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Marushkin's gate

Mikhailovskie Pillars Route

  • Route points: Blagoveshchensk - "Mikhailovskie Pillars" (area of ​​the village of Mikhailovka) Lake Shchekino (area of ​​the village of Sergeevka) - "Sergeevsky Utes" - city of Blagoveshchensk
  • Length of the route: 138 km
  • Sections of the route: road - 134 km, walking - 4 km.
  • Seasonality: late spring - summer - early autumn.
  • Duration: 2 days.
  • Difficulty level: for prepared tourists.

The unique natural monument "Mikhailovskie Pillars" In the Blagoveshchensk region in the vicinity of the village. Mikhailovka is a unique corner of nature known as Mikhailovskie pillars. In this place, the crystalline basement of the Amur-Zeya plain lies shallow from the earth's surface. As a result of the long-term impact of the waters of the Amur River in a relatively recent geological time, the foundation was exposed. The northeastern end of this outcrop, with a vertical wall towering over the Amur floodplain, is clearly visible from the road leading to the village. Sergeevka (Blagoveshchensky district). (Pillar-like outliers) was formed from crumbling as a result of erosion of the rocky loose edge of the terrace in the Lower Cretaceous. The rocky outcrops and the surrounding area have long been a habitat for snakes - the eastern snake and the patterned snake. The populations of these reptiles are the largest in the Blagoveshchensk region. Snakes find here not only food, secluded places that are hardly accessible to humans, but also form wintering clusters, hiding in deep cracks of rocks for the winter. On warm, fine days in late August and early September, you can observe the movement of snakes from nearby territories to the rocks. Many snakes swim across the nearby channel, while they become clearly visible and easy to count.

Approximately 115 million years ago, a unique exotic cascade of 16 different-height cliffs with a height of 15 to 75 meters emerged. Mountains "Gemini" - four fused stone columns, very similar to each other. Rock "Amphitheater" is a stone cliff with a semicircular outline, in the middle of which there is a talus in the form of a huge arch. The shape of the rock is changeable from year to year, due to active shedding and the formation of boulders.

Landmark of the area - "Thumb" - a separately rising 15-meter outlier at the edge of the terrace.

Where to go for health? Features of medical tourism in Russia and abroad

Tour operators are involved in organizing excursions and travels: JSC (company) Amurturist, LLC Tourist Center Amur. LLC Tourist Bureau "Far Eastern Phoenix", LLC "Pilgrim Plus".

Almost the entire territory of the city is full of historical, cultural and natural monuments. Blagoveshchensk attracts tourists with its picturesque streets, the most beautiful embankment of the Amur River, squares, as well as the famous Triumphal Arch - a miracle of our city and region.

The state budgetary institution "Agency for Tourism of the Amur Region" offers excursions around the city of Blagoveshchensk, during which you can escape from the bustle that has tired you and get to know the unusual places of the city. Excursions around Blagoveshchensk are an interesting and informative vacation for people of different ages with different preferences. Choosing an excursion with the "Tourism Agency", you do not have to think about anything - our managers have already taken care of everything. Therefore, the main task of vacationers is to gain the most interesting, vivid and rich impressions and discoveries.

Excursion Blue Magpie

Excursion program in the AODNT square, where representatives of flora and fauna, listed in the Red Book, gathered in a small square. Black, yellow, white birch, black velvet, blue magpie and squirrels harmoniously coexist next to the monuments of history and culture.

During the excursion, participants will be invited to look at their neighbors and will be introduced to the monument to Peter and Fevronia, the Broken Bench, the registry office building, to look at the Lenin monument in the park opposite the regional House of Folk Art. You will be told about the building of the Center for Aesthetic Education and the House of Folk Art as an architectural component of the history of the city and the region.

Since October 2011, AODNT is located in the building of the former Blagoveshchensk Garrison Officers' House, located in the city center, not far from Victory Square and the embankment of the r. Amur. In 2013, the Amur Regional House of Folk Art celebrated its 55th anniversary.

Duration: 40 - 60 minutes

Sightseeing tour of Blagoveshchensk "Return to the origins"

We invite guests and residents of our wonderful city to take a sightseeing tour of the historical and memorable places of the city of Blagoveshchensk, which will run along the main streets and squares: the Arc de Triomphe, which our city is famous for, the square named after Lenin, Victory Square, the Amur River embankment - a favorite place for city dwellers to visit, if desired - with a trip to the panorama of the city.

Do you know that the longest street in the city is Teatralnaya (13 km), since it starts from the Amur and goes almost to the village of Mokhovaya Pad, Amursky lane is the smallest, there are only two houses, and in the city there is also a house with two addresses: half a house with an address - st. Shevchenko, 14, and half of the house - with the address of st. Shevchenko, 18. And this is one residential four-storey building. Initially, two different houses were built, there was a passage between them. Then an insert was completed, also four-story. As a result, we got a single structure, but with different addresses. Some tenants were not even aware of this history of the house.

We promise you will get a lot of positive emotions and unforgettable impressions!

Duration: 1. hour

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