz Air. The Bulgarian national carrier Bulgarian Air operates flights from Sofia to a number of European capitals.

Children's tourism in bulgaria

Useful information about Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a small European country located in the central part of the Balkan Peninsula.

The climate is moderate, summer temperatures are comfortable, from 22 to 30 degrees. There is no sweltering heat, good for children.

The state language is Bulgarian. Russian, German, French, English are used in resort areas and hotels. The local population knows Russian well.

Local currency - lion, small coins - stotinki. 1 lev is about 40 rubles.

Attention! Before visiting Bulgaria, you must obtain a visa. It is paid, you can stay in the country with a purchased visa for up to 30 days. If the issue is denied, the money for it will not be returned. Flights are also non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

It is customary in the country to tip, about 10% of the order amount.

Bulgarian beaches are free, they are all municipal. All expensive items and passport are recommended to be left in the hotel safe.

Off the coast of Bulgaria, the water is less salty. This feature is suitable for young children with delicate skin. The water has a favorable consistency of magnesium and potassium, contains over 30 useful ions and trace elements. The specific air is rich in salts, ozone, potassium, iodine.

Choosing a resort in Bulgaria

Bulgaria General information How to get there History Climate Cities and regions What to see What to do Getting around the country Communication Cuisine

Someone is thinking about leaving Russia for a long time and weighing all the pros and cons, looking for an apartment, a school for the eldest, a kindergarten for the youngest. There are those who just pick up and leave in one day. Natalia Naryshkina tells how her family moved to Bulgaria and now the children go to Bulgarian kindergartens and schools (they like it!).

“My sister put three children in the car and emigrated,” my younger sister tells about me. And it is true. When we moved, the eldest daughter was almost 7 years old (and it was assumed that she would immediately go to school), the son was 4.5, and the youngest was 1.5 years old.

We traveled from Moscow to the capital of Bulgaria Sofia in three days with two nights: in Brest (Belarus) and Solnok (Hungary). The heroic husband was driving, and I tried to create a calm atmosphere in the car, awkwardly sitting in the back seat between two car seats. It turned out to be real, but it is still better to sit in the front seat like a white man and lay on this route not for three days, but at least four.

How we chose the school

Being a good parent in Moscow means, among other things, placing a child in a decent school. It always frustrated me. With emigration, you can just make a feint with your ears: to remain in your imagination as good parents and send your child to the most ordinary school. We did not even consider the Russian school, because we wanted to quickly learn the Bulgarian language and socialize.

The academic year in Bulgaria begins on September 15th. We applied to the Sofia school only on 22 August. The choice was simple: first, in the area where we would like to live, then we looked at the websites of schools, where there were still free places. Then we went to the selected schools, and our documents were accepted.

After that, we began to urgently look for a rented apartment near the school. Since there were still places at the school by September (no, it is not bad, it's just that our district is located close to the center and there are few residential buildings), the daughter was enrolled there without an electronic queue, without compulsory preparatory classes and without a registration near the school. My children have dual citizenship - Russian and Bulgarian. Therefore, the daughter entered school for free.

7 interesting differences between schools around the world and Russian

Then everything went even faster: parent meetings, fundraising for some textbooks and for repairs (by the way, Bulgarian parents do not resist extortions, because they want better conditions for their child). My husband was on a short vacation and helped to collect new desks. On September 15, the children went to school. The lineup included not only their parents, but also grandparents and other relatives. So it is customary here: a child's holiday is an important event for the whole family. After the ruler and prayer service, the first graders went to class, where they were given specially baked pita.

Bulgarian school: classroom and drawing olympiad

In our school, lessons start at 8. 0. There are about four to five lessons per day. Physical education, music, labor and visual arts are added to the compulsory subjects - Bulgarian, mathematics, English. Labor in Bulgarian is called "technology and entrepreneurship": children then sell their crafts at fairs, for example, at Christmas or Easter.

Bulgaria is a state on the Balkan Peninsula, one of the countries of the former socialist camp. Located in the south of Europe and the western coast of the Black Sea. The coastline is 354 km. The area of ​​the country is not very large, but several mountain ranges are located on it: the Carpathians and the Rila. Here, every vacationer can find a resort to their liking.

The best resorts in Bulgaria

The sea, mountains and mild climate attract millions of tourists to Bulgaria every year. They come here for active recreation, families with small children, lovers of beaches and nightlife, etc.


The resort town that fell in love with Queen Mary of Romania. At the beginning of the 20th century, she built a palace there, combining the architectural traditions of East and West, and laid out a chic park, now transformed into a botanical garden, the second largest in Europe. The city is distinguished by a quiet measured life, where tourists are not crowded.

The best way to get here is:

  • from Sofia in 6 hours;
  • from Varna in 40 minutes;
  • from the resort town of Albena in 15 minutes.

Accommodation on the coast of Balchik is offered by hotels of different categories. The cost of 1 night for two - from 2,000 rubles. Almost all hotels are located on the coast at a distance of no more than 1,000 m from the sea. Those wishing to take a course of relaxation and health improvement can use the services of health resort organizations.

Conventional disadvantages include beaches. Balchik is a large port hub, so the sea is deep and all the beaches are loose. You can enter the sea by stairs from the piers. This causes some inconvenience, especially for young children. Entrance to the Central, Palace and New beaches is free, you only need to pay for the use of sun loungers and umbrellas. Not all beaches are equipped with showers and changing cabins.

Features of rest in this resort town:

Summer is the most suitable period of the year for recreation, at this time the beach season begins. If you are wondering which country you will go to with your children, then a vacation in Bulgaria in 2021 is the best option. We are ready to offer you a selection of the most famous resorts in Bulgaria, you just have to decide on the choice.

The best resorts in Bulgaria

This state has at all times been famous for its many wonderful resorts and excellent conditions for a beach holiday. The most popular sunny resorts are Golden Sands, Varna, Sunny Beach and Nessebar, but this does not mean that the list ends. There are several more comfortable resorts in Bulgaria, which are no worse than the above. Also, resorts are not the only thing the country is famous for, tourists are expected by boarding houses and sanatoriums, thanks to them you can perfectly heal your health.

Elenite Resort

The most suitable option for couples. Here, the entire infrastructure is aimed at kids, appropriate service, entertainment programs, balanced meals. This resort is located near the Stara Planina mountain, it was created in the form of a closed club. It includes several five-star hotels, which are located separately from each other, so you will not have any problems with your vacation. Every tourist will feel comfortable and cozy.

It is known to many tourists for its curative mud. Therefore, if you like to relax in such resort areas, we advise you to visit it. The resort of Sveti Vlas is also a wonderful place to stay. It is located near the famous Sunny Beach, only 5 km separates these two comfortable resorts. In this wonderful wellness center, comfort and peace always reign, the sea air of iodine enrichment will allow you to solve respiratory diseases. This option is especially suitable for families with children who have chronic bronchitis and frequent pneumonia. The beaches in the resort of St. Vlas are clean with easy access to the sea.

The largest and most beautiful resort in Bulgaria is Sunny Beach. It stretches along the Black Sea coast for 7 km. This resort is perfect for families with children, as it has a convenient access to the sea, a shallow bay with a clean bottom, as well as a huge number of swimming pools, attractions, playgrounds, cafes, and even a large water park. Your children will be satisfied.

As for prices, it all depends on the chosen resort, level of service, period of stay and other equally important criteria. On average, prices range from 250 - 800 euros for two people, for an 8-day period. Also, some resorts offer great discounts and auction offers to their customers. We advise you to visit Bulgaria, be sure that you and your children will like to relax in this sunny country.

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