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Novosibirsk is a millionth city, the heart of the Siberian Federal District, which has long discrepanted the unofficial title of the "Third Capital" of Russia. It is located in the south-east of West Siberian Plain, in the valley of the Ob River. This is a huge, rapidly developing business, shopping and cultural center. In terms of growth, he overtook even New York, Chicago and Tokyo, for which he was introduced into the Guinness Book of Records.

Novosibirsk Cosmopolitan: Representatives of more than 80 nationalities are peacefully adjacent on its territory. And this is the city of science and culture: Built here, Akademgorodok is striking the imagination by his scope, and the local opera house is the largest in Russia. Acquaintance with beautiful temples and interesting museums, unusual monuments and many other attractions will turn out even an ordinary business trip to a fascinating journey.

How to get to Novosibirsk

Through Novosibirsk there are all Siberian roads, it is he who connects the European part of Russia with Central Asia and the Far East. You can get here from Moscow and St. Petersburg by plane or train.


Aeroflot fly from Moscow to Novosibirsk, Es Seven, Russia, "Victory", "Ural Airlines" and other companies. From St. Petersburg to Novosibirsk only S7, Aeroflot, and the cheapest transfers, and the fastest (6 hours 15 minutes), all with docks in Moscow are directly flying to Novosibirsk.

Tolmachevo Airport is located 17 km from Novosibirsk, on the outskirts of the town of Ob. Before the railway or bus station can be reached by express bus No. 111E, a minibus number 1122 or by the train (35 RUB). Bus number 112 walks to the Mega Shopping Center. A trip to the center for a taxi will cost 800-1000 RUB. Prices on the page are shown in October 2018


From Moscow through Novosibirsk, trains are followed with destination in Khabarovsk, Neryungri, Novokuznetsk, Vladivostok and other cities. Tickets - from 4500 RUB in a placentar, travel time - from a little more than 2 days (47-54 hours). From St. Petersburg, the train departs from the Ladozhsky railway station, the duration of the trip is 2 days 9 hours, tickets in a compartment are 4300-7100 RUB.

Districts of Novosibirsk

There are 10 administrative districts in Novosibirsk with separate residential areas, microdistricts and villages. The main attractions are concentrated in the Central District, which is on the right bank of the Ob. It is here that the famous theaters (including the Opera), museums and other cultural institutions are located. The heart of the district is st. Lenin with perfectly preserved historical buildings. There are many cozy parks and squares in the neighborhood.

In the Sovetsky district in the southern part of the city there is a special microclimate: mixed forests, pine forest, many reservoirs make it an excellent place for rest and health restoration. Interesting tourist sites are the Museum of the Sun and the Museum of Railway Technology. Akademgorodok is also located here - a whole city in a city with scientific institutions, residential buildings and a developed infrastructure.

Children's tourism in Novosibirsk

The city of Novosibirsk is a relatively young city by the standards of history. Where to go for parents with a child is described below. The urban environment of entertainment and scientific and educational excursions allows you to choose leisure activities with children for every taste and wishes.

Where to go with your child

Parents, depending on the interests of the younger generation, may be advised to visit:

  • Museum of Science and Technology, Galileo Amusement Park, Factories, Children's Railway, Museum of Transport with a child's inclination to technical issues;
  • Museum of History and Nature , arboretums, zoos - with children who are interested in botany and zoology, love animals and plants;
  • theaters and circus, children's film studio, educational center "Nautilus" - if children are creative;
  • water parks and parks with attractions, bowling alleys and entertainment areas in large shopping and entertainment centers for those who love movement and active recreation;
  • free excursions and activities in the city for curious teenagers.

Free walks

Where to go with a child in Novosibirsk for free, for large families or city guests on weekdays, is presented below.

Every Friday in the last week of the month, visit the following museums without buying tickets:

Every month on the 2nd Saturday, the N. Roerich is free of charge.

Free tours are offered by:

  • Museum of the History of the West Siberian Railway (Shamshurin, house 39);
  • Center for the History of the Novosibirsk Book (Lenin St., 32) ...

Novosibirsk: areas, recreation, excursions, museums and churches, kitchen and restaurants, shopping and shops, sights of Novosibirsk.

Everything about babies and young children: nutrition, health, development and baby care. Articles from practicing teachers, psychologists, doctors and mothers.


We all come from childhood, as Exupery once said. Everyone has fond memories of weekend trips to wonderful places with their parents. Someone went to the zoo - to look at the elk elk, at funny penguins behind glass and at a tall aristocratic giraffe, someone went to museums and listened to the stories of mothers about great artists or fathers about the great inventors of the past, and someone happily swam with parents in the pool and rode down the slides in the water parks. Now these children have already grown up, have started families themselves, and many of them are wondering - where to go with their children? What to show them so interesting and funny so that their childhood is no less bright? Before planning a route, it is worth considering the interests of the child. For example, not everyone wants to spend Sunday morning in a quiet museum where you can't run and jump. However, Novosibirsk is a multifaceted city, where there are many places where both quiet people and fidgets can go!

Meet animals The best zoos in Novosibirsk

If your family loves animals, we suggest going to one of the zoos in Novosibirsk. Observing the habits of this or that animal, you can learn a lot about the nature around us and how life works on planet Earth. There are several excellent zoos in Novosibirsk (including contact ones), and now we will tell you about them.

Novosibirsk Zoo named after RA Shilo

The zoo is a great place for a child to get acquainted with wildlife, exotic animals and the colorful diversity of our planet's fauna. The Novosibirsk Zoo named after Rostislav Aleksandrovich Shilo is one of the largest in our country; about half of the animals kept there are listed in the Red Book! It is worth going here with a child at least once, because our children see many animals only in a picture in a book. Surely it will be interesting for a child to look at the variety of felines that live there. Many beautiful tigers, lions, pumas and leopards will delight him!

  • In the summer from 9-00 to 22-00 (ticket office until 20-30)
  • In Spring/Autumn from 9-00 to 20-00 (ticket office until 19-00)
  • In winter from 9-00 to 18 (ticket office until 17-00)

DAILY, NO WEEKEND Tickets cost from 150 to 300 rubles, children under 7 years old, as well as those with benefits - free!

Contact Zoo Laplandia

For young naturalists who want to get to know animals better, contact zoos are open in Novosibirsk. Visit the Laplandia town farm, for example. Here, children are invited to communicate with large pets like ponies and mini-pigs, as well as pet a funny raccoon and look at a prickly hedgehog.

The institution is open daily from 11:00 to 20:00, a ticket to such a place is cheaper than to the zoo - 120 rubles. You can also purchase animal feed for a symbolic 60 rubles. It is worth saying that children under 10 years old only go with their parents.

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