Tourism Day - original greetings

Tourism Day - original greetings

The history of children's tourism: where and when the idea was born

Children's tourism is one of the most massive types of tourism, which has a rather long history of development. Let's talk about the development of children's tourism in Russia. In general, the idea of ​​organizing recreation for the younger generation emerged in Switzerland in 1873. The initiator was Pastor Bion. For three years he collected money by publishing appeals in the newspaper.

Then he bought a small estate and took 68 children to rest. The good initiative was supported in many European countries. During the first few years, children's tourism was mainly a concern of private individuals and patrons. The first international congress of children's camps took place in 1888

in Zurich. Various models of organized children's recreation were discussed there. Germany proposed the option parents + children, Great Britain - sports camps (designed to accommodate a thousand or more people), created by the British Ministry of Defense to educate young defenders of the country.

When did it arise

In Russia, children's tourism emerged in the middle of the 19th century. and was in the nature of general educational excursions, the organizers and propagandists of which were the leading teachers of that time.

They saw excursions as a means of reinforcing the knowledge gained in school lessons. A certain role in the development of student excursions was played by the introduction in 1902 of a special preferential tariff for the travel of students-excursionists, as well as the circular of the Minister of Public Education of 1910, who canceled summer vacations for students, and instead recommended organizing health walks for students during the holidays. and travel.


In the new program for higher primary schools in 1916 it was pointed out that for each class, a plan and program of excursions should be developed, which should be carried out during school hours. For long-distance excursions, it was recommended to set aside several full study days during the year.

Thus, in schools in Russia, excursions related to educational material were recognized as one of the forms of school educational work.

The first ticket to the Moon is sold: Space X has announced the name of the space tourist

Day of the tourist - a world holiday of travelers

Tourism today is one of the most popular hobbies around the world. Millions of people make daily trips abroad and short-term trips, go on various excursions or go sightseeing on their own. Such a total passion for new impressions could not but be reflected in the calendar. In this article, you will learn all about the holiday dedicated to avid travelers.

Tourism in the modern world

First of all, it is necessary to define the complex and ambiguous concept of "tourism". One of the first and most accurate interpretations of this word was suggested by a professor at the University of Bern in Switzerland. In their opinion, tourism can be defined as a set of relationships that arise when individuals travel for a certain time, until a person finds a new place of residence or receives any benefits.

In the second half of the 20th century, many countries began to celebrate the Day of the Tourist. The number of travelers in the world is constantly growing, trips to other countries have already gone beyond the simple desire to see new places. Today's tourism is directly related to the economy, culture, employment and other spheres of life. This trend is especially typical for countries in which service for travelers is the prevailing branch of the economy. Among such countries, one can single out Egypt, Turkey, Thailand, India, etc. The tourism industry in these countries is so strongly developed that it is the main source of replenishment of the treasury.

Thus, travel today is the main types of leisure and recreation for most of the world's inhabitants. That is why Tourist Day is a special holiday, to which a huge number of entertainment events are dedicated.

When is the day of the traveler

The date when the main holiday for all lovers of travel and hiking is celebrated was approved by the General Assembly of the World Tourism Organization. Since 1979, Tourist Day is September 27th.

On the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as other CIS countries, this holiday began to be celebrated only since 1983. Accordingly, in 2016 it will be held in our country for the 34th time.

It is worth noting that the holiday of Tourist Day in Russia is not considered a state holiday, therefore the inhabitants of our country every year on September 27 work according to their usual schedule.

Who accepts congratulations

Elon Musk's Space X company announced the flight of the first space tourist to the Moon. It was the Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa

On September 27, 2020, all workers in the tourism industry celebrate their professional holiday - World Tourism Day. Today they congratulate tourists and those who love to travel. We are at joy-pup. om we offer several bright options for congratulations.

World Tourism Day - Greetings in Pictures and Postcards

Congratulations on Tourism Day - poetry

Congratulations on Tourism Day, And I wish you adventure, Many travels in life, Only vivid impressions.

Let the eyes shine with fire, Conquer the peaks, Let the enthusiasm not fade away, Never know the routine!

Long live tourism And thirst for travel, Long live the seas, Resorts and taiga, And the ski slope, And the cliffs of the coast; Tourist leg is ready to become everywhere!

Happy World Tourism Day Congratulations with all my heart, I wish you optimism and great mood!

Warm days, clear weather And wonderful fellow travelers, Pleasure and happiness From interesting hikes!

Congratulations on Tourism Day in prose

Happy World Tourist Day, I congratulate everyone involved in the tourism sector. I wish you wonderful discoveries, bright routes, happiness and great rest. Let your health and your finances allow you to travel. And let there always be comfort at home.

Happy Tourism Day for everyone who loves to travel and does not deny themselves this. Discover new places, relax or help others find new places of rest for themselves. Let your life be exciting.

Congratulations on World Tourism Day. With all my heart I want to wish you interesting adventures, bright travels, exciting events and wonderful people who meet on your way. May your soul be kind and your life beautiful.

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