TUI concept hotels in Turkey: what's new

Preschool education in Turkey

Many of our clients move to Turkey with small children. From them we get questions, what are the preschool educational institutions in the country and is it easy to enroll a child in them?


Kindergartens in Turkey

Be sure that you will not have any problems with placing your child in kindergarten, because this procedure is quite simple. In addition, it is not necessary to attend kindergarten, since you can receive preschool education at home. However, for faster socialization, we recommend placing children in a kindergarten, as there they can find friends and learn or improve their spoken Turkish.

Public and private kindergartens in Turkey

There are only 2 types of preschool educational institutions in the country - these are private and public gardens. The main, but not the only difference between them is the price. Immediately, we note that both types are paid.

In the state. a garden can be arranged for a child from the age of three. Here he will undergo developmental training, which is conducted in Turkish language in state institutions. For this reason, children may have difficulty understanding in the early stages. However, this option will contribute to the early adaptation in society.

Since public gardens are cheaper than private gardens, getting into them is more difficult. Sometimes about 10 children apply for one place. It will cost you 200-350 lira per month, which is almost 2 times cheaper than in private institutions.

One of the advantages of private gardens is the ability to accommodate a child under 3 years old. It is much easier, because there are no problems with free seats, only it will cost 600-1200 liras. You can easily find a specialized kindergarten for children from Russia, providing especially comfortable conditions for education. If you pay for an additional transfer service, your child will be picked up by bus from home every day, and brought back in the evening.

Decide which garden to choose based on your needs.

Preschool education in Turkey

One way to have a good vacation is to travel to Turkey. What vacationers need to know about this country? First of all, you need to study her customs, as well as learn about the peculiarities of organizing leisure activities at the resort. This will avoid many unpleasant situations.

Which resort to visit

Most interesting places in Istanbul. In this city, you can see the intertwining of different religions and cultures. Pay special attention to the following objects:

Topkapi Palace, which was formerly the residence of the Ottoman sultans;

Hagia Sophia, decorated with mosaics and Byzantine frescoes;

The Blue Mosque is a functioning temple, which can only be entered in closed clothes;

The Basilica Cistern is an unusual structure previously used as a reservoir;

Grand Bazaar - the largest covered market in the city;

Suleymaniye Mosque, admiring its beauty.

In high season, crowds of tourists gather near each attraction. Organized groups pass first, so those who want to save time should use the services of guides.

The following resorts are also popular with travelers:

Alanya. Here you can relax on a budget, walk along the streets of the Old Town, sunbathe on pebble and sandy beaches.

Antalya. Ideal for profitable shopping and walking. The most well-groomed beach is Konyaalti, covered with pebbles.

Preschool education in the Republic of Turkey. What to do with your child in your free time. Purchase a property near the kindergarten through the Turk portal. state.

Every year, the demand for conceptual TUI hotels in Turkey doubles: therefore, the tour operator is increasing their number and improving the holiday formats themselves. We have prepared a detailed overview of the novelties of the 2020 season in the lines of Turkish hotels SMART, FUN & SUN and DAY & NIGHT Connected.


Tour operator TUI this year launched its own new concept of recreation - SMART, designed for clients who want to receive a five-star service at the price of a 4 * hotel.

SMART Club Hotel Mirabell 4 * in Alanya is already successfully operating in this format.

Tourists vacationing here note a good level of service, which they received at an attractive price tag. It is the ratio “affordable price - decent level of service” that is an excellent feature of the SMART concept. Judge for yourself: prices for a ticket to this hotel start at 30 thousand rubles. per person.

As explained in TUI, the SMART concept incorporates the most popular services of the FUN & SUN and DAY & NIGHT Connected concepts, suitable for all categories of tourists - families, singles, couples and companies.


The peculiarity of the SMART concept is a service, the level of which is one star higher than the declared one, due to the inclusion of the most necessary services in the basic set of services. In addition, the SMART concept will be appreciated by tourists who do not want to spend all their time on the beach, but strive to immerse themselves in culture and get new experiences.

Here you can taste dishes from local farm products, international and Slavic cuisine. There is an a-la-carte restaurant on the beach serving traditional Turkish cuisine. Moreover, once during the rest, you can visit it absolutely free.

There is a Cupcake bakery and a brasserie with different types of beer on site. Coffee lovers will appreciate the natural 100% Arabica coffee. Another food feature here is the signature street food doner (the SMART concept focuses on local street food).

If we talk about the rooms, these are renovated rooms in the SMART style, equipped with branded slippers, free drinking water in the minibar and a coffee set.

Special attention should be paid to the new children's club Tukan with an interesting entertainment program. The hotel has a children's pool and a SMART corner with microwave and blender.


There are no random guests in Turkey. Local residents believe that God sends every person to the house. It is worth knocking on any door - and in an hour you will be full and shrouded in oriental hospitality. The Turks welcome tourists with the same cordiality: the country is annually included in the TOP-10 most visited places on the planet. Children are especially welcome in the republic: they are surrounded with care and attention, all conditions are created for them. It is in Turkey that parents can spend an unforgettable vacation with their child, and it will be interesting both for those who prefer hotel vacations and for those who love independent travel and want to see another, non-tourist Turkey.

Is it worth going to Turkey with a child

In the "past" life without children, you could kayak on the rivers of Africa, study the architecture of Europe on a bicycle, conquer Elbrus with an environmental group. But as soon as you have a child, the interests and needs of the little person have to be considered first of all.

Turkey is regularly recognized as a child-friendly country for several reasons:

  • A short flight for European countries and most regions of Russia, direct flight, which will not greatly tire the child, mother and passengers of the flight. For example, from Moscow to Antalya - 3-4 hours. Most of Turkey's resorts are located near the airport, which also simplifies travel.
  • 60 days of visa-free stay, the opportunity to get an "island visa" while on vacation and visit some of the islands of Greece - Chios, Lesvos, Kos, Rhodes, Samos, Kastelorizo, Symi - without a Schengen visa.
  • Long beach season from May to October, comfortable climate to which children are softly adapting, the same time zone as Moscow, healthy mountain air and clear sea.
  • Clean sandy and pebble beaches, many of which are marked with a blue flag. It guarantees the safety and cleanliness of its beaches internationally.
  • A wide network of hotels designed for families with young children. In many complexes, a calm atmosphere has been created, there are bonuses and discounts for children, a bed in the room, a diet menu, special meals, a children's pool, changing tables, high chairs for children, a kids club with a nanny, educational activities, animators, entertainment and excursions, mini zoo, playgrounds and cinemas. You may also be offered baby food warmers, a potty and a stroller for rent.
Children's club with animator on the territory of Xanadu Resort, Belek
  • Affordable prices within the country by Russian standards, a wide range of offers for tours and accommodation.
  • An all-inclusive system that operates in many hotels. Parents who do their duty without days off and vacations will definitely appreciate the joys of a carefree life. After all, all the troubles and eternal questions "where to buy" and "what to feed" can be entrusted to professionals.
  • Variety of historical sites and cultural monuments, as well as entertainment for children outside of hotels.
  • High level of medicine in the country, no serious natural hazards.
  • Increased attention and friendly attitude towards children from the local population.

Alena Shkarupeta moved to Turkey from Tver about 10 years ago. Today she lives in Fethiye, is engaged in copywriting, PR and organizing yachting holidays. Alena said:

You need to be prepared for the fact that the mentality of Turkish parents differs from the average Russian one: here it is customary to dress children warmer, more thoroughly than ours, to patronize and protect from dangers, to attach a guard against the evil eye to clothes. Do not be surprised if in summer in Turkey you are advised to cover your baby with a blanket.

First time in Turkey: what problems can you face in the country

The first thing a parent needs to consider when planning a trip is the time it takes for a child's body to get used to a different climate. It takes 3-5 days for children to adapt to new, hotter living conditions, so your vacation will be curative only if it lasts at least 2 weeks.

In recent years, children under 10 years old often return from Turkey with the Coxsackie virus. It can be caught through contaminated food, household items and water, as well as airborne droplets from an infected person. Symptoms of this intestinal infection include high fever, weakness, headache, rashes on the body, and sore throat. Banal hygiene helps to avoid the disease: thorough washing of vegetables and fruits, the use of bottled water (including for brushing teeth), the choice of equipped beaches and places with fewer people.

Turkey, with its warm sea coast, all kinds of landscapes and a very healthy climate, deservedly attracts the attention of vacationers from all over the world. Any traveler will find everything for himself, both for body and soul.

The Aegean coast is famous for its beautiful beaches stretching from Edremit to Bodrum, the most ancient monuments of history and culture of different civilizations are concentrated here.

The Lycian coast of the Mediterranean Sea is now rapidly developing infrastructure for beach recreation, there are the famous resorts of Antalya, Alanya and Side with excellent hotels and excursions to ancient antiquities.

Alanya is famous for its hot climate for budget vacations, Kemer adds the smell of pine forests to the sea air, Marmaris and Kusadasi are intended for the most demanding tourists, not too limited in means, Bodrum attracts young people with its parties.

Those who prefer active rest are offered rafting, mountain trekking, mountain skiing, yacht tourism, hunting, diving. Ancient Turkey was once crossed by the Great Silk Road, which is now used for sightseeing tours. The most popular ski resorts in Turkey are Uludag and Palandoken.

Beautiful national parks, reserves with a rich animal world, thermal springs are open to tourists, for example, Sivas with curative mud and the famous thermal spring.

And what is Istanbul worth, the dream of every tourist, the focus of historical monuments of Byzantium, the Crusaders and the great Ottoman Empire. Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk, Nobel Prize laureate, described Istanbul in his novel “Istanbul - City of Memories”, recently published in Russia.

The western and southern coasts are full of inexpensive and comfortable hotels and campgrounds, inexpensive camp sites for young people are common in Istanbul and on the shores of the Sea of ​​Marmara, there are fewer of them in eastern Turkey.

Beach Holidays in Turkey

The Mediterranean coast of Turkey.

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