The profession of hotel service: who can work and where you need to study for this

Everything you need to know about the hospitality industry

The hospitality industry is part of a service industry with an emphasis on relaxation rather than basic needs. What is a hospitality industry, how does it differ from tourism, which sectors does it include? Look for all answers in an article prepared by STUDIES & CAREERS experts.

What is the hospitality industry?

It is important to define what is meant by the modern hospitality industry. This is a service sector that includes hotels (resorts, boutique hotels, hostels), restaurants (cafes, pastry shops, bars), event agencies, theme parks, transport, cruise companies, travel agencies, etc. everything related to rest. The industry focuses on luxury, pleasure, excitement and new experiences, rather than meeting basic necessities.

The difference between the hospitality industry and the tourism industry

Both industries are closely related, but there are some differences. Travel and tourism companies provide services to people who have moved or are about to leave their usual place of residence for a relatively short period of time. For example, they sell vouchers for 7-16 days, weekend tours or excursions in tourist places. The hospitality industry deals with leisure services for clients, both tourists and locals looking to have a good time.

What's included in the hospitality industry?

1. Accommodation

The Hospitality Industry Accommodation Sector is responsible for providing temporary accommodations to clients, whether they are tourists, travelers or locals who want to make a difference.

Bed & Breakfast type hotels have a small number of rooms and offer bed & breakfast. Most of the owners live in the hotel itself, and guests are provided with private rooms with a private or shared bathroom.

The most popular type of accommodation for one or more nights. In addition to accommodation, hotels provide additional services such as room service, cleaning, meals and much more. For more information about one of the types of hotels - boutique hotels - follow the link.

Motels are similar to hotels, but designed for people on the road, such as drivers. Considering their purpose, they are usually located on the side of the road and have free parking. Unlike hotels, they offer a minimum set of additional services.

Everything you need to know about the hospitality industry

The Russian Geographical Society supports the All-Russian competition "Masters of hospitality" of the presidential platform "Russia - the country of opportunities". The second season of the competition was replenished with new nominations - "Event tourism and event industry", "Ethnocultural tourism", "Innovations in hotel business management".

The objectives of the "Masters of Hospitality" competition are to search for professionals and author's projects in the field of tourism and hospitality. And the new nominations of the competition are in line with the global tourism trends. Russia is a country that, like no other, can give travelers a huge variety of incredible cultural discoveries, a variety of festivals, the richest impressions from getting to know the ethnocultural heritage and customs of different peoples. However, it is generally recognized that the regions of our country need a new level of the hospitality industry, and the competition is an excellent opportunity for everyone to get support, the necessary knowledge, useful contacts for professionals in the tourism industry. The Russian Geographical Society supports the competition in the Ethnocultural Tourism nomination. The nomination was created to help solve the problems of popularizing the geography, traditions of the peoples of Russia, preserving the historical and cultural heritage of our country. The best projects in this category will be supported by the Russian Geographical Society.

alekseev_vladimir _-_ stoybishche _-__-__ jpg

Deputy Executive Director - Director of the Regional Development Department of the Russian Geographical Society Sergey Korlykhanov: "Domestic tourism continues to strengthen its position. Destinations and routes that have recently been out of sight of travelers are gaining more and more popularity. Search for new impressions comes to the fore. and the desire to see the remote corners of our homeland with their own eyes. And often the strongest emotions in tourists are caused by the return to the land of their ancestors, to their ethnic roots. Therefore, ethnocultural tourism is now a new trend, a rapidly developing direction of travel. Tourists are keenly interested in gastronomy and national costumes. , the arrangement of the life of indigenous peoples, especially in our country, where more than 180 nationalities and ethnic groups live. We see that the potential of ethno-tourism is incredibly high, but at the same time, in our opinion, this direction has not yet been fully disclosed. The Russian Geographical Society sees the need for a comprehensive study of the ethnocultural phenomenon for the goals and objectives of the domestic tourism industry and, of course, for the qualitative development of new, unique ethnocultural programs. We are sure that the participants of the second season of the competition will present worthy projects that will be able to bring ethnic travel in our country to a new level. "/ P>

_oborotov_aleksei _-_ skazitel _-__-_ jpg

The nomination "Event tourism and event industry" is aimed at the most creative participants who are ready to come up with and implement interesting events - forums, festivals, concerts, holidays that can attract tourists to the regions. There are many opportunities for this in Russia, and the imagination of the participants knows no bounds. The main partner of the Masters of Hospitality competition in this category is the Roscongress Foundation, a socially oriented non-financial development institution, the largest organizer of international conventions, exhibitions, business, social, sports and cultural events. The best participants in the competition will be invited to the Roscongress team and gain experience in implementing projects at the national and international levels.

The Innovation in Hospitality Management nomination is aimed at finding projects that will give a new impetus to the development of the hospitality industry. This nomination is one of the most innovative and creative, because the hotel business needs new remote technologies, infrastructural innovations, and ideas in the field of a variety of services. The partner of the competition in this nomination is the Azimut hotel chain.

Anton Serikov, Head of the Partner Relations Department of the ANO "Russia is a Land of Opportunities": "The second season of the Masters of Hospitality competition attracted many new partners with author's nominations. This indicates the demand for participants and the high level of projects in the first season. We are confident that each partner will find interesting solutions and creative ideas in their areas, and the industry itself will receive a synergistic effect from the interaction of different stakeholders.It is great that this year partners are large organizations that are directly related to the hospitality industry and organizations that ready to develop it from a new side. "

_kochergin_dmitrii _-_ chudnye_chuiskie_meandry _-__-_ jpg

The Masters of Hospitality competition is a project for active people, an opportunity to present your project - an author's tour or event, investment, educational or educational project; a project initiative or a well-developed idea that not only exists on paper, but is already being implemented. The best projects will receive the support of the competition partners and will be proposed for implementation in the regions. The winners receive real financial support for the development of their own project, modern education, mentors from among industry leaders, unique career prospects and a chance to become part of a community of true professionals!

What is hospitality? What does it include? What is the difference between it and the travel business? We have answered all these questions in our new article.

Today, hotel service is one of the most versatile and rapidly developing specialties that can be obtained in secondary vocational or higher education. A hotel specialist usually knows all aspects of the enterprise, which implies a wide range of acquired knowledge in the field of personnel management and guest service. In this article, we will tell you what kind of profession it is - a hotel service, and where you can get training.

Who is a Hospitality Service Specialist: what you need to know about the profession?

The hotel business is an increasingly popular field. A modern manager is obliged to combine different qualities, ranging from perfect knowledge of the profession itself and ending with modern trends in the world market. Such a specialist covers various aspects of the hotel's work, connects them together, since only a well-established system of work allows you to make a profit and develop.

The hotel business manager coordinates the work of the hotel staff, manages the financial and economic part. His responsibilities also include resolving issues arising from clients, problem situations and conflicts.

An important function of such an employee is to work on the formation of standards for guest service, design, conclusion of contracts, selection and training of personnel (porter, doormen, maids, cooks and other service personnel).

Specialists in this field are in demand in hotels and tourist complexes, in sanatoriums and boarding houses, in holiday homes. They are engaged in the organization of service activities, work at the reception, organize the technological process of service.

Career growth in this area is possible - if you wish, you can take the position of a manager in a hotel. The salaries of hospitality professionals depend on their immediate responsibilities and place of work. The average salary of such employees is from 25,000 to 60,000 rubles.

The work has its merits:

This area of ​​activity also has disadvantages:

  • frequent stressful situations;
  • irregular work hours and lack of days off.

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