Tourist guide to Transbaikalia 2020

Tourist guide to Transbaikalia 2020

French Riviera

The lakes of the Ivano-Arakhleiskaya ridge are one of the favorite resting places of the Trans-Baikal people. Residents of the regional capital escape here from the summer heat or simply come to spend the weekend in nature. Guests from other regions and abroad are attracted by the developed rural tourism. Arakhley today is a tourist pearl of Transbaikalia just half an hour's drive from Chita.

The Ivano-Arakhleisky autotourism cluster has entered the federal program for the development of domestic and foreign tourism. According to the plan, by 2018 the road from Chita to the lakes, as well as the entrances to the villages of Beklemishevo, Arakhley and Tasey, should be reconstructed, 10 kilometers of bike paths and hiking trails, a 10-kilometer power line and a landfill for the disposal of solid household waste will appear. In total, it is planned to spend 933 million rubles on infrastructure development in two years: 746 million federal funds, 187 from the regional budget.

It is planned to attract 2.1 billion rubles from extra-budgetary sources for the development of the cluster, but, as the Department of Tourism of the Trans-Baikal Territory reported, work with private investors will begin after the appearance of all the necessary infrastructure.

The Trans-Baikal authorities also consider the Ivano-Arakhlei Natural Park to be a promising place for the development of rural tourism. “It can become a point of growth for the local economy of the rural areas of the Chita region,” the Tourism Department said in response to a request from Chita.Ru.

Nerchinsk is the oldest city in Eastern Siberia

You can feel the atmosphere of a real Russian province in Nerchinsk. The capital of the Trans-Baikal merchants is located three hours from Chita along the Amur highway. The best time to go to Nerchinsk is at the end of August, when during the festival "Uspenskie days" the city seems to be transported a century and a half ago: the townspeople put on old dresses, folk music plays. AND in general, the merchant architecture of Nerchinsk - Butin's palace, city passage, the old Pogodaeva street - is beautiful at any time of the year.

The Department of Tourism in August 2016 announced the creation of a tourist cluster "Historical Nerchinsk". According to the project sent to Rostourism, the historical center of the ancient city of Transbaikalia should be restored, it is planned to improve existing hotels and open new ones - all for 79 million rubles.

The department believes that it is not enough to restore the historical center - it is necessary to include Nerchinsk in the list of the federal list of historical settlements. “This will have a positive effect on the tourism potential of Nerchinsk and the region,” said Anton Sychev, deputy head of the department, in a speech at the trade and industrial forum.

In the summer of 2016, the project of the Nerchinsk Museum won the Cultural Mosaic competition of the Elena and Gennady Timchenko Foundation. The employees of the institution offered to revive the city life with the money received, and on August 27 the city will host the festival "Assumption Days on Nerch". For a day, a merchant street will be recreated in the city, museum employees and other townspeople will play the roles of Nerchan people of the 19th century. By submitting a project to the Timchenko Foundation competition, its creators assumed that the festival of the urban environment of the past could become an attractive annual event for tourists.

It is planned that the city will be of interest to both Trans-Baikal and inbound tourists. "Nerchinsk has the potential of the federal level and will be positioned as one of the oldest cities in Eastern Siberia," added the Department of Tourism.

Skiing? Of course, Darasun resort

Living in a room overlooking the endless taiga, taking a full health course, and in winter skiing or snowboarding down a steep slope - everything is possible in the Darasun resort. The All-Union health resort of Soviet citizens has returned in an updated form: medical traditions have met here with modern technologies. Tourists choose the resort for a comfortable hotel, a modern spa-center and the best ski slopes in Siberia.

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