To Belarus with children

Ethnographic museums of Belarus

If you want to look into the history of Belarus, feel the originality of the culture of our people and see how Belarusians lived in the old days, be sure to visit an ethnographic museum or an open-air complex.

Here you can learn about the traditions and life of the Belarusian people, take part in primordial fun, listen to folk songs and master Belarusian dances, watch the work of masters and make real Belarusian souvenirs by yourself, taste dishes and drinks of national cuisine.

Belarusian State Museum of Folk Architecture and Life (d Ozertso)

This is a unique for our country, the only skansen museum in Belarus, which is a whole village of architectural monuments of the 17th-20th centuries.

The Museum is located a few kilometers from Minsk - between the villages of Ozertso and Strochitsa, therefore it is often called "Museum in Ozertsa", "Museum" Strochitsa "," Strochitsa "...

The idea of ​​creating a complex under the open sky was first announced in 1908 by the famous Belarusian artist Ferdinand Ruschits, but the events of the First and Second World Wars, the need to restore the country for many years postponed its appearance.

In 1976, a large scientific expeditionary work began with the participation of architects, historians, ethnographers. Monuments of wooden architecture, household items, crafts and trades were searched for, studied and transported to the site of the museum in different regions of Belarus.

And during 1987-1994, expositions were opened, representing the architecture, culture and way of life of three ethnographic regions - Central Belarus, Poozerie and Dnieper. Today the museum has about 40 objects, including:

The museum has exhibitions "Vehicles in Belarus", "Beekeeping in Belarus", "Belarusian flax", "Zabrodskie tackles" (about fishing in Belarus).

The tradition of the Belarusian State Museum of Folk Architecture and Life has become the holding of national holidays and rituals, festivals and concerts:

100 rules of easy walking

Most people associate vacation with the sea, but you can have a good rest in almost any country in the world. For example, Belarus, there is no sea here, but there are many national parks, ancient castles, recreation centers on the shores of lakes and in forests. And what fresh air there is! A trip to Belarus with a child will be fun, interesting, and most importantly, truly health-improving. You can go to Belarus with the whole family, or you can send your child on an organized two-day trip without parents. This is a great travel option that will help children become more independent, learn to take responsibility for themselves.

Minsk - the capital of Belarus

Almost all excursion tours to Belarus start from Minsk, getting here with children is not at all difficult, only 11 hours by train or bus from Moscow.

Minsk is the capital of Belarus, its face and business card, it is from it that acquaintance with the country begins. There are so many attractions in this city that a month will not be enough to go around them all calmly and enjoy this visit. The city is most popular among tourists in May; many parents with children from Moscow and other cities come here for two-day holiday tours.

Minsk can be viewed independently by the whole family, or you can order an excursion or send a schoolchildren on vacation on a trip with classmates around Belarus. Children are very fond of such trips, they make them feel like adults, and they are so eager for this. There are different tours, but they all necessarily include a sightseeing tour of Minsk. This is a must-see city for children.


The Lebyazhy Waterpark in Minsk is the largest entertainment center in Belarus and the fifth largest in Europe. For guests of the city, it is simply a must-see. For this day, it is better not to plan anything else, there will be no strength left, and the park is open from 9.0 to 23.0

The complex is built in the form of a lost forest with many bays, lagoons, caves, grottoes. Younger children will be delighted with the children's city, animation programs, roller coasters and splashing in warm pools. The Kazki entertainment center with labyrinths, mini-parks and children's rooms has been opened especially for visitors under 10 years old.

Older children won't have enough day to walk. They are presented to their attention:

• slides of varying difficulty in open and closed areas; • beaches with imitation of the sea wave, where you can try yourself in surfing; • rope park; • girls will love the water aerobics classes; • space station DarkRide. Here lovers of space and star wars will have the opportunity to be on the space station and fight the aliens. Full simulation and 7D effects surpass even the most daring expectations.

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