Top sanatoriums of the Altai Territory for maintaining children's health

6 places in; Barnaul, where the child can play with; animals

In our region there are wonderful places where you can relax with children.


The climate of Belokurikha is relatively mild, there are many clear and sunny days. Most of the sanatoriums in Belokurikha (and there are 15 of them in total) are ready to accommodate vacationers with children.

During school holidays and vacations, the number of young guests increases significantly, and therefore we try to diversify their leisure time. In particular, in the sanatoriums "Belokurikha", "Siberia", "Katun", children's playrooms and outdoor playgrounds are regularly updated, new play and development equipment is purchased.

Belokurikha also has ski slopes of varying degrees of difficulty. The nearby bases can offer family accommodation. There are many suggestions for children. Children can ride sleds and "cheesecakes", learn the basics of skiing and snowboarding.

Rest in Barnaul

In order to maintain your health, recharge your energy and just relax, you don't have to leave Barnaul.

Barnaul Sanatorium. The wellness program "Mother and Child" provides accommodation, good nutrition for parents and children, a visit to the pool, health-improving gymnastics, health path and many other procedures. The treatment program includes treatment for both an adult and a child, according to the profile.

Sanatorium "Ob". They offer a number of modern and effective methods for healing and strengthening the immune system of children who are often ill for a long time. For example, climatotherapy, which is carried out throughout the year. Or aeroionophytotherapy - a method of treatment using ionized air. Moreover, the sanatorium is a real factory of healthy clean forest air.

Obskie reaches

This sanatorium is located in the Pervomaisky district, in the village of Kislukha. Children under three years old will be accommodated here for free.

Here you can enjoy the unique microclimate of the ribbon pine forest. The purest air is saturated with essential oils. The sanatorium is located on the territory of the state natural complex Kislukhinsky reserve of regional significance.

The highlight of the sanatorium is the pantolebnitsa - the only one in the Altai Territory.

Top sanatoriums of the Altai Territory for maintaining children's health

An excellent leisure option for both kids and schoolchildren is communicating with animals. This is both useful, as pediatricians say, and exciting, as practice proves. In Barnaul, there are several places where you can not only see the tailed and winged ones, but also play with some.

See the seal dance

All June in Barnaul there is a show of a mobile seal, the only attraction in the world with the participation of the most famous inhabitants of Lake Baikal. These seals do something incredible: they play football and basketball, dance the waltz, lambada and underwater break dance, play the saxophone and even kiss.

The show takes place in Arlecchino Park until July 7, every day, except Monday and Tuesday. The cost of an adult ticket is 500 rubles, a child ticket is 400 rubles.

Feed the ostrich

Not far from Barnaul, a real ostrich farm has been operating for more than 10 years. Surprisingly, these birds in Siberia are not at all scared - they only need more space and a temperature of about + 15 ° C.

In addition to African ostriches and Emu ostriches, the farm is home to rabbits, owls, peacocks, pigs, a huge number of chickens, camels and even a llama. Chances are good that the child will want to come back here again and again.

The farm is located in the village of Vlasikha at the address: st. Sosnovaya, 27. The time and price of the excursion must be agreed in advance by phone 31-79-15.

Hug a husky

Huskies are said to have a wolfish appearance and a baby soul. You can introduce your child to these friendly dogs at Altai Rocks kennel. They conduct excursions where they will tell you everything about malamutes, allow you to play with them, pet them and even treat them. And in order not to forget about this meeting - take a photo and take a souvenir with you.

The nursery is located in the village of Solnechnoye (Zmeinogorsky tract). A ticket for an excursion costs from 150 rubles, for children - from 100 rubles. Children under 7 years old are admitted free. You can sign up by calling 8-923-642-5799.

Hold a butterfly in your hands

There are wonderful places in our region where you can relax with children.

Last year, the construction company "Self" bought the former river station and a plot of land with an area of ​​17.9 thousand square meters from the Kuzbass "Taltek". m (1.8 ha) under it. Rumor has it on the market that the deal amounted to more than 500 million rubles. Barnaul social activists, as usual, were immediately agitated. Some opposed the demolition of the river station building, others were afraid that access to the embankment would be blocked. But there are still others who are interested in what is planned in a landmark place - a residential high-rise or a complex of administrative buildings? See altapress's answer. u turned to the CEO of Self, Nodar Shonia.

Renovation is inevitable

- On the one hand, I perfectly understand why there was such a public outcry around the river station. For many, this building is of great importance, it is associated with the history of Barnaul.

But you need to take into account the fact that this is not an architectural monument. Moreover, the building has long been in desolation and is falling apart. Having become an owner, I can see it perfectly.

I also noticed a long time ago that almost no one comes here. Only the restaurant is fully operational in the building, and half of the premises have to be heated.

- That is, there will definitely not be any reconstruction of the river station building?

- Reconstruction and restoration is a separate big topic. Such work is rarely appreciated and is associated with many difficulties. But it's not that.

Reconstruction of the river station is economically unprofitable. Only renovation is suitable here, which is also a complex and expensive process. It is good that apart from Self, there are developers in the city who are ready to take on the transformation of other districts as well.

Five years ago, only Self was involved in renovation projects, and now other players are also involved. In particular, there are four developers working on the site behind the City Center, including the companies of Vladimir Otmashkin and Yuri Gatilov. And this is very good. It seems to me that such developers need to be supported at all levels, including the involvement of the public. Why? They are ready to invest in a beautiful and modern look of the city.

- Have you already thought about what the Ob bank should be like in this place?

- While there is an understanding that an object is needed here, which will not only decorate the center, but will be in demand by the townspeople, will become the center of attraction. In any case, it will be something new and modern, capable of transforming the city, otherwise how will it develop?

Is it good when, at the entrance to the regional capital, guests are greeted by a crumbling non-functional structure? No matter how trite it may sound, you need to keep up with the times, apply new approaches, concepts and technologies.

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