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Various tours across Russia from Krasnodar are presented in the VITA Travel travel agency. We offer trips to various destinations:

  • Petersburg: the city of imperial palaces and parks, drawbridges and white nights.
  • Moscow: the most fashionable and lively metropolis of the state, where life is in full swing day and night.
  • The Golden Ring: a chain of quiet, cozy towns with beautiful old architecture.
  • Kazan: a city with an interesting past, ancient customs, distinctive culture and delicious national cuisine.
  • Crimea: a peninsula with the most popular seaside resorts, variety of entertainment and wonderful nature.
  • Baikal: a land where unforgettable adventures, new discoveries and amazing rest are always waiting for you.
  • Kamchatka: an extraordinary place where you can see active volcanoes and geysers, watch whales, killer whales and dolphins.
  • Karelia: the most mysterious and mystical region of the country, fraught with a whole world - wonderful and incomprehensible.

Tours in Russia with sea vacations

In our agency, tourists will be able to purchase vouchers in Russia with an excellent vacation at sea. Hotels, guest houses and boarding houses of the Krasnodar Territory are very popular. Also, vouchers to the Crimea are always in demand.

You can relax at the best Black Sea resorts with excellent sandy and pebble beaches: Sochi, Gelendzhik, Yalta, Evpatoria, Feodosia and others.

In addition to beach recreation, ecological, active, health-improving, cultural, entertainment and educational tourism is also developed on the Black Sea. You will find colorful nature, favorable climate, healing mineral springs and healing mountain-sea air, modern spa centers and family entertainment complexes, all kinds of sports, famous historical and architectural monuments, beautiful parks and embankments.

Excursion tours in Russia

Our travel agency offers exciting excursion tours across Russia. You will be able to see many unique attractions:

  • In St. Petersburg: Peterhof, Hermitage, Winter Palace, Summer Garden, Nevsky Prospect, Bronze Horseman, Chizhik-Pyzhik.
  • In Moscow: Red Square, Moscow Kremlin, Bolshoi Theater, Moscow State University, Sparrow Hills, Sokolniki Park, Gorky Park.
  • On the Golden Ring route: eight ancient towns of North-Eastern Russia (Kostroma, Ivanovo, Yaroslavl, etc.).
  • In Kazan: the Kazan Kremlin, the Peter and Paul Cathedral, the Azimov mosque, the temple of all religions, the island city of Sviyazhsk.
  • On Lake Baikal: Baikal seals, the "Bird's Bazaar" cliff, the village of Staraya Angasolka, Olkhon and Ogoy islands.
  • In Kamchatka: Kronotsky Nature Reserve with the Valley of Geysers, Commander Islands, Blue Lakes, Kamchatka natural parks.
  • In Karelia: Kizhi Museum-Reserve, Ruskeala Mountain Park, Valaam Island, Vottovaara Mountain, Lake Onega.

Prices of tours in Russia

Prices for tours in Russia are listed on our website. If necessary, our managers will help you choose a voucher.

Types of outdoor activities and their varieties available to everyone

The southern capital of Russia, which many tend to consider Krasnodar, is included in the ratings and TOPs of the most visited tourist centers of the country by vacationers. The secret of the attractiveness of the metropolis is simple - from here it is equally easy to get to both the best Black Sea resorts and the famous North Caucasian health resorts. In addition, the former Yekaterinodar is beautiful in itself. Travelers who decide to visit the city will see a lot of interesting things. Tour operators of Krasnodar offer a variety of excursions in 2020 - colorful and natural, extreme and calm. You shouldn't worry too much about the prices - it is clear from the reviews that they are tolerable.

Sightseeing tour of Krasnodar

There is simply no better way to get to know the city than an introductory voyage with a tour of its main attractions, accompanied by an experienced guide. Tourists travel around Krasnodar on a comfortable bus that stops at the most interesting places.

The tour, in this case, can be made both as part of a group and individually. The standard program of a sightseeing tour in Krasnodar often includes visits to the following attractions:

  • Ekaterininsky Square, in which a monument to the Great Empress is erected - one of the business cards of Krasnodar.
  • Alexander Nevsky Cathedral built at the end of the 19th century. - once the main military temple of the Kuban Cossacks. The carefully restored church, built in the Russian-Byzantine style, is majestic and elegant.
  • An elegant white-stone mansion on Krasnaya Street. Before the revolution, the beautiful building belonged to the engineer B. Shardanov, and now it houses the exposition of the Art Museum named after V.I. F. Kovalenko.
  • Monument to the Kuban Cossacks near the city administration building.
  • Square named after G. Zhukov. Here tourists are usually photographed against the backdrop of the majestic memorial arch "They are proud of the Kuban".
  • the Arc de Triomphe and the monument to St. Catherine at the intersection of Krasnaya and Babushkina streets.

A sightseeing tour of the city of Krasnodar lasts from 3 to 4 hours. The program of an individual tour, carried out in a car, is adjusted at the request of the customer.

Thematic excursions in Krasnodar

Travelers visiting the Kuban metropolis not for the first time, as well as tourists who want to see as many attractions as possible during their vacation, willingly participate in thematic excursions around Krasnodar. Here are just a few examples of possible tours.

Old Ekatirinodar

The voyage route is laid through the most interesting places in Krasnodar, which are rarely included in the program of classic sightseeing tours. Vacationers will travel through the old town and visit the Art Gallery.

A two-hour walk will start from the monument to Suvorov, erected to mark the 175th anniversary of the great commander. Tourists will walk through the historic streets of Yekaterinodar, see the picturesque House with a Rose, a monument to F. Shcherbina, who stood at the origins of Russian statistics, a wooden mansion that belonged to the Cossack ataman-writer Y. Kukharenko, now turned into a museum. They will visit the park of the 30th anniversary of Victory, the Friendship park.

Merchant and Cossack Krasnodar

Yekaterinodar once won the laurels of the merchant and Cossack capital of the Russian North Caucasus. The tour will help the guests of the city make sure that these are not just words, but the real truth.

Holidays and weekends are the right time for an active family, friendly or corporate holiday. Entertainment or sports activities in nature are useful for everyone who is engaged in mental and physical labor, but at the same time feels tired from monotonous work.

Krasnodar Travel Gallery "Travel Gallery" is pleased to offer last minute deals from Krasnodar and become your guide to the world of adventure, eternal sun, unforgettable emotions! Here and now you can get advice, order vouchers or budget hot tours, book plane tickets, choose a suitable hotel anywhere in the world or apply for a visa. We have special offers of last minute tours from Krasnodar: the most interesting destinations at the best prices!

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Today our organization Center for Family and Childhood "Heritage of the Kuban" together with students and teachers of GBPOU KK KPT visited the excursion of the All-Russian military-patriotic program "Victory Roads" @dorogipobedy_ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. It turned out that we got to the last day of the action "Victory Roads" this year and the anniversary of the museum in Timashevsk, tomorrow it will be 50 years old, we, as always, have time everywhere. We visited the wonderful Memorial Museum of the Stepanov family, the only museum in Russia dedicated to the heroic fate of one family - Epistinia and Fedorovna and Mikhail Nikolaevich Stepanov. The guys were deeply touched by the story of the feat of a courageous Cossack woman who lost nine sons on the fronts of the Civil and Great Patriotic War.

I would like to express my gratitude and deep bow to Migunova Oksana Mikhailovna, for the idea of ​​such a necessary program "Victory Roads", and most importantly its implementation. Indeed, in today's modern world of technology, our young people devote less and less time to history. Today we plunged into the history of those terrible years that the people went through during the war years. We learned a lot of new and interesting things thanks to the guide Sergey Konstantinovich Perov, about the history and people of the Krasnodar Territory, about the war years, about hills, monuments, about how people lived during this terrible war, and at what cost this Great Victory went.

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