The most beautiful tourist places in Ukraine (part 3)

Rest in Ukraine: sports and green tourism

The entire territory of Ukraine can be considered a tourist center: from the Carpathians and from Polesye to the shores of the Azov and Black Seas and the noble Don steppes. Holidays in Ukraine are quite popular among tourists from different countries.

Rest in Ukraine

Any tourist strives to get to Kiev - the capital of Ukraine, get an unforgettable experience, learn the history of the country and the city itself. Also, other Ukrainian cities are no less attractive for their history and architectural monuments. To make it easy for a traveler to navigate the cities in search of the necessary services, then on the example of the catalog of Poltava establishments, you can see a rather extensive list.

One of the most popular holiday destinations is the Carpathians with a lot of entertainment such as:

  • rest in sanatoriums;
  • on ski bases;
  • snowboarding;
  • walking in the mountains on foot , on horses or cars.

People in those places know how a free person should have a rest.

Also, people hungry for adventure can be met by the western part of the country and the warm embrace of the people of Lvov, Mirgorod and Uzhgorod. Plus, there is the possibility of restoring health with healing springs, while at the same time getting a lot of impressions from the rest.

Amazing Ukraine

There are a lot of places for recreation and travel on the territory of Ukraine. It is difficult to ignore this country when choosing a place to stay. Tourists are deeply impressed by the many family tours to the most beautiful and exciting places of the Ukrainian lands, especially many are interested in the ancient estates of Ukraine, which hide an amazing history of many thousands of years, ancient traditions ...

You can travel around the country not only for the sake of relaxation, but also with health benefits. Indeed, there are many healing resorts throughout the country with their own healing springs, clean air and picturesque views.

Guests are greeted here with warmth, cordiality and genuine Ukrainian generosity. The country has a rich cultural and centuries-old historical heritage. There are also many nature reserves that will surprise any traveler with their diversity of nature and wildlife.

Extreme vacation in Moscow and Moscow region 2020

We continue to review the most interesting tourist places in Ukraine. You can familiarize yourself with the previous parts here (part 1) and here (part 2).


In this village of the Zhytomyr region, the Tereshchenko family of tycoons and patrons of art, who owns large sugar factories in a large territory of our country, built a small but very beautiful palace of 2 floors, around which a park is laid out. The picturesque red brick building with carved turrets is recognized as an architectural monument of national importance.

Turchinovka on the map

Monastery of Discalced Carmelites in Berdichev

This religious and defensive structure has gone through a lot: flourishing, plundering and almost complete destruction during the Second World War. Its walls witnessed the execution of more than 1000 Jews on the territory of the fortress-monastery. The system of underground passages, which permeated the whole of Berdichev, became the reason for the formation of the city as the largest smuggling center in Europe at that time (19th century). When the city was part of Poland, this passage system became an illegal way of crossing overseas. However, after the disappearance of the girl in 1987, all the tunnels were completely walled up. But even so, the story reminds of itself, because sometimes entire multi-family houses and some parts of the streets simply sink into the ground in those places where ancient voids remained.

Monastery of Discalced Carmelites on the map

Old Solotvin

A village in the Berdichev region is an excellent place for ecological tourism, and indeed for admiring the pure nature. But most of all travelers are attracted by a small wooden hunting lodge on the river, to which a long wooden platform leads. The building itself is closely surrounded by several willows and stands on a tiny artificial island. Previously, the house was used to display hunting and fishing trophies. But in recent years, a queue has been lining up for him for a photo session for newlyweds. And not in vain, because the island was originally called "The Island of Love".

Old Solotvin on the map

Leshchyn village, Zhytomyr region

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