The best vacation in Crimea with children

Where in Crimea is it better to have a rest with children; resorts, entertainment, attractions

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How to get there

Meeting with the group in Bakhchisarai on the first day of the hike (you can get from Simferopol by bus or taxi in about an hour).

1) By your own car (then leave the car at the end or beginning of the route, and then pick it up by taxi or bus). Often, participants leave their car in the parking lot of the hotels (by prior arrangement) at the beginning or at the end of the route, depending on their future plans.

2) By plane to the airport in Simferopol, then to the meeting point on the outskirts of Bakhchisarai by two buses or a taxi.

3) By train:

For participants from St. Petersburg: train "TAVRIA No. 007A". Please note that there is a stop for 2 minutes in Bakhchisarai! The duration of the trip from St. Petersburg is about 40 hours.

For participants from Moscow: TAVRIA train No. 028CH The duration of the trip from Moscow is about 33 hours.

Next to the meeting point on the outskirts of Bakhchisarai by two buses or taxis

Ticket sales open 90 days in advance. The fare (as it is now possible to see on the website rzd. U with the transition to the partner's website from 3700 rubles) The cost of tickets will constantly change depending on demand, season, train load.

The hike ends in Miskhor around 16:00. From there, you can independently get to Simferopol to take a plane or train. Return tickets can be taken for any day after the hike.

By train: For participants from St. Petersburg: train No. 053CH

Children's Crimea (Around the cave cities): photo and video

When they ask the question - where to relax in the Crimea with children, in the first seconds the Crimeans get lost, then they answer - everywhere! And it is true, in any part of the Crimean peninsula there are hotels, sanatoriums, boarding houses, ready to accept a family with a child.

In any part of Crimea there are sights and entertainment that will be of interest to children.

Kids by the pool in the eco-boarding house "Bely Khutor" (Kamenskoye, Azov Sea)

In order not to miss anything, in this article we will talk about what the Crimean peninsula offers to families who go here on vacation.

Each region of the peninsula is unique, has its own pros and cons, therefore, here is a list of articles about each of them with a description of the best places to relax with young children in Crimea, attractions and entertainment:

Here we will answer in detail the main questions arising among tourists who choose the resorts of Crimea for families with children:

  • Where is it better to stay in Crimea with children - that is, where to go with your family, to which part of the peninsula.
  • Where to relax in the Crimea with a small child - resorts, hotels, sanatoriums that accept babies up to three years old.
  • The best entertainment for children in Crimea - water parks, zoos, attractions, etc.
  • What is worth seeing in Crimea with children - sights of interest to the younger generation.
  • What you need to know for those wishing to travel to Crimea with children by car - a guidebook, routes, interesting places.

Answers based on feedback from families who have visited the Crimean peninsula in recent years, as well as our own experiences.

Where to stay in Crimea with children?

How to choose the best resort for families with children? It is difficult, because the Crimean peninsula is one big resort. It is surrounded on almost all sides by water and there are plenty of places for traditional recreation (sea, sun, beach). Therefore, we will look at other criteria: prices, service, how far are interesting places for children in Crimea, attractions, etc.

Photo gallery of the route (hike) Children's Crimea (Through the cave cities): photos and videos from the hike will leave no doubt about choosing a new adventure!

Crimea is a popular resort peninsula, which has gained worldwide fame not only for its amazing microclimate and many health resorts, but also for its beautiful nature, magnificent beaches, and a variety of entertainment. It is interesting for its rich past, reflected in the majestic palaces, villas, cultural and historical monuments.

Each city and village of Crimea is unique in its own way, which is why it is often so difficult to choose the best place to stay.

Peculiarities of recreation in Crimea with children

Choosing the time for a trip with children is an important part of the trip, which allows you to plan a route and types of rest, depending on the peculiarities of weather conditions.

Most of the territory of Crimea is located in the zone of temperate continental steppe climate with hot and dry summers, while the southern coast of Crimea (SCC), protected from the influence of air masses from the northern side by mountains, is characterized by a zone of Mediterranean a climate close to the subtropics.

Most families prefer to rest on the South Coast, with a special healing microclimate and the warmest waters of the Black Sea region. The peak of tourist activity is from mid-June to mid-September. This is the sunniest time of the year (no more than 2 rainy days per month), when the air temperature warms up to + 29 С, and the water temperature - up to + 25 С on average.

For those who do not like the hustle and bustle of the beaches, the period from May to mid-June or the second half of September to mid-October is a good time to visit. However, it is worth considering that the weather during these months is changeable, and the sun, warming the air up to + 22 C, can suddenly be replaced by rain. The sea water is cool, its temperature does not exceed + 18 C.

And entertainment, both for adults and children, is significantly limited compared to the high season. Therefore, when choosing the best option for a trip with children, you should focus on the weather with comfortable temperatures and the absence of a large crowd of tourists - the second half of June and August.

The best places for recreation in Crimea with children provide a large number of accommodation options.

You should target:

It is desirable that hotels and guest houses have a fenced, guarded territory. Having your own uncrowded beach and pool will be an additional advantage in choosing. When visiting Crimea in high season, it is better to choose accommodation options with meals (board or half board), since prices in cafes and for food in general are significantly higher at this time of the year.

If you plan to live in the private sector, then it is better to get acquainted with the availability and assortment of nearby grocery stores and cafes.

Coming with our family on vacation to the warm coast of Crimea, first of all, we want to please our children.

Children love to splash in the warm water of the Black Sea, but what Crimea can offer as entertainment, besides the sea coast, clean air, healing waters and mud. What to visit and see we will try to find out in this article.

Dreamwood Amusement Park

Amusement parks are easier. You can easily find the usual carousels, vending machines and attractions on the main streets of the resort. But if you need something special with adventure, emotions and unforgettable impressions, then Crimea is now a pronounced leader in the entertainment industry.

In 2018, the Dreamwood amusement park was opened near Yalta. The people dubbed it as "Crimean Disneyland" and there is a reason. Read more about the park in our review, but it's definitely worth including it in your trip plan. The main thing is to be lucky with the weather. In bad weather, not all attractions and zones work.

Dolphinarium visit

It is always exciting and interesting to visit the show of affectionate dolphins and naughty fur seals. Shows are always different, as it is difficult to predict the behavior of animals, but they are always bright, colorful and leave positive emotions for the whole family.

There are 9 operating dolphinariums in Crimea. We have selected six of the best with large stands and a swimming pool. Choose the closest one to you.

DolphinariumResort ♥ EvpatoriaEvpatoria4,8KoktebelskiyKoktebel4,8Water areaYalta4,7WatercolourAlushta4,7NemoAlushta4,6NemoFeodosia4,6

Visit to the water park

When the tourist season begins, you always want to relax by the sea. And what does it take to get the best vacation in Crimea with children? To do this, it will be enough just to come to this peninsula and choose the place where everyone can have a good time with their free time. Moreover, in Crimea there are a lot of resorts that allow you to carry out both active rest and take advantage of sanatorium treatment.

How to choose a place to stay for the whole family with children

Crimea can be divided into several zones. Moreover, they provide their own unique conditions that allow you to have a good rest.

Choosing a vacation in the Crimea with children, you should know that the main advantage of the peninsula is that there is almost always a mild climate and a warm sea. And numerous clean sandy beaches allow you to have a good rest.

When looking for the ideal destination for your vacation, consider the following parameters:

  • what the beach will be like. It is better to choose sandy beaches that are safer for children than pebble ones;
  • how developed is the infrastructure. When resting with children, it will be necessary to take into account the availability of children's hospitals or clinics, pharmacies within the reach. The thing is that children can more difficultly endure acclimatization, unlike adults, and therefore, in some cases, they may need medical assistance.

Rest in family-type sanatoriums

We can talk a lot about the benefits of rest in such sanatoriums. It should be said that there are wellness procedures that improve health.

However, to fully satisfy all the requests of people who want not only to relax, but also to have fun.

For such people, it is worth going straight to such large cities as Yalta, where there is something to show children of all ages.

Most often, sanatoriums are chosen by lovers of quiet rest, since ideal conditions will be created here, thanks to which tourists can not only be distracted, but also take a break from work and worries, and relax.

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