The best summer schools in the world, summer language schools in Europe

20 places for families with children abroad

Summer language schools are gaining popularity among children and adults around the world every year. The importance of learning foreign languages ​​is dictated by the modern world: this is a great opportunity to combine rest and study, get acquainted with the culture of another country, make new acquaintances and gain new experience.

List of examples of countries and cities with a large selection of language schools for the summer

List of places where main summer schools are concentrated:

  • USA: New York, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, Boston, San Diego, Washington DC, Orlando, Chicago
  • UK: London , Cambridge, Oxford, Brighton
  • France: Nice, Paris, Cannes, Bordeaux
  • Switzerland: Montreux, Geneva, Lausanne, Lucerne, Leysin
  • Italy: Milan , Florence, Rome, Venice
  • Germany: Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Dusseldorf, Cologne
  • Canada: Toronto, Montreal
  • Spain: Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Marbella , Malaga, Valencia, Alicante
  • Austria: Vienna, Salzburg
  • Czech Republic, Ireland, Portugal, Scotland, Malaysia, Cyprus, Malta and others.
  • For beach lovers: USA, Malaysia, Cyprus, Malta, Spain, Italy
  • For nature lovers: Switzerland, Canada, Austria, Ireland
  • For city lovers with an active rhythm of life and cultural program: Great Britain, France, Italy, Spain, USA, Germany

Language schools for children are designed to improve the general level of language knowledge, preparation for the linguistic exams required for admission to school, college or university. Linguistic schools for adults offer business English courses, a course for leaders, for the training of young teachers (CELTA), for diplomats, engineers, financiers, lawyers, medical professionals and other programs.

Reasons for visiting summer schools for Russians and foreigners

English is the most popular destination among Russians and foreigners: it is an international language, and its study is available anywhere in the world, the choice of school depends only on the student's personal preferences. But other foreign languages ​​are also popular: for example, language programs in French are available not only in France, but also in Switzerland, Canada, Monaco and other countries. Besides Spain, Spanish is available in the following countries: Switzerland, Germany, Argentina, Mexico. The Chinese language is studied in the USA, Great Britain, Monaco.

Examples of summer schools with the study of foreign languages ​​

Get a Summer School Visa

To take a language program in a particular country, Russians and foreigners need to have an appropriate visa. It is easier to obtain a short-term visa than to study a full program of study at a school, college or university, because the duration of summer programs in language schools usually does not exceed 3 months. For some countries, a simplified visa procedure is provided: for example, if you want to study in Cyprus in the summer on a course that lasts no more than 90 days, you can get a visa free of charge online.

A nonimmigrant visa is required to visit the United States, the type of which depends on the duration of the courses. Usually, for linguistic courses up to 12 weeks, a B-2 visa is sufficient, and if the duration of classes is more than 18 hours/week, an F-1 visa. It is necessary to submit documents to the visa center in advance, as the registration can take a lot of time.

To study on short-term summer programs, the participant only needs to obtain a Short-term Study Visa without the possibility of extension: it is intended for children under 18 years old who want to take programs up to 6 months in length, and for students to study English in the territory of Great Britain is not more than 11 months.

The Australia Visa Application Center issues tourist visas for language school students, but programs must not exceed 90 days. The final decision on the duration of the visa is determined on an individual basis.

Delicious journey

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the tourism industry the hardest. According to the UN World Tourism Organization, the industry lost $ 730 billion in eight months of 2020. The borders between most countries are still closed, and yesterday's tourists are in no hurry to go to open states: some are afraid of catching coronavirus abroad, others do not want to comply with quarantine rules, and still others simply have no money.

Meanwhile, in different countries, vaccination of the population against COVID-19 is already beginning. And this gives hope for the recovery of tourism. What will be the rest (and prices) next year, AIF. u found out from market participants.

Year of Russia

In the new year, experts expect increased interest in traveling around Russia. According to the founder of the online travel agency Sergei Pirozhnikov, the Russian Federation ranks second in the world in the restoration of domestic tourism. “In some regions, the influx of tourists has increased. In Buryatia and Altai in July-August the tourist flow increased by 5-15%. And the hotels of the Black Sea resorts were almost completely full. The increase in demand for travel around the country has provoked the development of infrastructure. The trend is likely to continue, ”the expert believes.

Dmitry Konstantzha, CEO of the Russian online hotel booking service, agrees with him: “Even when the borders to beloved Turkey were opened, most Russians still chose domestic resorts. In the “velvet season” the Crimean peninsula “shot” in terms of the number of tourists and bookings. The popular routes for 2021 include the large cities of St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, and Moscow. The situation with restrictions and half-closed borders is still on the agenda. According to our forecasts, even with the full opening of the borders, 50% of Russians will choose Russian resorts, ”Konstantzha is sure.

According to the founder of the Russian online booking service Yuri Kuznetsov, beach holidays will be the most popular among compatriots. In this regard, the expert expects the improvement of service and the development of small resort villages. “There is reason to believe that the choice in the domestic market will increase - thanks to alternative destinations such as Altai, Baikal and other regions with beautiful and unusual nature,” he adds.

When will we go abroad?

It all depends on the COVID-19 situation. If the number of cases declines, effective drugs are found and large-scale vaccinations are launched, most of the restrictions will be lifted, people will be able to move freely around the world again.

“In the meantime, there are bans on flights and increased safety measures. Some states do not allow arrivals without a certificate of absence of the disease. Perhaps this requirement will become firmly embedded in the standard forms of entry permits in the form of a health passport, a certificate of vaccination and other similar documents, ”believes Olga Smyshlyaeva, a tourism expert and founder of a travel agency.

According to the chairman of the Israeli Medical Tourism Association (IMTA) Mark Katzenelson, when Israel allows foreigners to enter, it will only be people who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus. “As now we can leave Israel only after a medical test, so people will be able to enter us in the future only with satisfactory test results,” Katzenelson shared with the AIF. u.

“Tourism in Israel, in my opinion, if it starts to operate, it will be in the second half of 2021, when vaccinations will already be widespread. And, of course, this will be a meager number of people relative to 2019. Then we had 4 million tourists, a record number in all years. God grant that 10-20% of this amount will arrive when our country opens, ”the expert says.

According to Smyshlyaeva, if European destinations open in 2021, Russians will go to Spain, Italy, Cyprus and Greece. “Lots of families will go to Turkey and the UAE,” she adds.

Priceless Vacation

If you have thought about international education for your child, but closed this question due to budget - this material is for you. In it, we talk about ways to save money and realize the dream of studying abroad.

Choose a professional program in an English speaking country

If your child dreams of studying and living in Canada, USA, New Zealand or Australia, but the cost of an undergraduate degree in these countries is not suitable for you - consider professional education. On such programs, students master the profession in 2-3 years, which is faster and cheaper. For example, the cost of an Associate Degree in the United States is from $ 6,000 per year, and an undergraduate degree is from $ 16,000 per year.

Many people compare vocational education with a Russian technical school, but this is not the case. Abroad, this is a full-fledged stage of education, it does not have the stigma of being of no prestige. Students receive a profession in the fields of business, hospitality, information technology, engineering, ecology and others. College majors are somewhat narrower than undergraduate majors, but there is still plenty to choose from.

Another advantage of such programs is practice orientation. Many colleges work closely with companies to prepare the right talent for them. For example, in Canada, educational institutions shape their programs based on the needs of the local economy. All this helps students to find internships and work already during their studies.

After completing the professional program, you can immediately go to work or continue your studies on a related bachelor's program from 2-3 courses. If you are planning the second option, choose colleges that cooperate with universities - they have these processes better established.

You can get your bachelor's degree right away or later. Many graduates find work, accumulate the required amount, and after a few years return to undergraduate studies, if necessary. It can arise, for example, if you want to take a master's degree program in a narrow specialization or MBA - among the entrance requirements is often the presence of education or relevant work experience.

In general, the attitude towards bachelor's and master's degrees abroad differs from Russian realities: there is no urgent need for them if the student does not plan to study science. If your future specialty is related to research, choose a university. If the profession is more practice-oriented, the college and vocational program is not just a budget alternative, but in some cases the most appropriate option. It all depends on the goals for the future.

Study in a non-English language

The most budgetary option for studying abroad, apart from grants, is to study in non-English-speaking countries in the local language. There are also programs in English, but there are much fewer of them. Although the cost is still more budgetary than in English-speaking countries.

In Germany, higher education in public universities in German for foreign students is free in all states except Baden-Württemberg. You need to pay semester fees: 100-300 euros, the exact amount depends on the federal state. Private universities are paid, but there are budget options - about 1,500 euros per year.

In the Czech Republic, you can study for free in Czech. A program in English at a university in Prague costs 3,000-4,000 euros per year.

Many people are convinced that the best education for children is abroad. Therefore, every year many migrants strive to go abroad to study. Because a high-quality foreign education and a foreign diploma or certificate play key roles in people's lives and their employment. Children adapt best to new places, countries, people and so on. Therefore, many parents wish to send their child abroad. So that they receive an excellent set of knowledge that will definitely come in handy in life.

Watch the video: just 8 minutes of your time

Many parents prioritize their children's education, so they choose educational programs and educational institutions carefully. Because the future life and career of their child depends on the starting and basic knowledge.

It is necessary to choose an educational institution based on the following factors:

  • Child's age
  • Language skills
  • Child's personality
  • Which country is in priority
  • Tuition fees
  • Accommodation and the like

At what age to send a child to study abroad

The most important question is when is it necessary to send a child to study abroad?

Most often, experts advise not to separate a child from their parents in primary school, because too many factors will have to get used to and master.

Experts from many countries of the world recommend sending children to study abroad at the age of 13-17, because they will already be quite independent and attentive, while they will be able to quickly find common topics for discussion with their peers, it is also easier to learn the language and adapt among the local people.

Very important information: Dear readers! For a complete immersion in the issue of teaching children abroad, I strongly recommend that you also read the article of the Study Abroad Program - TOP countries and educational institutions. This article tells about training programs (paid and free), educational institutions and countries where these programs bloom in a wild color

It is best to send children to receive foreign school education after nine grades of Russian school education. Because a certain set of knowledge and skills is already available. Therefore, you can add radically different information and materials to it.

Each school has its own admission rules, so they need to be clarified in specific educational institutions. Often, some schools have tough and complex selections that make life difficult for children. Also, teachers will demand much more than those in which fewer schools had lower selection criteria

If you want your child to learn the language well, then choose schools where there will be no Russian speakers or there will be a small number of people. Because if he finds Russian-speaking peers, then he will not have an incentive to learn a new foreign language.

Going abroad with your child? We will show you where to go on vacation with children in 2021. Find out where to find the best beach, activity and sightseeing holidays!

Coronavirus and quarantine. This review is not about where you can fly to rest abroad, but simply about the best places for families with children. See the current list of open countries. The choice is small, but at least something! See also where to go in Russia with children.

Look for family tours on Travelata and Level services. ravel - they will find the best deals among different tour operators. Want to save money? Check out our 7 rules for buying tours online and use promotional codes for a discount!

  • Air Sales & Skyscanner - Find cheap flights on all airlines.
  • Rumguru - search for hotels with discounts.

Sea tour: Bulgaria l Turkey l Croatia l Greece l Cyprus l Spain l Tunisia l Thailand l UAE l Goa l Vietnam

What to look for

When choosing a place to stay with children abroad, consider:

  • Choose resorts that don't take a long flight to reach. Buy tickets for direct flights.
  • A resort with a developed infrastructure is suitable for older children, and for little ones, on the contrary, it is quiet and secluded.
  • Find out in advance if an epidemic is raging in the country/resort.
  • Book a family hotel with entertainment and a children's menu. Better - on the first line.
  • If your child is not yet used to adult food, find out where you can buy baby food.
  • For preschool children, choose short exciting trips and excursions, and plan a busy program for schoolchildren.

See also:

Seasons: when and where to go on vacation with children

Summer. Good on the Black, Adriatic and Mediterranean Seas: Bulgaria, Turkey, Croatia, Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Italy, France, Tunisia, Montenegro, Albania, Georgia. It can be hot for babies. It's a bad idea to go on vacation with children to Egypt and the Emirates in the summer - it's very hot.

Autumn. The velvet season - September and in some countries October - is ideal for holidays abroad in the fall with small children. All of the above countries are good for beach and sightseeing holidays.

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