The year of which was announced in Russia 2021, presidential decree

The year of which was announced in Russia in 2021 according to the decree of the President of the Russian Federation

According to good tradition, the Russian government annually engages the public in various important aspects, devoting a calendar year to this. As a rule, these are important dates, events, spheres of life.

Before the calendar opens the new year, various versions of the themes are considered with which we plan to live the coming year. The main document that prescribes a number of thematic events for the year is the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation.

It is he who says the year of which has been announced in Russia in 2021 and what the main actions and actions of the government will be devoted to.

Past Topics

According to the Decrees, in the past years Russia has lived, making efforts and care, the following important points:

  • 2017 - environmental issues;
  • 2018 - the topic of volunteering;
  • 2019 - reverence for theatrical art;
  • 2020 - memory and respect for the Great Victory received 75 years ago.

This list highlights important points that have been highlighted by the government over the past several years. Moreover, these questions will not be tentative for the next 2021.

What is next year devoted to - variations on a theme

Discussion of issues, what to devote to the coming year is an active process in the circles of political parties, government organizations, public institutions, and Russians.

An important point discussed recently is the desire to preserve the culture and traditions of small peoples. The history of the issue is the appeal of the Deputy Chairman of the People's Assembly of Karachay-Cherkessia Mussa Ekzekov to the President of Russia with a proposal on the preservation of the cultural heritage.

This topic was readily supported by other politicians. A proposal was made to designate 2021 as the year of culture, but since global preparation is needed to take into account the wishes of all small regions, this aspect has been postponed to 2022.

Another, no less important proposal is to spend 2021 dedicating it to museum topics. This will be an excellent continuation of the not so long gone 2019, which was dedicated to theatrical art.

The Union of Museums has proactively supported this perspective. However, its implementation in reality is unlikely. After all, previous years have already been devoted to cultural objects: theaters and cinema.

MOSCOW, May 29 - RIA Novosti. President Vladimir Putin signed a decree according to which the period 2018-2027 will become the Decade of Childhood in Russia.

The President instructed the government to approve the plan of major activities until 2020 within three months.

Child protection is relevant around the world

Press Secretary of the Head of State Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the decree, said that the topic of child protection is relevant not only for Russia, but for the whole world.

"You know that at all levels of government a lot of attention is paid to these issues - the protection of motherhood, childhood, and so on," Peskov told reporters.

"A huge responsibility"

"I think it is a huge responsibility for all of us to mobilize the forces and resources of the state in order to provide quality health, education and successful development of every child living in our country," the official said.

According to Golodets, the state will give priority to issues of school and nursery support.

"Projects that have already begun, this provision of school places is an absolute priority. In the next decade, of course, we must focus on solving issues of nursery support for children under the age of three, the next topic is all questions support for mothers and children, demography - will be relevant for us, "the Deputy Prime Minister told reporters.

"We will work with specialists. I think this program will be worthy of our state and our children," she added.

According to the head of the Ministry of Education and Science, the national strategy in the interests of children made it possible to make support measures for families more systematic, but the problem of poverty has not yet been completely resolved.

"Having a second child still throws most young families into a difficult situation," said Vasilyeva.

The Ombudsman will prepare his proposals

Every year, the government of the Russian Federation draws the attention of citizens to this or that aspect, devoting a whole year to it. These can be events, memorable dates or other phenomena of social life. Long before the change of dates in the calendar, various assumptions have been put forward about this topic. Let's try to find out what awaits us and what 2021 has been announced in Russia.

What were the previous years devoted to?

The main regulatory document regulating this issue is the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation. It is in it that the theme is fixed and on its basis a program of events for the year is developed. Before moving on to the new 2021, it will not be superfluous to dwell on what the previous years were devoted to:

  • 2017 - ecology;
  • 2018 - volunteering;
  • 2019 - theater arts;
  • 2020 - memory and glory in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Victory.

This short list will provide an overview of the areas the government is looking at and exclude those options for 2021.

Yearly Deals

If you ask the Russians a question about what they would like to devote to the next year, then you can get a lot of different options, so it is not surprising that different proposals are received from public organizations and government institutions.

Preserving the culture of indigenous peoples

In the context of globalization, there is a need to preserve the traditions and cultural heritage of peoples, whose numbers are small. Other subjects of the Federation and representatives of various political forces agreed with this position of Mussa Ekzekov, a politician of Karachay-Cherkessia, proposing to devote the coming 2021 to this topic.

The President supported this initiative at a meeting of the Council for Interethnic Relations, but postponed its implementation until 2022 in order to be able to fill the program with quality and content, taking into account the needs of each region.

Children's tourism

In December 2019, the Interfax news agency reported that 2021 will be devoted to children's tourism. It was planned to draw public attention to the aspects of the development of this particular direction of recreation. As it was reported from reliable sources, the corresponding decree passed the necessary approvals, and by May 30, 2020, a program of major events should have already been developed and approved.

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