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Rest in Kiev: what to see and where to stay for a tourist

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7 best travels for the New Year in Russia

It is ideal to go to Kiev in the winter months to spend a couple of days in this city, and then rush to the ski resorts of Transcarpathia. What is not a rich and active rest? However, it is cool here in summer, you can organize a weekend tour - given the small distance from Russian cities, it won't take much time. And yes, on the way, you should definitely stop by other interesting megacities to see the real Ukrainian life.

How to get to Kiev?

Tourists from Russia do not have any problems with planning the travel route - the only thing is that difficulties may arise when crossing the border for men of working age. If there are relatives in Ukraine, it is advisable to receive an invitation from them and show it at customs - in other cases, the passage may be closed, at least, tourists have repeatedly encountered this and shared in their reviews.

How to get to Kiev from Moscow?

It will be possible to come to Kiev from Moscow in several ways - the tourist independently chooses the most comfortable and accessible option for him:

  • bus - on the way about 15-16 hours, the ticket costs from 1,200 rubles, they run more often at night, although there are also day trips, this is the best and inexpensive option;
  • plane - there are no direct flights, but you can fly with a transfer, for example, in Minsk, it is convenient if you plan to visit two cities at once, prices are around 6 thousand rubles.
  • train - departing from the Kievsky railway station, the journey takes no more than 13 hours, a reserved seat will cost 4,500 rubles, for a compartment and SV you will have to pay 2 and 3 times more, respectively;
  • personal car - distance 860-910 km., you can go along the M-3 through Kaluga and Bryansk (less busy highway) or along the M-2 through Tula and Orel (more cars). On the way - about 10 hours, if without stops.

Every day several trains and buses leave for Kiev from Moscow - you can choose morning, afternoon, evening flights, whichever is more convenient.

How to get to Kiev from St. Petersburg?

Residents of the northern capital also often go on sightseeing holidays to Kiev - transport links between the two cities are well established, although they will have to cover a greater distance than from Moscow. There are several options to choose from:

  • bus - there are few flights, the route takes about 20 hours, tickets cost from 3,500 rubles, it is difficult to overcome such a distance in rather uncomfortable chairs;
  • train - runs only on even days, tickets cost from 6,000 rubles, the journey takes 22 hours, departs from the Vitebsk railway station;
  • plane - transfers will also be required here, for example, in Minsk, tickets will cost from 7,000 rubles. , but you will not waste a lot of time on the road.
  • personal car - distance 1,200 km., you need to go through Pskov, Vitebsk, Gomel, Chernigov, that is, you will have to call in Belarus. On the way - a little over 15 hours.

Getting to Kiev from other cities of Russia is also not a problem - from the cities of the Central Federal District you will have to go through Moscow, from the southern regions - it is more convenient through the Crimea, but you will have to cover a greater distance across the territory of Ukraine.

Kiev sights - a selection of the best places

I could not help but share with my readers a list of the best sights that you should definitely see in Kiev. This city was once the center of Kievan Rus, and many monuments of that era have survived to this day - believe me, there is something to see. TOP-10 sights of Kiev include:

An overview of the 7 best travels for the New Year in Russia will help you choose an excursion tour. Popular destinations and prices for holidays with families, children, couples

The long-awaited warmth has finally come to the capital, which means that it's time to go on vacation to the lake or river with the whole family. But where can you go on vacation near the water near Kiev, so that there is something to keep your child busy?

There are quite a few recreation centers operating near Kiev, which offer accommodation in private houses - literally in every third village there are several such zones. As a rule, near the houses there are always places for barbecue and playgrounds with a beach or pool.

We have collected for you several cozy places in the vicinity of Kiev for the whole family to relax.

Fort Pirnov Park Country Complex

Fort Pirnov Park is located 30 minutes drive from Kiev right on the banks of the Desna River, surrounded by a century-old oak grove. The complex is made of wooden beams in the form of an ancient fortress "Kievan Rus". The guests are offered two swimming pools (indoor and outdoor), a jacuzzi, a Finnish wood-heated sauna, a Transcarpathian vat for steaming. For lovers of outdoor activities - bike rental, boats, table tennis, mini-football and outdoor hiking.

The restaurant of the Fort Pirnov Park country complex serves dishes of national Ukrainian cuisine, a separate children's menu has been developed. It offers a spacious banquet hall for 100 people, an outdoor terrace, two stages for small concerts and performances.

A safe outdoor playground is provided for younger guests.

You can stay overnight in a comfortable hotel overlooking the river. We also offer family cottages that can be rented daily or for a longer period.

Price: Hotel - from 1200 UAH/day Cottage - from 2800 UAH/day Where: s. Irnovo, st. Oak Guy 1, Kiev region.

Sobi-Club Complex

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