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18 sights of Chuvashia, which are worth visiting

Timetable of transport in the Volga region from the bus station "Privokzalnaya" from the bus station "Novoselskaya"

Having rested from the hustle and bustle of the day, we took another step towards the evening worries. We got together again with a wonderful line-up and continued our acquaintance.

It is worth noting that in the process of carrying out various games, we got to know each other even more: who drinks coffee in the morning every day, who plays musical instruments, who is fond of Japanese culture and even who has a can of oil at home stored. render completely.

Each participant had the opportunity to add a touch to the portrait of their comrade, shake hands with their neighbor without lifting their legs from the floor, and, of course, demonstrate their unique and original badges.

And our most important work today is a crossword puzzle, entirely consisting of our names.

As part of the lesson, we examined the features of the preparatory period, sorted out the main ages of the children and even tried ourselves in the role of experienced counselors and directors.

This meeting really inspired us, charged us with energy and good mood. See you soon this Wednesday! # Tourist club # ivanyakovlevich recommends

The first lesson from Line took place on February 3rd. ro in the tourist club "Nadezhda".

How could the meeting be remembered? At least because at it one could feel like mayonnaise and even herring.

Show in full. It was possible to tie a braid to several people. P.. no head was hurt during the game.

Thanks to the good mood of the group, time flies by, and the material is mastered easily and for a long time, therefore, if there is a desire to try yourself in something new, for example, to gain knowledge and experience from "battle-hardened" counselors, good mood and interesting pastime, it is not just necessary to come to the meeting, but even obligatory!

Tourclub; Hope; Cheboksary

On the territory of the modern Chuvash Republic, people began to settle 80 thousand years ago. In 1551, the Chuvash became citizens of the Russian state. Now the republic is gaining popularity in the field of domestic tourism in Russia. The best sights of Chuvashia are unique natural objects, monuments and churches. It is also interesting to visit the local museums with exhibitions focused on local history and ethnography of the region.

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Cheboksary Bay

The highlight of the capital of Chuvashia is the Cheboksary Bay, in the vicinity of which there are attractions and entertainment facilities. The reservoir includes two dams. It was formed after the construction of a hydroelectric power plant, when river water flooded a large area. Later, a second dam was completed with the poetic name “The Road to the Temple”.

The Cheboksary Bay is located at the confluence of the Cheboksarka with the Volga. Moskovsky prospect runs in the middle and divides the reservoir into the old and new parts. In the old one, most of the temples, museums and monuments are located, parks and squares are laid out. The new part houses the Cheboksary business center.

City events and celebrations are held in the vicinity of the bay, there are catamarans and boats for rent, cafes and restaurants of different price categories operate. In winter, they go skiing and sledging, descend from the snowy mountains. In summer, there is a beach for tourists. Nearby attractions - Mother's Monument, Glory Memorial, Opera House.

Address: Cheboksary Bay, Cheboksary, Chuvashia, Russia.

Chuvash National Museum

A huge collection of exhibits dedicated to the history, nature and culture of the region is located in the National Museum of Chuvashia, in the city of Cheboksary. It is housed in an old building with modern furnishings. The museum was founded in 1921, and for a long time it existed on pure enthusiasm.

Today his collection includes 160 thousand items and includes collections from the area:

  • Archeology.
  • Ethnography.
  • Botanists.
  • Geology.
  • Numismatics.
  • Arts, etc.

The exposition occupies four halls. The first is called "Nature and Man" and is dedicated to the geography of the republic, its natural resources, flora and fauna. The hall of archeology is very interesting, where you can learn about the life and life of the ancient Chuvashes, their crafts and trades. Two more halls are dedicated to the history of Chuvashia from IX to XX and military exploits of the inhabitants of the republic.

Address: Chuvash National Museum, Red Square, Cheboksary, Russia.

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