Trendy words for the names of educational centers

How to choose a concept for a kids club

Step-by-step instructions on how to come up with a name for a children's theater studio using the example of a real case. Follow the algorithm and you will generate many interesting name variations.

Preparatory phase

At the introductory meeting, we decided what language the title should be in and what it should express. Don't ignore this step. Having correctly set the task, you can then check the invented options with it and choose a favorite. For example, look at my brief - a list of questions that I ask a client who wants to order the development of a name in the Name is naming agency. Give yourself answers to these questions, it really matters.

Here are the strong points from our brief:

  • We decided that despite the patriotic upsurge, the theater studio in Odessa should be called in Russian, it will be authentic, not momentary.
  • The name can be one or two words. If the name is long or complex, it is advisable to provide an abbreviated version for colloquial use.
  • The name should be strikingly different from all existing ones, just as the concept and program of the studio differs from competitors.
  • The name should directly communicate or at least hint at the direction of the activity. Key semantic parts: theater and children. Ideally: the title should be at their intersection.

The most important semes. A good name is at their intersection.

First stage: express analysis of competitors' names

Using a search on the Internet (on Odessa resources) and in the electronic city directory, I received the following list of names:

  • Children's theater school (it is interesting that their site was called Teatralo4ka)
  • Theatrical studio "Mosaika" (Moryan children's creativity center)
  • Theater Studio "Sovremennik"
  • Theater Studio "Znaikin Theater"
  • Children's Theater Studio "Mirovaya"
  • Children's Theater Studio "Ovatsiya"
  • Theater Studio Tour de Force (Youth Theater)
  • Willie Winky School of Acting
  • Theater Studio Grusha
  • Theater Studio Merry family "
  • Music and theater studio" Rendezvous "
  • Children's show-theater" Chunga-Changa "
  • Children's theater" Balaganchik "
  • <

Faced with the fact that many theater studios are nameless, they function at various children's centers, clubs, academies, schools. To be on the safe side, I have recorded the names of these establishments, because, if necessary, theater studios can use them to identify themselves.

  • Family Center "Goldfish"
  • Children's Club "Academy" (aka "Academy of Child Development")
  • School of acting in the center of development "Azbuka"
  • Center for upbringing and creativity of children "Simba"
  • Creative center "Creative"
  • Children's club "Steam locomotive"
  • Children's club "Skazka"
  • Children's creative club "Domisolka"
  • School "Harmony"
  • Acting courses at the studio "Remarkafilm"
  • Theater Studio "Interlingua" for foreign language courses

Kiev theater studios "ArtEko" and "Mkhatik" accidentally fall into the selection for the search query. I leave their names for analysis.

I also paid attention to descriptors (clarifications, additions, descriptions) in the names. It turns out that the most widespread are theater studios and children's clubs, followed by centers and schools.

I started with the classification of names in order to understand which cluster is the most populated. I got the following groups:

Step-by-step instructions on how to come up with a name for a children's theater studio using the example of a real case. Follow the algorithm and you & nbsp

UPDATE FROM 21. 7. 019 | FIRST PUBLISHED 06. 7. 011 22 comments Some time ago I received the following letter: “Zarina, good afternoon! I am thinking about the concept of the club - how else could I diversify the set of activities in order to increase profitability, BUT! while being different from other clubs, you don't really want to do the same as everyone else, right? Music, fine arts, English, preparation for school…. all clubs have it. Read more

Some time ago I received this letter:

“Zarina, good afternoon! I am thinking about the concept of the club - how else could I diversify the set of activities in order to increase profitability, BUT! while being different from other clubs, you don't really want to do the same as everyone else, right? Music, fine arts, English, preparation for school…. all clubs have it. The level, of course, is different, but the concept is the same everywhere, or rather the absence of any concept ... Lena. "

I am often asked: how to come up with an interesting concept for a kids club, where to find your “zest”, how to set yourself apart from competitors?

One of my future colleagues would like to limit myself to classes for older preschoolers and a school for pregnant women. The second plans to focus on babies up to 3 years old, the third - on holidays.

In my opinion, the primary task is to ensure optimal occupancy of the club during the day, week, year. This will make the business balanced and sustainable.

Consider the work of the club during the day.

From morning until lunchtime is a good time to work with kids up to 3 years old who do not go to kindergarten yet. In the evening, parents are happy to bring kindergarten children to the club - to prepare for school, languages, music, dancing, drawing. In the middle of the day, when the first and second are asleep, it is a convenient time to study languages ​​and creativity with older preschoolers or primary school students.

If we leave only the elders, there is no one to offer our services in the morning. If we restrict ourselves to little ones, who will come to us during the day? Anyway, it's a shame to give children to another club when they turn 3 years old.

Now let's look at the attendance throughout the year. Children from 5 years old are very nice clients. In the minds of their parents, they are almost schoolchildren. Therefore, as adults, they are brought to classes at the beginning of September, they study in a disciplined manner. And by the way, babies get sick much less often. But at the end of May, most of them are blown away by the wind - after all, there is a vacation.

How to open a children's entertainment center with minimal costs and quick return on costs, what are the conditions and opportunities for such a project?

Choosing a name

First of all, what is the name of the children's entertainment center so that it is popular and always generates income?

1) The name should please both children and parents. 2) Banal names and those that come from the Soviet past should be avoided. 3) The use of foreign words attracts a solvent clientele. 4) The name must correspond to the design of the entertainment center. 5) The name should reflect the age of the visitors.

For example, these are the names of children's entertainment and leisure centers in Nizhny Novgorod: Crazy Park, Victoria, Help, Jungle, Kangaroo, Kinderland, Tic-Tac-Toe, Kukozyabra, Madagascar, Milandiya, Fidget Island of Fantasy, Rainbow, Wonderland, Magic Land, Teremok, Chunga-Changa, Mozaika, Eureka. The name of the entertainment centers in Perm is Kapitosha, Sevensvetik, Raisin, City of Childhood, Heaven, Anthill, Play day. Children's leisure entertainment centers in Voronezh - Kingdom-State, Island of Childhood, City-Park Grad, Tvoy Park, Maksimir, Balagan house, Murzilki, Angel, Smeshariki Friends Club. As we can see, in the given names of entertainment centers, all the same principles indicated earlier are used. I would also highlight:

Gaming (tic-tac-toe, magician). Fabulous (teremok, seven-flower) Magic-geographical (fantasy island, magic land), Natural (kangaroo, anthill).

So, I want to open the entertainment center "Planet Ufa".


Name - project of the children's entertainment center "Planet Ufa" 1.. Business form - available sole proprietor. one. .

Planned profitability

The price of visiting the children's entertainment center is 150 rubles. in hour.

And finally, the long-awaited moment has come when you decided to open your training center. Well, I think the decision is correct, but I want to warn you right away. Read what errors arise at the very beginning of the journey for those who open their own training center.

Firstly, it is not taken into account from the very beginning, how many training centers are already in this market and in this niche.

As usual. A person comes to any training center, looks at how many students are there, multiplies the number of people by the average cost of training, and thinks, "Oh no, how much money you can earn!"

After that, he opens his training center and closes safely after 3-6 months. Why?

Because there are more competitors in this niche, and much less people come to training than he thought. In principle, this is normal from a human or emotional point of view. But it is not at all correct from a business point of view.

Secondly, large companies that open training centers as some kind of course factories are not taken into account. There, the occupancy of the groups is almost at the expense of the employees who come to the given company to work.

Accordingly, training of people can take place at a reduced price or deducted from wages. And people from the outside can be given a completely different price tag.

As a result, competitors think that the price on the market is exactly the same, begin to recruit at this price and understand that they cannot recruit people.

Thirdly, a person does not know for sure whether these educational services are really needed. That is, he thinks that they are needed, but in reality they are not. Thus, a training center is opened, a license is obtained, if necessary, and suddenly it turns out that what is being offered is not needed at all.

Now I will touch on the location of the training center, rent, cost per square meter and licensing requirements.

Leisure centers are a profitable area for small businesses. Previously, the state paid much attention to the recreation of workers: there were many Houses and Palaces of Culture of state institutions with circles, clubs and sections for adults and children. Today they also exist, but their number has noticeably decreased. In addition, public kindergartens and schools do not cover the needs for the full development of the child. Therefore, developing leisure centers for children are gaining more and more popularity.

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What is a leisure center for children

A leisure center for children is a place for a short-term stay of a child, where various activities (creative, developmental, etc.) are held with him.

There are two main directions of organizing children's leisure time:

  • Children's rooms in shopping and entertainment complexes where parents leave their children for shopping. Basically, they are equipped with game modules for active games, places for drawing. Children are usually shown cartoons, there are no specially designed training programs.
  • Traditional leisure centers that have certain directions for the child's development - for example, dancing, preparing for school, visual activities, etc.

Consider the organization of a private center of the second type.

What it takes to open a children's leisure center

To open a children's leisure center, first of all, choose the form of business organization:

  • SP - individual entrepreneurship;
  • LLC - limited liability company;
  • CHOU - private educational institution.

If you plan to conduct classes for children and adolescents, lectures, seminars, open clubs of interest, this will refer to leisure consulting activities. You do not need a government license: you can work as an individual entrepreneur with the right to hire employees (not teachers!). General developmental or entertaining classes for children will be held in the center. Employees are trained as instructors, animators, specialists. In this case, when registering, you should select the code 92. 1 according to OKVED.

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