Tourist ABC

Tourist ABC

AiF-Chelyabinsk and the Center for Tourism Development of the Chelyabinsk Region continue to talk about places worth visiting for travelers. Before the long New Year's weekend, we have drawn up several routes in the South Urals for those who do not want to stay at home during the holidays.

Animal Route

A trip to contract zoos located near Chelyabinsk is suitable for families with small children - the trip will be fun and will not tire young tourists too much.

To get to the farm, you must first register by phone or in the VKontakte group. Guided tours are for groups of four or more.

Address: Sosnovsky district, pos. Trubny, 27 km from Chelyabinsk

Husky Center "Aquilon" invites children and their parents to chat with funny huskies and malamutes. Blue-eyed and snow-white dogs are very fond of playing even with strangers and are always happy to ride guests in a team. In addition to the sleigh ride, visitors can enjoy shamanic dances around the fire and skiing down the ice slides.

Address: Sosnovsky district, pos. South Chelyabinsk mine, st. Solnechnaya, 1A

The "Ostrich Zoo" in the Chebarkul region gives guests an unusual opportunity to take a picture riding an ostrich - of course, under the supervision of a guide. There are also rabbits nicknamed the Director, Accountant and Secretary, the "talking" black fox Scarlett, Arctic fox Leo, the tame ferret Aunt-Motya, the raccoon dog Tyson, owls Laguna and Agusha, raccoons Moore and Masik, Bernese Zennenhundas Klimentina and Anabella Stepashka. Almost all pets are tame, you can take pictures with them as a keepsake. Little visitors will surely be delighted with the opportunity to feed lambs and kids with milk from a bottle and get acquainted with the living symbol of the coming year - pig Piggy.

Address: Chebarkul district, pos. Kumisny.

Tasty Route

Tourist ABC


In the city park named after Pushkin there are attractions for different ages: the smallest ones will be happy to play in the town "U Lukomorya", for children from 10 years old there are carousels, a Ferris wheel and a race track at the main site. The park awaits visitors at the address: Ordzhonikidze Street, 58A, every day from 11 to 21 hours (on Monday - from 14 hours). The average ticket price is 90 rubles.

Park named after Gagarin also offers visitors two playgrounds with attractions: the fabulous town "Gulliver" for kids and another for older children and adults. In addition, there is a Ferris Wheel, velomobiles and electric cars for hire, and you can ride a pedal boat in the water-filled quarries. A branch of the Children's Railway with real trains, semaphores and stations runs through the park. The sites are open daily from 11 am to 7 pm. The average ticket price is 80 rubles. The park is located on Commune Street.

Almost every large shopping and entertainment complex has its own amusement park: "Minileent" (CEC "Megapolis"), "Crazy-Park" (TRC "Gorki)," Planet Smiles "(TRC" Cuba ")," Megaland "(TRK" Rodnik "and" Focus ") and" Happy Park "(TRC" Fiesta "). All of them differ slightly from each other both in the range of entertainment and prices. Each has trampolines, small carousels and various slot machines for children from 2 to 14 years old. Nearby, as a rule, there are children's cafes where you can recharge your strength to continue the game.


The open-air museum of military equipment is located in the Victory Garden. About two dozen real combat vehicles - armored personnel carriers, trucks, guns and even a small boat - make up its exposition. Each exhibit is supplied with a brief description of its technical characteristics, but this is where the similarity with ordinary museums ends - after all, everything here can be touched, and most cars can also be climbed. The entrance to the exposition is free. The site is located on Heroiv Tankograda Street.

A visit to the Forest Museum will be interesting for both toddlers and children of secondary school age. The renewed exposition contains about a hundred life-size stuffed animals and birds of the South Urals, as well as large collections of insects, seeds and bird eggs. You can see all this on your own, the entrance to the exposition is free. The museum is open from Tuesday to Friday - from 8:00 to 16:00, on Saturday - from 8:00 to 14:00. It is located at 1a Varnenskaya Street (travel to the Medical Institute stop). By phone 232–02–08 you can arrange an excursion.

Employees of the Children's Museum, located in the western tower of the Chelyabinsk Museum of Local Lore, will simply and fascinatingly tell about the most difficult things: physics, history, geography. The permanent exhibition dedicated to the history of the Urals is periodically supplemented by thematic exhibitions. There is also a "hut-workshop", where young visitors can touch the ancient tools and even work on the operating loom. The museum often hosts various craft and drawing contests in which the whole family can participate. The museum is located at Truda Street, 100. You can specify the schedule of excursions and get other information here or by phone: 263-08-32.

At the Experimentus Museum, adults and children will be able to participate in spectacular scientific demonstrations, see the show of soap bubbles and get to know the action of physical and chemical laws in practice. Children under 14 years of age are advised to visit the museum with their parents. "Experimentus" is located on Truda Street, 95 (second floor), the exposition is open every day from 10 to 20 hours. A ticket for an adult will cost 400 rubles, for a child from 3 to 17 years old - 300 rubles.

The Galileo Miracle Park invites its visitors to walk through the mirror maze, deceive the attraction and grow to incredible sizes - but in no case believe your eyes. Through the efforts of physicists, magicians and engineers, a different reality has been created here, where all objects are not what they seem. The exposition is located at st. Truda, 157, works daily from 10 to 20 hours. Children under the age of 5 visit the park for free, under the age of 16 - for 300 rubles, a ticket for an adult costs 400 rubles.

Those who do not want to stay at home on holidays can go on a trip to the South Urals.


The duration of the excursion may vary depending on the distance of the school and the situation on the track.

Place of the excursion: s. Koelga (90 km from Chelyabinsk, 1.5 hours one way).

Tour program:

- departure from school (departure time is negotiated); - travel information on the road; - excursion to the museum of the enterprise "Koelginskoe" named after I. Shundeeva; - excursion to the livestock complex; - departure back to school; - arrival at the school.

Koelga is a village in the Etkul district of the Chelyabinsk region, an old Cossack settlement. The village is located in the southwestern part of the Etkul region at the confluence of the Koelga and Uvelki rivers. Vkoelge is one of the richest deposits of white marble.

The village is known, first of all, thanks to the agricultural production cooperative "Koelginskoe" named after Ivan Nikandorovich Shundeev. The main branches of the enterprise are livestock and crop production. We will get to know dairy farming!

Having arrived at the production facility, we will first of all visit the museum of the enterprise, in which we learn the history of the production itself, and the fate of the first head I. Shundeeva.

Next, we will go on an excursion to the livestock complex, where students will be introduced to the process of milking cows - "Carousel", the conditions of keeping cows, what and how they eat.

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