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And the administration of the site congratulates the pupils and the entire staff of the Udomel orphanage Merry Christmas! We wish you health, happiness, joy, warmth.

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And the site administration congratulates the staff of the Udomel orphanage Happy New Year 2021! We wish you health, happiness, joy, warmth, kindness and optimism!

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School, lessons, homework ... and finally the long-awaited vacation. We waited, endured. What's next? And then there is a lot of time to realize your desires. And so the pupils of the orphanage took fishing rods and went to the lake to fish. Finally, you can enjoy the autumn landscape of late autumn and breathe in its fresh air, see how a light breeze drives clouds of steam from the nuclear power plant. And here we are on the shore. Stringing a load, a worm - all this should be able to a fisherman. Kirill turned out to be a good mentor. One throw, two - empty, three - and here is the long-awaited luck for Cyril. Already patience seemed to be running out, when suddenly luck smiled at other anglers. Perches, telyapias, brushes - only 35 pieces, barely - barely fit into the cage. The guys returned home happy and happy.

October passed with such a motto for the children of the orphanage. Traditionally, for several years now, our pupils have been leaving with a concert program and gifts prepared with their own hands to boarding schools for the elderly. In 2020. There is no such possibility (COVID 19), so it was decided to hold events in a different format: We carried out the actions “Pensioner lives nearby” and “Festive surprise”, during which the guys happily worked on the household plots of grandmothers who are more than 90 years old, made thematic postcards and presented them to elderly passers-by. We organized a drawing contest “Never grow old in soul”, talked about the topic “Respect old age”, conducted a video lesson “Elderly people in society”, set up a stand “Respect elders!” Educational tasks have been completed in full, the events held within the framework of the Month helped to attract the attention of pupils to the problems of elderly people, fostered love and respect for older people in children.

Udomlya orphanage

On the eve of the International Women's Day on March 8, a matinee - "Concert for lovely ladies" was held at the Russian State University of Culture and Arts. Preparation began long before the holiday: children forgot how to ... READ MORE

Event dedicated to Defender of the Fatherland Day

A solemn event dedicated to the Defender of the Fatherland Day was held at the RGKU RDDI Care. Poems, songs, dances, scenes were played. Our pupils were imbued with the spirit of patriotism and paid tribute and respect to those who defend ... READ MORE

RGKU RDDI "Care" under the leadership of director B. Azheva passed the PMPK in order to provide optimal conditions for the education and upbringing of children in accordance with their age and individual characteristics.

On the eve of the most magical day for all children - New Year's chapters. the rach of the "Ust-Dzhegutinsky central regional hospital" with representatives of the administration of the Ust-Dzhegutinsky district, as well as other entrepreneurs visited the pupils with gifts ... READ MORE

Today, the time for one of the most magical of all holidays - New Year is coming at the Russian State University of Culture and Arts. It is on this holiday that so many miracles and magic happen. Children are looking forward to this special holiday ... READ MORE

A busy and wonderful day turned out today for the pupils of the Russian State University of Culture and Arts "Care". In the first half of the day, the guys were invited to a very cozy cafe "Empire of Vkusa" in Yerkessk, where they were greeted ... READ MORE

New Year Event

An event with the participation of fairy-tale characters: Snow Maiden, Grandfather Frost and other artists was held at the Russian State University of Culture and Arts. The guys had fun, sang and danced. We got a lot of positive emotions. Every New Year for children is a magical ... READ MORE

To do good, you don't need any special abilities or grandiose opportunities. All this is the work of the most ordinary people. So everyone can do this .. So today, on the eve of ... READ MORE

RGKU RDDI "Care" was visited by A. Rdokov and the Youth Management Council with various New Year gifts and treats for our children. The help you have rendered has served for the good: it has helped ... READ MORE

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