Three portraits of Smolensk tourism

Children's tourism center smolensk

The Smolensk region has raved about tourist hopes and expectations for the past few years. Before the 1150th anniversary of Smolensk, city and regional officials told Smolensk people amazing travel stories. Like, soon on us, fellow countrymen, tourist manna from heaven will spill, soon crowds of rich tourists will wander around Smolensk, who will bring everyone happiness and prosperity.

But for this it is necessary to build various expensive tourist facilities that would attract guests from other regions of the country and from all over the world. The bureaucratic tales said that Smolensk needed seven new underground passages, we needed outlandish monuments and museums on airplanes, unprecedented tourist routes, singing fountains and, of course, a granite embankment of extraordinary beauty.

Naturally, officials have mastered and sawed a lot of money for this business, developed numerous programs and grandiose projects on paper.

And now the anniversary celebrations are over. Almost three years have passed. But for some reason, tourist manna from heaven did not spill on the Smolensk region, the long-awaited money tourists, who were so attracted by officials from the administration of the governor of Ostrovsky, did not arrive.

Moreover, it suddenly became clear that fake administrative projects were in vain. The result of this imitation of violent activity turned out to be negligible. According to the report "On the development of tourism in the Russian Federation" for 2014, which was prepared by the working group of the Presidium of the State Council, the Smolensk region showed the lowest result in the tourism industry among the regions of the Central Federal District. That is, despite all the pre-jubilee and jubilee funding, for some reason it was not possible to revive tourism in the Smolensk region. The Smolensk region turned out to be a tourist-unprofitable region.

Maybe it's all about the ridiculous sums of money that, after the big anniversary, Smolensk officials allocate for the promotion of tourism? Professional travel magazine "Rest in Russia" in an analytical article on regional tourism, reported in the past the following year: “Here from the Smolensk region they write that almost 7 million rubles were allocated for the tourism support program. However, only 50 thousand were allocated to the media (a drop in the printed sea!) And the same amount for video and television programs. Money, as we can see, is really funny. ”

Maybe the point is that in the current regional budget 4.7 million rubles are allocated for the "Tourism Development" subprogram, and only 380 thousand rubles are allocated for the "implementation of measures for the development of domestic and inbound tourism" ?

So why don't tourists come to the Smolensk region? Does a region with a rich history and unique monuments have no tourist future?

For answers to all these questions, we turned to three experienced experts who are directly related to the Smolensk tourism industry. We bring their opinions to the attention of our readers.

Smolensk has become vulgar

Three portraits of Smolensk tourism

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Finland announced when it will open for Russian tourists

Finland will open for Russian tourists not earlier than summer - and possibly later - it all depends on the level of vaccination in both countries. Probably, the issue of "covid passports" will be resolved by this time. This assessment of the situation was voiced by Finnish Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto.

“Unfortunately, we are forced to maintain restrictions as long as there is a threat of coronavirus. It is too early to say anything about this, how we will relax the measures.

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