Travel business and coronavirus

Rosturizm clarified the conditions of the action with cashback for buying tours in Russia

According to the specifications of the tourism department, the action will be organized in the form of a limited-time sale, the start date of which will be known on Monday, August 3. A number of points have also been clarified regarding the number of nights on the tour and other conditions.

During an online meeting with ATOR member tour operators on July 27, representatives of the Federal Agency for Tourism made a number of important clarifications on the timing, limits and conditions of the joint action of Rostourism and the MIR payment system.

As a reminder, this promotion provides for cashback (refund of part of the funds) to the card of the buyer of the tour (including cruise) in Russia on certain dates.


A list of all participants will be available on the WorldTravel website. f, and the tour or hotel (hotels also participate in the promotion) will be marked.


According to the terms of the promotion, when buying a tour costing from 25,000 to 49,999 rubles, a fixed amount of 5,000 rubles will be returned to the tourist's card from the issuing bank.

For tours in the price range from 50,000 to 74,999 rubles. cashback on the tourist's card will be equal to 10 thousand rubles, and for tours with a price tag equal or higher than 75 000 rubles. - 15 thousand rubles.

It is important that the number of people on the tour is not limited. Relatively speaking, a tour for 25 thousand rubles. 6 people can also go.


According to the explanations of the Federal Tourism Agency, the action with cashback will take the form of a limited-time "sale". That is, cashback on the MIR card will be credited only if during the sale period tourists purchase tours with arrivals from August 15 to December 20 on special promotional landing pages of tour operators.

Federal Tourism Agency announced the dates of the action: from 21 to 28 August.

Rosturizm clarified the conditions of the action with cashback for buying tours in Russia

The travel business is suffering huge losses due to the coronavirus. Experts are already calculating losses and thinking about how to save the industry.

How the epidemic will affect business

The World Travel and Tourism Council said that the damage from the pandemic could be $ 22 billion. Data obtained in conjunction with Oxford Economics after preliminary calculations based on experience from the 2002 (SARS) and 2009 (swine flu) epidemics.

China was expected to be hit hardest, with the tourism industry accounting for 11% of GDP, and the amount of damage could increase if the epidemic continues to spread.

In February, the Association of Tour Operators announced a loss of 27 billion rubles for the industry due to the current situation. First of all, colossal losses are envisaged for the hotel business. The amount of damage in different regions is different, but the most difficult thing in March was the Far East, which lost tourists from Korea and China. Also in the capital and St. Petersburg there were no tourists from Asia and Europe. The situation is the same in Vladivostok, where hotel complexes were forced to send employees on unpaid leave in order to survive.

The situation is aggravated by the fact that hotels have added an additional item of expenses. By order of Rospotrebnadzor, in order to protect themselves from the new virus, their owners had to hire additional medical personnel, allocating equipped premises for them, and also take a number of other measures.

Difficulties for business are also due to the fact that now many vacationers are just thinking how to spend the summer. Consequently, tour sales fell. But the total losses of the tourism business due to the coronavirus are difficult to estimate, since different tour operators make money in different markets. And experts are talking more about the decline in sales, which is observed in almost all areas, and not about losses as such.

However, the situation is complicated by the recommendations of the Federal Tourism Agency, according to which companies must compensate vacationers for a fully purchased tour. But the cost of the latter includes both the accommodation fee and the flight. And, as you know, most of the flights are carried out at a non-refundable rate.

The crisis in tourism in 2020 is aggravated not only by the fact that vacationers not only cancel future vouchers, but strive to completely free themselves from them. Moreover, trips are canceled until the end of the year, despite the fact that in the fall the situation with the coronavirus may be resolved. Consequently, tour operators have to return huge amounts of money to clients, including those that have already gone towards paying for hotel accommodation.

We must not forget that the 2020 crisis, aggravated by the coronavirus, also affected the ruble exchange rate. Vacationers who paid for the tour in part now understand that they need to pay more than they expected. Naturally, this leads to the fact that people generally refuse tours and seek to return even the money spent. And again the tour operator suffers from this.

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