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Dear tourists! We are glad to see you in our group. We offer you:

✔ Air and Railway tickets for all directions .✔ Children's rest .✔ Insurance. render completely. ✔ Tours around the world. ✔ Weekend tours. ✔ Bus tours to the sea. ✔ River and sea cruises. ✔ Boarding houses and spa treatment. ✔ Excursions in the Urals. St. Petersburg, Moscow, "Golden Ring", Kazan. Altai, Baikal.

For all questions of selection and booking, write in a personal!

Policemen of Verkhnyaya Pyshma: New types of fraudulent schemes: don't get caught!

There is nothing sacred for those who like easy money. They take away "hard earned money" from students, pensioners, workers, businessmen. And the most interesting thing is that no one forces the "victim" to give money. She herself gets hooked, disguised as a tearful story or scheme, where there is no catch at all. render completely.

A new method of fraud has spread on the Internet, aimed at those who want to buy air tickets. In this case, all the money from the victim's bank card is stolen. The principle of the fraud is quite complex: first, the victim searches Yandex or Google for some “Cheap Flights to Sochi”. At the top of the screen, using Yandex. Direct and Google Adwords, a banner is displayed leading to fraudulent sites. When a search request is sent, the fake site sends requests to a real metasearch, takes flight data and ticket prices from there, and then multiplies the prices by 0.75 and gives them to the user. The coefficient was chosen very skillfully: on the one hand, the price does not look too low for the victim to suspect a trick, and, on the other hand, the savings seem significant enough that he “fell for” the cheapness and did not buy a ticket from a well-known airline or on the airline's website. When you click the "Buy" button, a fake booking number (PNR) is instantly generated (this is important), by which you can then always open a "purchased ticket" on the site. Of course, no ticket is actually issued, but the "Pay" button appears immediately. And here the fun begins. The interface is very similar to the normal interface of the payment gateway, but in fact, the victim is loaded with a page for transferring funds to someone else's bank card or electronic wallet, but they are "cropped" so that only the field for entering the card data is visible, but not visible, where the money goes. That is, the victim receives an SMS for confirmation, and she herself, with her own hands, actually transfers money to the fraudsters from her bank card. But the most important thing is that the victim is not only deprived of money for the "ticket" - the fraudsters keep their bank card details.

Also, the citizens of our city receive calls from the "employees" of Sberbank. Fraudsters inform citizens that funds are being debited from their personal account and for security purposes, you need to download the TeamViewer QuieckSupport antivirus program that blocks any online actions with your card. After talking with the "employee" and downloading this program, all funds on the bank card are debited.

One way: try not to "shine" the main map on the Internet. Nowadays there are a lot of services - "pads" that give you a virtual (or even real) Visa or Mastercard. It will be possible to replenish it without commission from the main card, and then indicate its data on the Internet. Before the purchase, they put the funds, paid - that's it, no one can steal the money, because there will be zero on the card account. Such cards are issued even by cellular operators - for example, Beeline and MegaFon will give you one in any of their salons in a couple of minutes.

Also, most often, fraudulent schemes on the Internet are carried out on purchase and sale sites. There are several reasons: you can choose a fake phone number, subscribe to someone else's name and surname. It is extremely difficult to double-check this data. And attackers use this successfully. The only way to protect yourself from cheating is to make an appointment with the seller in person and pay in cash. A fraudster at the slightest threat of exposure will refuse to meet.

New fraudulent schemes have appeared on social media as well. Now bankers from Europe, offering loans at low interest rates - from 2 to 5%, are knocking on friends.

At such moments, many users forget that free cheese is only in a mousetrap, and in pursuit of an almost free loan, they provide a bank card number, CVV and PIN-code.

A reminder that even bank employees do not have the right to demand this information from a client applying for a loan will save you from getting into the clutches of swindlers. What can we say about a new "friend" who is in a completely different country.

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